From Los Angeles:

It is at this moment that I would like to point out that my commute from work to home takes me three minutes and 48 seconds.  I know, because one of my favorite songs is 3:50 long, and if I start it in the parking lot at work on my truck’s audio, I can be home, in my driveway with the garage door up before it is finished.

My record in my truck is 3:32, but I was putting it down a little harder than I like (it was an emergency) and was cornering pretty hard.

I’d like to try it in my mother’s sport’s car, I think I can get it down to three minutes even.

My commute in Rapid City was about the same.

My Aurora commute was 15 minutes, but we were on the edge of Aurora where it touches farm country up against Plainfield.

I can cross Huntsville from the airport to downtown in about 15 minutes, 20 during rush hour unless there is an accident.

If the people of LA (or New York City, or any coastal megalopolis) want to know why we flyover country bumpkins don’t want to live in their sophisticated cities, it’s partly because we don’t want to spend hours of our precious time away from our families stuck in this hellscape traffic.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Why we in flyover country don’t want to move to your sh*thole states”
  1. Lived in the Metro NY area for a bit. My commute to my job was slightly over 35 miles. Took me about 40 minutes on the way into work. (I started at 07:00) It generally took me about 1:30 to get home, leaving the office at 17:30.

    I now live on the outskirts of a less populated city. Distance to work about 18 miles. Time to commute, either way, regardless of time of day, about 25 minutes. (I have to take side streets and some gravel roads for the first 6 miles.)

    Do I miss the commute in NY? NOT A F-ING CHANCE! I will NEVER put myself into a situation where I sit in stop and go traffic every day. I do not care how fabluous the city is.

  2. Yup, my uncle used to live on long island . His “commute” was 3 HOURS each way! And involved his car and two different trains…. no thanks. My commute now takes 30 seconds, i walk out the door down the stairs and get in my company van…. heh heh and drive 200000 miles in 3 years…

  3. This reminds me of an article about leaving the Bay Area where the money quote excusing the soul destroying commute and insane housing costs was “at least we get to live in California”. That will be a hard pass, I visited SF and LA in the 80s and haven’t set foot in Cali since then.

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