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Watch: 6 Taco Bell Employees Beat Up Man And His Girlfriend Outside Center City Location

Bryan Reese is the guy in blue on the ground. Video shows six people wearing Taco Bell uniforms surrounding him, one holding him down as the others serve up punches to his side.

After he gets up, the employees then deliver blows to his girlfriend Ali’s face.

Reese says the restaurant was packed and everyone was waiting for their food and tension was building between the workers and the customers.

“They knew everybody was upset, they seemed to be upset too,” Reese said. “They said that Grubhub was the reason that nobody was getting their orders. They were inundated with Grubhub orders and that took precedence.”

And, then suddenly, Reese says the brawl broke out.

“When the complaints kept coming in, somebody just snapped and they came after me,” Reese said.

Philadelphia Police say they are investigating not only this incident, but a second fight between a delivery person and Taco Bell employees at the same location, about the same time, just days later on March 3.

So this guy was beat up by six, yes SIX, people for no reason.  Then they punched his girlfriend.

How many times has this blog covered one punch kills and how deadly bare fisted head trauma can be.

Also, six people attacked him.

When a politician says you don’t need more than X rounds, that’s bullshit.

When you are surrounded by six people savagely beating you, you need a magazine capacity of only as many rounds as you can possibly pack into the gun.



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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Why arbitrary magazine capacity limits are bulls**t”
  1. A Taco Bell. That was his second mistake. His first mistake was being in Philadelphia.

    Did Taco Bell fire the employees for their failure to wash their hands before returning to work?

  2. I wonder if Taco Bell fired the employees before or after the video was released. Would they have swept it all under the rug if nobody had made a fuss?

    Also, a $20 gift card? F*#king REALLY!?!? The man took kidney punches from not one or two, but SIX of your employees, who then turned and started beating up his girlfriend, too. They both no doubt have hospital bills of at least several hundred dollars, each (and that’s if they were just looked over and released), and all you can offer is the equivalent of a couple free meals?


    1. That’s OK. John Morgan of Morgan and Morgan is going to “for the people” the shit out of Taco Bell.

  3. Why would grub hub orders take precedence? That’s stupid. Put them in the queue with counter and drive-thru orders.

  4. Meh. The employees were just doing to his outside what the food would have done to his inside….and his butthole the day after.

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