Why doctors must stay on their lane.


When you push for a medical recommendation to become law, you are essentially trying to make the entire nation your involuntary patient. When doctors put on their white coats in political discourse and recommend authoritarian policies, they’re acting outside the scope of their expertise — and trying to force their opinions on millions of unwilling subjects.

The idea of informed consent is paramount to medical practice. As doctors, we should never force our therapy on our patients. Not only is this immoral, but the results can be deadly.

For decades, medical professionals have advised low fat, high carb diets, which studies increasingly show is completely misguided. Had this been just advice from doctors to their patients, that would be one thing. Instead, with the government’s support this advice was established as indisputable fact and taught to an entire generation. The result has been to kick off a diabetes epidemic that’s set to make my generation the first in American history to have shorter life expectancies than their parents.

Should doctors stay in their lane? A physician says yes.

A very well-written article and one you should share if you happen to bump into an activist doctor along with the reminder that doctors kill a quarter of a million people a year in the US.



4 Replies to “Why doctors must stay on their lane.”

  1. I’m doing the Keto diet which is basically the reverse of the recommended diet and the pounds just keep coming off. I do cheat every now and then, but generally stick to it.

    1. My cardiologist put me on one recently. Meat, leafs, nuts, and beans, with limited cheese. No starches, no sugar (even fruit), but I can ‘cheat’ once a week. At least 20 minutes of exercise a day. Drink lots and lots of water.

      It’s working so far.

  2. Doctors are often accused of having a “god complex.”

    However we see a similar notion of pushing opinion as regulation from Lawyers, College professors, especially from high ranked universities.

    I believe what this is a incredible level of hubris that stems from the idea “I have a higher level and/or better education than most of the people, therefore my opinion isn’t just another guy’s opinion, it is good and right and morally just.”

  3. The medical profession long ago abandoned medical ethics. Consider that insurance companies have “doctors” on their staff whose job is it to second-guess your treatment without ever talking to you or examining you.

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