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10 thoughts on “Why did the Biden Administration fail to detect the Hamas attack on Israel?”
  1. Because political correctness has overtaken the intelligence agencies to the point where analysts cannot say bad things about specific groups without it being “career-limiting behavior?”

  2. Perhaps the meme’s premise might be correct to some level but I’m going with the obvious, which is it’s not the Biden administration, it’s the Obama, Puppet Biden Administration, and an Islamist is no friend of Israel. In fact, the main threat against Israel is Islam. For instance, how in hell did the Iron Dome and other advanced defenses fail? Because someone provided the info that made that possible. And who might have done that? Could it have been the most powerful Islamist in the world?

    1. Iron Dome didn’t fail. It was overwhelmed. There’s not an air defense system on the planet, and Iron Dome is one of the best, that can handle that large of a volume of fire.

      1. Ok, point taken Birdog357, but was it sheer numbers of missiles or the method, sequence of firing, that played a part in the degree of failure and exactly how much success was achieved? If it was the ‘method’ that overwhelmed the Iron Dome system, who provided that info? And what about the monitoring systems designed to monitor the Islamic areas of Israel on both sides of its borders, that alert Israel to an arms buildup. Certainly, Israel has in place defenses that allow them to know arms are entering the areas that could be used as launch points for missiles.
        My point is, Israeli defenses were compromised. Someone in the known, betrayed them. Someone gave the enemy what they needed to succeed. I refuse to believe the Israelis let down their guard.

  3. Are we going to ignore Massad? Why didn’t their own state of the art intelligence agency pick up on this? It’s not wise to rely solely on an allied nation’s Intel for your own border.
    Something smells fishy about it all.

  4. I do not think pResident Briben’s administration failed to detect any attack. They were not even looking for one. Not only do they live by the leftist playbook (no possible adverse consequences could possibly happen, I am doing something nice here), they just do not care.
    And, I am serious about that. Even if they did take a look into the crystal ball (or spend a few seconds thinking) and realized that giving Iran billions will result in an attack on Israel a few days later (as it always does), they would do nothing different anyway.
    They do not care that Israel was attacked. Nor would they care if it was destroyed and overcome with some islamic caliphate.
    This is the most anti-sematic administration I have ever seen. That this war started under this admin is not a surprise to me at all.

    1. Not just the Biden Administration: the whole of the American Far Left.
      AOC, Tlaib, Pressley, Omar, etc. — the whole “Squad” — were on-stage the next day urging Israel to de-escalate the situation, paving the way for the global media and the U.N. to blame Israel for being attacked.
      How do you “de-escalate” the systematic kidnapping, rape, and execution of your citizens by a long-time sworn enemy? (“Just how gang-raped were you, Ms. Smith? Why didn’t you try to ‘de-escalate’ by giving them what they want, or offering up your teenage daughter as a concession?”)
      The truth is, Hamas (and Hezbollah, ISIS/ISIL, etc.) have wanted to do this for a VERY LONG time. They just never had the resources — intel, weapons, and funding — to pull it off. That is, it appears, until Iran gave Hamas a few billion dollars they “funged”* when the U.S. (read: the Biden Administration) unfroze $6 Billion from their South Korean accounts.
      * – Yes, I just made the adjective “fungible” into a verb.

  5. The main problem which the IDF must resolve in our invasion and conquest of Hamas regime change strategy, the huge civilian populations of Gaza.

    The IDF, it seems to me, should island hop, much like America did in the Pacific War against Japan. Israel needs to organize a sealed off trench warfare, something akin to WWI battle tactics. Only in the case of Gaza, Israel must encircle and isolate designated areas to harvest Gaza civilian populations. Israel must feed and protect these sealed-off “captured” Gaza prisoner of war zones.

    Such a strategic policy conducted toward Gazan civilian populations serves to separate armed hostile terrorists from unarmed passive Gazans. Captured males, capable of serving as soldiers separated from populations of women with children and the old. Segregating civilian from military capable populations, clearly the first step in the long regime change war confronting the Jewish state in the days and weeks ahead.

    Jerusalem emphatically must reject foreign aid or intervention in this local border conflict. The horror of the international involvement in the Russian/Ukraine war a clear flag of warning. Israel outright rejects European involvement or any foreign intervention what so ever. This Gaza regime change war, pits Israel’s fight against the multiple Arab factions in Gaza, E. Jerusalem, and Samaria. Israel must reject any and all foreign international aid or power plays to dominate Israeli and Gazan interstate self-determination.

    Repatriating dhimmi Arab refugee populations to Gaza. Permitting the Gazan City-State to give citizenship to these dhimmi Arab refugee populations the Primary objective of regime change strategies in Gaza. Integrating the Independent nation of Gaza into the Arab community of the Middle East a key foreign policy objective of the Jewish state during this Gaza/Israel war.

    Land for peace. Twice Israel has returned the Sinai back to Egypt in the name of land for peace. The patriotization of dhimmi Arab refugees from E. Jerusalem, Samaria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria to Gazan national self-determination and Independence, a prime regime change strategy of the Jewish state in this Gaza/Israel war. Gaza, Israel and Egypt can work together to expand the borders of Gaza into the Sinai to accommodate dhimmi Arabs who move to Gaza and cease existing as despised refugee populations, a people without a country of their own.

  6. How did the Jhiao Bribem administration “miss” the Hamas initiative?

    On what basis can one assume that it was “missed”?

    How about, Jhiao elected to not act, advise, notify, or warn?

    Which is more likely? Which is consistent with other Jhiao Bribem foreign policy initiatives?

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