I have cash money that says there is video of at least one FBI against fondling Melania’s underwear.

They were in there for almost 10 hours while Trump’s attorneys were kept outside, I can’t believe that those agents were professional that entire time.

Peeking in his fridge, helping themselves to his luxuries, looking for things that weren’t on the warrant like private documents.

I want to see tye video.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Who wants to bet?”
  1. It’d be even more fun if the surveillance video has an audio trac. I love how Trump’s enemies want to keep the surveillance video private, because it might reveal that he had, OMG, “classified” documents. As Trump retains his top level clearance from his days as POTUS, it is not illegal for him to posses classified information. This whole mess stinks on ice.

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