For those of you who were not paying attention, on Saturday there was a Straight Pride parade in Boston.

As much of the coverage as I could find, it was nothing more than epic trolling of Gay Pride parades with a lot of Trump 2020 support.

Here is a news report from WCVB Channel 5 from Boston on the march.

Just a couple of things that I noticed:

They show some people who are clearly Antfia or aligned with the movement saying that there are people in the march with Swastika armbands or tattoos, but the media doesn’t actually capture the presence of said hate symbols.

I haven’t found one news report that showed Swastikas at the Straight Pride march, and we all know the media would have loved to capture that and make it the headline image of the march.

Remeber when the DC and Chicago Dyke Marches banned Israeli flags or the Star of David?  I saw a lot of Israeli flags at the Straight Pride march.

I’ve seen a lot of videos of Gay Pride parades and while I have seen counter-protests to them, I don’t recall those people actually screaming “[name of city] hates you” at the LGBT marchers.

Also, I don’t remember reading about any Pride Parade counter-protesters getting arrested like 36 anti-Straight Pride protesters did on Saturday.

Lastly, enter Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her take on the Straight Pride parade.

The link she supplies is to this:

Solidarity Against Hate Legal Defense Fund

Known fascists and white supremacists, under the front organization Super Happy Fun America, are descending on Boston for “Straight Pride” on Saturday, 8/31. As we have for the last 3 years, Boston will repel them with beautiful and bold direct action! In preparation for possible unplanned arrests, we are raising $2500 to cover any legal fees, as well as supplies for jail support (rides home, food, changes of clothes, etc).

Direct action” is Antifa lingo for violence.

So what we see here is a sitting United States Congresswoman helping to raise funds for bail money for Antifa who attack a parade of peaceful people because she and those she supports claim that they are white supremacists.

I can’t vouch for every person at the Straight Pride parade and say with certainty that they are all clean as the driven snow.

What I can say is that all the hate and violence came from one side, and it wasn’t the side engaging in the parade.

It makes you wonder who the real Nazis are in this situation.  The people with the phantom Swastikas that no member of the press were able to photograph or the people shouting “Boston hates you” and engaging in mob political violence.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Who are the real Nazis? Also, the “Rainbow Shirts” doesn’t have quite the same ring a “Brown Shirt.””
  1. I assume that the leftists who pay the bail of anyone arrested will issue a 1099 to anyone who receives more than $600. That person will then report those funds as income. Right? To do otherwise is tax evasion.

      1. You don’t know how the real world works. There are two ways bail can work.
        1 You pay the full amount of the bail. Most of the time, the court then keeps the bail money, because the fine you must pay coincidentally equals the amount of bail.
        2 You bond out. In this case, you pay the bail bondsman an amount equal to 10% of the bail. The bondsman keeps that as his fee for writing the bond.

  2. Exhibit A and a clear demonstration that the left actually believes that if you are not in full support of them, you hate them.

    If a straight person were to show up at a LBGTQWERTYWHATEVER parade and claim that they participants where hateful in any way because they are not including straight people in their event, they would be ridiculed for being stupid.

    However, a gay rights supporter is free to call someone who is proud of being heterosexual a hater, a supremacist, etc…

    Double standards? Yep

    Being proud that you find a particular gender, sex, size, shape, or color attractive is not hateful in any way, regardless of what demographic you fall into.

    Now, in the defense of those counter protesters…

    Were there any participants in the straight pride parade that were condemning gays/trans/whatever? Were there any displays saying that gays are sinners, or that god hates fags or anything like that? I did see something about build the wall, but that is a political position, and it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

    So, back to my original point. If you do not fully support whatever flavor of the month is popular with the leftists, then you must absolutely abhor that particular flavor of the month. There is no other possibility. Either sleep with people of the same sex as you are, or you hate gays.

    1. An official speaker at the Straight Pride parade did say in her speech that gay people are sinners and going to hell, yes. There’s video of it on YouTube. Also, the lgbt community has had to put up with a lot of oppression for a long time — police used to throw people in jail for cross-dressing before the Stonewall riots. NIFB pastors routinely call for the genocide of lgbt people, including Grayson Fritts who was at the time also a Knoxville police officer (earlier this year). These are the reasons Gay Pride is celebrated, not just because people happen to be gay. No one has ever demanded that there be a genocide of straight people.

  3. The Marshal of the parade was Milo Yiannopoulos or at least that was reported earlier (it may have changed). Milo works with white supremacists. Also, nazis in nazi uniform, swastikas and all, appeared at this years Detroit Pride parade in an attempt to start a riot, and instead of being arrested for it (as they should, because it’s not protected speech), they got a police escort right up to the parade. And given that nazis murdered thousands of lgbt people during the holocaust, that’s equivalent of cops escorting nazis so they can yell slurs and threats at a Jewish festival.

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