This is a follow-up to my earlier post Progressives don’t want to fix anything, they just want to play the victim.

This video:

This update:

Well then..

I guess being let of of jail with minimal consequences repeatedly gives the impression that a person can do anything and get away with it.

This man is a habitual offender but Progressives keep letting him out.

That he sucker-punched an old woman is no surprise.

Don’t worry, he’ll be let out again and eventually he’ll kill someone.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Why Progressive bail and prison reform is garbage, a follow-up”
  1. Again, just because it bears repeating:

    If you tried to do anything to impede or bring down this man-shaped predator, you would be arrested. Because, you know, racism.

    ‘But muh police’ they cry. Because, you know, leftists LOVE police. Except, no, they don’t.

    And even worse, it’s like what was being documented in Chicago by Second City Cop (before they had to go dark). Seventeen prior freaking arrests, including multiple assault charges? What’s the DA’s office doing all day?

    Welcome to Bluetopia, where the clowns are running the circus.

  2. Depending on who he killed, he might still be let out with no real, lasting consequences.

    If he found a white Trump voter, for example. Or a white Jew.

    Or *gasp*, a white Jewish Trump voter (a.k.a., a Nazi/fascist).

    Hell, they might put him on permanent payroll if he did that. *smh*

  3. “Homeless.”

    A kind, caring, and compassionate city like NYC should provide this poor, unstable and down and out HOMELESS person with safe and stable housing until he can have his court date.

    Someplace like Rykers Island. Maybe at the same time, they could treat any addiction or mental health issue. That would be real Social Justice.

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