I saw Miguel’s post Broward school Runcie maybe removed by the board. Liberals suddenly remember Nikolas Cruz. It reminded me of something I read in The Miami Herald the other day, which I meant to write about (until I got distracted).

Black community and Parkland families clash at contentious Broward school safety meeting

Pop some popcorn and let the victim fight begin.  Who will win, the blacks or the white parents who had to bury their kids after the Parkland massacre?

I can’t believe this is being contemplated but hey, it’s 2019 and this are the kinds of things that woke people have to consider.

The long lines of cars and media trucks filing into J.P. Taravella High on Monday night passed by a row of bold red signs that read: “Protect our children. Fire Runcie.”

Remember that Robert Runcie LIED and said that Cruz was not in the PROMISE Program when he was.  When it came out that Cruz was in the program, he (Runcie) blamed the paperwork.  He also oversaw the district training standards which failed miserably and cost lives.

Like a typical bureaucrat he has tried to weasel out of every last but of culpability, all white getting promoted and promising to improve things.

Which, by the way, he hasn’t.

That set the scene of a three-hour school safety town hall that grew contentious between staunch supporters of Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie — largely, the African-American community — and his fiercest critics: the families of the victims killed in the mass shooting at nearby Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Fourteen students and three faculty members were killed in the Feb. 14, 2018, school shooting.

Well, well, well…

Dorn said the most important finding his company, Safe Havens, International, found after 1,000 school site visits was that the district lacked the oversight and structure for massive school safety efforts.

“There wasn’t enough structure, there weren’t enough people to oversee an extremely large safety network,” he said.

I wonder what the death toll is for “bureaucratic incompetence?”  It’s got to be in the millions by now.

As speakers asked pointed questions of the district, many from the audience yelled or interrupted. But the crowd applauded and cheered wildly when Runcie’s supporters spoke or when a speaker referenced the district leaving minority students behind.

Jesus, what was this, a pep rally?

“Just as you feel strongly about getting rid of Bob Runcie, we feel just as strong that it ain’t going to happen,” said state Sen. Perry Thurston, D-Lauderhill.

“You can’t fire the incompetent Democrat no matter how much he fucks up!”

This is why 17 kids were murdered in a totally predicable attack in Broward.

You know as I think of it, the Democrats hammered the Bush Administration hard over 9/11 and the fact that the CIA and FBI failed to prevent a terrorist attack unlike anything the world had ever seen before with barely any warning.

The same Democrats, when given details of a school shooting days, weeks, and months in advance, failed to prevent it and then act like there was no way they could have known it was coming.

Kelly Davis, a local radio personality, said he came Monday night to represent the families in central Broward County.

“They’re too busy working and they’re frustrated because they feel that the income of their neighborhood does not allow them to make the noise like the Parkland parents,” he said.

They pulled the poverty victim card and the “Parkland parents are rich and privileged” card.  Good move.

Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime died in the shooting, commented on the tension in the room.

“The bullet that shot my daughter did not know what color she was and what socioeconomic status she was,” he said. “I am frustrated as hell at what is happening in this room tonight to make this about color and socioeconomic status. This is about security.”

That’s going to fall on deaf ears.  Guttenberg is a wealthy, white, real estate broker who is now a Liberal activist.  What is one dead daughter stacked up against all that privilege.

Guttenberg then turned to address Runcie.

“Why should you stay in your job?” Guttenberg asked. “This community is right now struggling with what has gone on over the past year. And candidly, I do, I can’t help but blame you. My daughter is dead and this community is falling apart.”

That’s racist.

“Leadership is not, in my view, about cutting and run when it gets really tough,” Runcie said. “It’s my responsibility given the fact that this occurred under my watch as superintendent, I need to fix it.”

The term ‘to fall on one’s sword’ means “to accept the responsibility or blame for a problem or mistake.”  It dates back to Ancient Rome, when a soldier fucked up so badly that suicide was the only way of redeeming his honor.  Plutarch wrote about it.

I think with Parkland Runcie needs to fall on his sword.  By that I mean somebody needs to give Runcie a real sword for him to fall on.

Runcie also reiterated his support for the grand jury investigation called by Gov. Ron DeSantis to examine how school districts, particularly Broward, comply with school safety laws. The Florida Supreme Court granted that request earlier Monday.

Ahhhh…. qualified immunity.  Isn’t it grand?

A few speakers called for the the district to abandon or overhaul the Promise program, the district’s disciplinary diversion program that drew heavy criticism after news reports noted the district assigned Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz to the program but he never completed it. The Broward County School Board will discuss changing its discipline matrix at a board meeting Tuesday morning.

Many local pastors heralded the Promise program as an antidote for the school-to-prison pipeline and praised Runcie for his efforts to improve the graduation rate among black boys.

Also known as “ignoring violent crime to bolster on-paper graduation rates.”  All the evidence suggests that these kids come out the other end of these deferment programs worse than they went in because the lesson that they learned is that bleeding heart progressives will be soft on them.  If they end up in jail or dead on the streets later, that doesn’t matter as long as the school looks good on paper.

When a bureaucrat screws up as badly as Runcie, the desire to remove him should be unanimous.

But when the bureaucrat has the backing of one victim group against another in a battle for intersectionality points, you never know what is going to happen.

This is what we can’t have nice things.


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By J. Kb

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