Besides dropping out of Harvard and becoming a billionaire through anti-competitive, monopolistic business practices, exactly what the fuck are his qualifications to speak about a global pandemic or how small businesses should be forced to comply?

Being rich doesn’t make your opinion worth more or you an expert on everything.

Every one of these billionaires and celebrities who opines on how the people who work for a living and live paycheck to paycheck should embrace the suck should pay.

Want to end the lockdowns?

It’s time for a 100% windfall profits tax on every corporation that has benefitted from small business shutdowns and telework to fund small business COVID relief.  The longer their competition stays locked down the better they do.

Amazon and Microsoft are at the top of my list.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Why are they asking Bill Gates”
  1. The people screaming the loudest for continued lockdowns are the ones who are still getting paid. Government employees, medical workers, utility workers, and the like only care about lockdowns because they can’t go out for a beer and a steak dinner or workout at the gym. The leftists who don’t do anything but vote for a living don’t care because the government handouts keep coming. Democrat politicians simply declare themselves to be essential workers.

    Bar and restaurant workers, employees of sports venues, the owners and employees of other small businesses are all losing everything they ever worked for. They want to go back to work so they can feed their kids and pay their house payment.

  2. It’s amazing that Gates offers no monetary help to those suffering COVID backlash, But a gas station (quick Trip) offers all children who can’t go to school to receive there free school lunch a free lunch everyday at there stores.!

  3. Why not listen to Bill Gates?

    Seriously, the current climate change expert is a mentally ill 16 year old scandanavian girl.

  4. There will be no “return to normal.” I’ve known this since March, though I haven’t been saying it. The endless lockdowns and pandemic are the new normal, and it was obvious the moment people started talking about “how bad” it was going to be.

    They were priming the population for perpetual slavery. The pandemic was phase 1, we’re now onto phase 2, where nobody remembers anymore that the lockdowns were supposed to be over 3 months ago. By March 2021, we’ll have always been locked down, Covid will have always been a global threat, and nobody will remember a time before.

    And it won’t get better as long as we all capitulate.

    People think 2021 is going to be better than 2020. It’s not. 2020 was just the appetizer. 2021 is when it’s all going to kick into high gear.

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