The Bay Area is home to one of the largest Asian and Pacific Islander populations in the entire country — it has also been a hotbed for the recent spike in violent hate crimes against the aforementioned community. Six men have been arrested in connection with a string of robbery attacks on Asian American women, committing over 200 heists in Nothern California.

According to the San Jose Police Department, Anthony Michael Robinson (24), Cameron Alonzo Moody (27), Derje Damond Banks (23), Hassani Burleson Ramsey (24), Clarence Jackson (21), and Malik Short (21) all had been targeting women of Asian descent throughout various parts of the Bay Area and Santa Clara County. It is also being reported that this team of criminals coordinated and executed more than 70 heists in San Jose and as many as 177 throughout the San Francisco Bay Area during a one-year span.

The efficiency of their criminal activity was predicated on stalking their victims as a team and closing in on them at secluded locations. But according to the District Attorney, Jeff Rosen, there were other reasons why this group sought to harm women of Asian descent.

Six-Man Crew Arrested for Over 200 Robberies Targeting Asian Women (

I feel much better knowing the threat of the KKK and its sympathizers is less now. POC should rejoice!


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By Miguel.GFZ

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  1. You know this is not their first rodeo. I wonder how many times they were released on no / low bail by the kind and caring California Justice system?

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