Last night, a guy whom I’ve not heard of because I don’t Instagram regularly, who goes by the name of Whiskey_warrior_556 went live on Instagram and claimed the cops were there, at his house, trying to serve a red flag order to get a 30 round P-mag from him. That was all it took for internet gun guys to lose their freaking minds and start asking people to literally go to the location and “help” the guy.

Turns out, Whiskey_warrior_556, whose real name is Alexander Booth, was lying out of his ass. The cops were not there to enforce a red flag law, they were there to arrest Booth for a warrant. You see, Booth and his wife are separated, and at some point in the recent past, Booth and his wife had a domestic violence incident. The cops had a warrant for his arrest based on that prior incident. Booth knew this is why there were there, because according to him, he was in contact with the cops via the phone.

Sadly, several people whom I respect, and a couple I am even friends with, fell for Booth’s lies hook, line and sinker, and they lost it. Facebook pages and Instagram accounts of gun folks blew up! People were calling for militias to show up, for people to gear up and respond, and quite honestly, a scary number of people were talking about shooting cops.

Whiskey_Warrior_556 is the Mike Brown of the 2A Community

As usual, go read and then come back.

There was without a doubt way too many people that got emotionally attached to this clusterflock because the proper propaganda switches were flipped and the proper bells rung. I already have a huge Scarlet Letter in certain Facebook Florida Gun Group and I reckon after yesterday, I may have acquired at least a third of the red alphabet because I called my doubts on the situation.

We violated the rule we have for any high profile case and mass shooting: First information is to be taken with a grain of salt and we should wait 24-48 hours for all the facts to come out. But apparently one idiot thoight it would be the Chest Thumper™ thing to believe him up front and the rest of the cool kids decided to join in because “Muh Right!” and got bamboozled by an alcoholic wife beater. And rather than admit Mea Culpa, they double down and insulted anybody who dared to have a different take plus concoct the weirdest conspiracy theories to explain the obvious lapses of logic in the narrative. being the best so far how SWAT team swooped on a concentration of “patriots” gathering in a cemetery as they were preparing a rescue mission. The cops apparently arrested them all without a shot fired, booked none of them and ship them to parts unknown (Guantanamo?) without telling anybody.

Oh yes, and NOTHING made it to the MSM because there was a blackout imposed by (pick your villain) in order to keep the Regular Folk uninformed of the revolution/rescue/clown show. Really? a bunch of idiots in tactical gear running around in a cemetery in the middle of the night and caught like puppies demonstrating that armed citizens can’t face cops is not gonna make the news and being peddled 24/7 by Moms Demand and Everytown?

We got a black eye yesterday and we hit ourselves. Let’s stop doing shit like this, shall we?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

16 thoughts on “Whiskey_Warrior_556 is the Mike Brown of the 2A Community – (Embarrasing but true)”
  1. Yesterday reaffirmed what I’ve long thought about a lot of the chest thumping gun owners/purists out there: they are confusingly similar to ANTIFA foot soldiers.

    Both are anarchists, who openly loathe and in many cases call for the murder of law enforcement. Both are absolutists, who revile anyone who they see as impure to the ideology. In ANTIFA’s case, anyone they view as failing the purity test is labeled a “fascist” or “racist”. In the gun purists’s case, anyone failing the purity test is labeled a “Fudd” or a “boomer”.

    The most wildly ignorant contingent of gun owners has really come to front over the last couple days. I’ve seen people already claiming there was a Red Flag call put in on this guy, and that attempts to deny it by law enforcement are part of a conspiracy. Anyone questioning the narrative, in addition to the above labels, is also a “bootlicker”. Even the Firearms Policy Coalition, a pro-2A group that has done good work, immediately tried fundraising for this guy’s legal defense before the charges he was facing were even announced. This is insanity. I realize I’m sort of reiterating what this post has already said, but I guess I’m still a bit shocked and disappointed and wanted to add my own take.

  2. Rule One of Media and Guns:
    Only Bubba Dumbf**k Will Get Any Press Coverage.

    So FFS:
    Don’t be Bubba.
    Don’t believe Bubba.
    Don’t rush to Bubba’s side.
    It never ends well for anyone but the media.

    You’d think Malheur, and a 60:40 ratio of CI/provacateurs to Bubbas would’ve taught people a lesson.

    But what’s worst about this is the next 100 cases of actual abuse and anti-constitutional neglect of due process by red flag laws will now get buried as more malarkey from another Bubba.

    Everybody who claims kinship because of guns is not necessarily my kin or tribe.
    Or need we bring up Dukakis in a tank, Obozo and his shotgun pic, and Biden’s self defense advice?

  3. Good example of what We the People are fighting- a multi front war on the 2A. MHO-if the ones being “oppressed “ facebook it or any other social platform then sit back and watch before you load mags and start something that wont end well for you

  4. This does remind me of the Bundy ranch incident. We do need to listen for the calls as they come in. We can’t ignore them. We do have to do due diligence.

    I do remember when the government said “There are no snipers at the Bundy ranch” and they kept repeating that until pictures taken through spotting scopes and rifle scopes of government “snipers” were released by the Bundy camp.

    I also remember a bunch of other lies coming out of government spokes people.

    You really really need to look at both sides and apply a reasonableness test.

    I discount all conspiracy theories about 9/11 being an inside job, not only because I was watching live TV and have eye witness accounts of friends who were there and watched the second plane fly into the towers, but because all of the conspiracy theories depend on people keeping their mouths shut.

    The number of people that would be required to do what people say was done is just so high, that the idea of all of those people keeping their mouths shut is pushing my belief system way to hard. And it would have been against a Republican President. Heck, we can’t even keep a phone call private when Dem ears are listening to people that listened to people that overheard part of the call.

    1. Yeah. The problem is that these stories are credible precisely because we have reason to believe the government would do things like this. So while they didn’t in this particular instance, it doesn’t mean that the story is by definition not plausible.

    2. With the Bundy Ranch there was plenty of independent confirmation plus a long history of legal actions which is not the same as one guy livestreaming in Instagram babbling shit and getting drunk in the attic.

  5. Eh, so we got duped. Wasn’t a total loss tho, we did learn how cops respond to spreading misinformation in an attempt to diffuse. Might come in handy on The Day.

    1. That’s a good comparison. What’s sad is that on various forums and gun blogs, this is still all a conspiracy, it was a Red Flag raid, the cops were going to murder this guy had it not been for Instagram, they jammed the cell towers, they’re going to make this guy disappear, etc……

      It’s beyond embarrassing and it makes you realize that plenty of other gun owners are lunatics.

      1. They have mentally masturbated to a frenzy about the
        Boogaloo shit. I bet a lot of them watched The Purge an came up with all kinds of tactical shit to survive which basically is a zombie movie but with really brain dead people in it created by Hollywood writers who have no idea what real SHTF looks like.

    2. Uh, not.

      People in Chicongo, and a good chunk of The Diversity nationwide, including TPTB, are still standing up for Smollett.

      This douchecanoe was called out on facts, and dropped like a hot potato within 24 hours, and now no one on our side with a brain wants anything to do with him.

      Apples and oranges.

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