I just saw this in Twitter regarding Pedo Joe’s Ghost Gun Regulations.

If something pro-gun passes, it is their win. If a gun control regulation is enacted, it is 100% the fault of the NRA.

This is the same kind of bullshit they accused the NRA of doing and was used to make a name of themselves and increase their fundraising.

Do we even dare to demand they open their books and let us see where the monies have gone?


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “Why my respect for Gun Rights groups is fading.”
  1. 1) I wouldn’t say 100% on the NRA.
    2) They have been compromising since NFA 1934–always playing the “it would have been worse” card. (I concede that IIRC they did get handguns removed from the NFA.)
    3) FPC, GOA, and SAF seem to be more effective in fighting for our Rights than the NRA. I will also concede that the NRA are, um, preoccupied at present.
    4) Whose books do you wish to have opened? The NRA’s? If so, so do many others. If you mean the FPC, have there been allegations of impropriety?

    1. I have a couple of simple question: How many times have you heard from those groups admit they fucked up or failed miserably? How many times they have celebrated “wins”?

      And NRA NFA 1934? Really?

    1. Also, Miguel.

      It’s a meme from someone who is enthusiastic about them, not one that they have made and posted themselves.

      Remember, Heller was a case brought and paid by SAF, and NRA still takes credit for it.

  2. Both of them are tiny compared to the NRA and I believe most of the lawsuits are paid out of the 501(c)(3).

  3. The reminders about what the NRA did decades ago are tiresome. Are they true? Sure. Has the NRA changed over the years? Also true. The organization has it’s problems but overall, since they formed the ILA and began lobbying, they have done more good than harm. I also realize that any acknowledgment that the NRA does good is met with rage from the internet purists, to which I shrug and ask “what have you done?”

    1. ‘ … more good than harm … ‘

      No pro-gun group should do any ‘harm’ except that by gross misundrrstanding. And that would squarely be on that group until forever. Which means that group would have to become evermore earnest in combatting gun control lest they dry into dust.

      Don’t speak of ‘perfect being the enemy of good’. When I read or hear that I think oh well we lost but hey we win some too. As if that is in anyway acceptable. Is that anyway to prosecute a war on a narrow field on a single front? Acceptance of the unacceptable is like conducting flanking maneuvers in favor of your enemy.

      The only acceptable loss is after trying your damnest – hitting below the belt included – and anticipating every move of the enemy but because the stars were not in alignment victoey was elusive.

      Going onto the field of battle, or even the starting blocks before a race, allowing you may not win is utterly, entirely unacceptable.

      The largest problem we have is the continual lackadaisical mindset that first place loser is a commendable .position. That problem is entirely our own creation and it is fixable.

  4. Still waiting for the NRA and WLP himself to make good on the promise they made to fight the Hughes Amendment back in their August 15, 1986 issue of The Monitor.

  5. Some people will see that meme as funny, edgy, or what have you.
    I simply find it to be in poor taste, and does not incline me to support fpc. Even if they didn’t make it themselves, if they don’t disown it they are tacitly approving it.
    Perhaps I’m just stodgy, old or whatever. But I still value politeness, thoughtful and respectful discourse. (Although the left seems to be doing their damnedest to change my attitude in that regard.)

  6. GOA is the grand master of taking credit for all wins without actually doing much more than firing off emails to pro-gun people who’ve signed up to receive them.

    They’ve never admitted to their role in killing off conceal carry reciprocity because it was combined with fix-NICS. They got all the “zero compromise” people worked up but good and we got JUST the part that GOA was pissed about. NICS got fixed, we got nix.

  7. FPC is relatively new. Since day one pwople have hated on FPC. I have wondered wheretofore the energy for such ferocity all the while lassitude for actually winning.

    The first charge hurled at FPC was, but they’ll split our donations. The seeming enmity has only increased.

    I make no apology for FPC although I wonder if the harnessing even half the energy devoted to decrying FPC, or GOA or SAF, would go far in kicking ass against the gun grabbers. The gun grabbers need only occasionally stoke the fires we have ignited within our midst.

  8. The NRA was good. Now days they are just a fund for waynes lavish lifestyle. No gun owners should support them until he and his cronies are gone.

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