I thought I would address why I believe my gun going missing through UPS is not an accident but deliberate malfeasance.

This is a screen grab of the most up to date tracking history for my package.

It went from Wilson Combat in Arkansas to an attempted delivery at my house in Huntsville.

I missed the delivery to my door and requested a hold for pickup.

You can see that was completed last Thursday.

Then Monday it was delivered in Ohio.

Why did it come out of holding for pickup and go out again on a truck?

Well, I did a screen grab of that from last week for my records.

At 5:53 AM Thursday morning my gun was ready for pickup.

Less than an hour later it was relabeled as “incorrectly sorted” and back in transit.

Again, how if my package was set aside, ready for me to come by and pick it up was it later incorrectly sorted and back in transit?

Why did anybody have any reason to touch it before I walked in the UPS door on Friday to get my box?

I have asked people at UPS and their answer is “it’s weird” and “that shouldn’t have happened.”

I believe somebody saw it in holding, pulled it out, and labeled it as “incorrectly sorted” in order to make it disappear.

If it was accidentally put on the wrong truck, why was it then delivered in Ohio?  It shouldn’t have been delivered to the wrong address.  It had to be signed for, so how did nobody in Ohio notice that the address on the box was Huntsville, Alabama?

This tracking history doesn’t look like an “oopsie, we put it in the wrong pile.”

This looks like a lot of deliberate fuckery to make a gun disappear.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Why I think my missing gun is malfeasance”
  1. Agreed. When you first posted the “reason” it didn’t appear, I thought it was sketchy. No way it would have been pulled and sent out again for a “mistake” like that.

  2. When UPS lost a Browning shotgun on return after repair they dicked around with me for about 10 days, then I notified my local PD of gun theft, I had it in my hands in 4 days It was found in my city in a not too good area

  3. Maybe it’s time to get the ATF involved. Interstate commerce and all. In the 14 years I’ve been a FFL, I have never lost a gun in transit. Someone was wanting a Wilson combat gun for their collection and got caught. Someone need to go to jail.

  4. I’d say you definitely need to report this as a stolen gun, or at least an “apparently stolen gun”, without waiting to see whether UPS will straighten things out. That way you protect yourself. If you wait, someone might argue you shouldn’t have.

    1. Related: does UPS show you the address it went to? Typically it does. But perhaps only if you are the sender. Did you tell Wilson about this? Might not hurt to do so.
      One reason to report it is to have that on record with your police. Suppose the recipient in OH turned it in to the police there — now you’d have to get it back from them, and I would think that having the record here would make that easier.

    2. I reported it to Huntsville police as soon as UPS closed on Friday and I didn’t have my gun in hand.

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