Because they are miserable people in a cult of hatred that seeks to destroy the human body.

Every single one of these trans-child groomers is a monstrosity of physical and emotional sickness.

They hate themselves, their families, and everything they can’t have, i.e., a normal, happy, healthy, pleasant life.

So they try and destroy in others what they can’t have themselves.

Rather than try and help the emotionally vulnerable get better and return to normal, they want to drag those children down into emotional confusion and physical mutilation.

It is a cult of ugliness and misery that exists to spread ugliness and misery under the banner of virtue.

We should not listen to these people.

We need to recognize that there is a physiognomy with this cult.

When we see these people, society should have the fortitude to say: “clearly you are a physically and emotionally sick person and for the health of society we will absolutely ignore your every demand so as not to infect the rest of society with your sickness.”

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Why do they always look like this?”
  1. They are broken people who are being abused and damaged by elites in order to further the goal of destroying traditional ideas of morality, objectivity, and reality. Traditionally, we all know we are a little broken, but we know we have to adjust to the real world. Which means we have to deal with our issues. The goal here is to champion those peculiarities and demand that the world accommodate them. Since the real world will not do that, we are forced to pretend that a false world represents reality. Eventually it will all collapse. Badly. For everyone.

    A colleague of mine, a devout Progressive, wrote to me some time ago that he, and his ilk, consider “objective truth” to be an oxymoron. They seriously believe that they can *create* the truth by brute power and by enforcing a particular narrative. This is all about making us reject objective reality and accept an imposed narrative as the “truth,” even when we know way down deep it’s not the truth. The more bizarre and outrageous these people are, the better. As we are forced to pretend that this is “normal” and “good” we are forced to knowingly abandon what we know to be true and embrace what we know to be false. Unfortunately, instead of helping these people by protecting them from the cruel world, by encouraging their pathologies, they simply become more harmed. They cannot survive outside the imposed narrative, which makes them increasingly fragile and increasingly dependent on enforcing the protective narrative. And as they become more fragile, they have to push the narrative even further.

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