Fuck this dude and his service.

After 9/11 I was all hooah.

Two decades later and it’s becom crystal fucking clear that the entire GWOT was a scam to make a bunch of West Point officers who were too young to get promoted duting Vietnam or the Cold War into colonels and generals and then into six and seven figure jobs at defense contractors.

Or used a scam for political hacks to use non combat roles as credentializers.  Case in point, Chairborne Lieutenant Pete Buttigieg.

Their entrance into the DC Elite and various corporate gigs was paid for by the lives and limbs of a bunch of patriotic young men who didn’t realize they were nothing more than fodder for Raytheon stock dividends.

What did we actually accomplish?

Our only real long term victory was killing Bin Laden.

That should have been the whole of the GWOT.  Get the CIA to find him and have Seal Team Six helicopter in and extract him.  Then we could all watch the video from some black site of Osama getting his balls shocked with a car battery until his heart exploded.

Instead, we killed thousands of Americans and wounded thousands more, destabilized the Middle East, elevated Iran, and turned a bunch of boy-fucking goat hoarders into a battle hardened, experienced fishing force, equipped with the best military hardware ever supplied to our allies in the region, who surrendered it willingly to the Taliban.

But tbis fucking VetBro says those of us who didn’t rush to die, get maimed, or come down with PTSD so the management of Northrop Grumman Defense could buy fake titties for their squeezes and Ferraris to drive them around in cowards.


Fuck him for thinking that he’s better than the rest of us because all he’s doing is simping for the Woke military industrial complex.



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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “With all due respect, f**k this guy, his VetBro opinion, and his veteran status”
  1. The only thing the ‘grandkids’ will be taught in public schools about the GWOT (if anything is that the racist US went overseas to kill brown people.

  2. We sent in the Army Green Berets to do exactly what they trained for. They trained and led the local indigenous forces to defeat the folks we wanted defeated. We put the Northern Alliance in power in Afghanistan, and threw out the Pashtun.

    We should have stopped there, and told everyone, ESPECIALLY PAKISTAN that they are all responsible for keeping the peace in Afghanistan, and the fanatics under control in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Also, if we have to ever come back because the US, its Embassies, or Its military are attacked, it will be with nuclear weapons, and massive overkill.

    We were too kind. That has gotten how many Americans killed and maimed for life?

    1. Maybe we should have carpet bombed or nuked the Pakistani ISI HQ on the way out, just to drive our point home?

    2. The problem with telling Pakistan that they are responsible for peace in Afghanistan is that Pakistan is the creator of the Taliban. They are the ones primarily responsible for the terrorism and destruction of civilization in Afghanistan. And they continue to get away with it.

      1. That is the reason I suggested nuking the ISI HQ. They did create the Taliban.
        Pakistan allowed the Harquanni network and lots of other Islamics to hide out in their un-civilized zones during the Winter, then they would head back to Afghanistan to make war and kill Afghanis, Americans, and our allies in the Summer. Whar pisses me off most is our Military and the politicians knew how the Cambodian and Laotian Sanctuaries caused us hell in Vietnam. Why did they allow Pakistan, Iran, and Syria to become enemy sanctuaries and cause us hell in the Mid-East?

  3. Can’t wait for this lunkhead to explain to the grandkids, ‘Well, in the GWOT I helped our grand diverse armed forces fight to a calculated withdrawl and strategic failure!’.

    I mean, is he REALLY trying to trot out that line? Considering we’re fleeing Afghanistan?

    1. Our military couldn’t even stop local warlords from fucking little boys in tents. Such a disgrace.

  4. I looked through the twitter thread, I think it was started because Eric Erickson of Redstate was against the draft, and VetBro here going off on him and Dana Loesch’s husband for being cowards for not enlisting when they could.

    Not sure what triggered VetBro, though I will say (not related to this) that Chris Loesch was working overtime on defending his wife after that God-Awful “interview” with the Black Rifle Coffee dudes. Could be a tangential reason? Or something else, I don’t go on twitter enough to see all this drama garbage.

  5. “…a battle hardened, experienced fishing force…”

    Yep, a bunch of professional Krillers.

  6. I highly suspect that Mr. VetBro was a REMF. People who actually served in combat roles tend to not get defensive about their service: they’ve got nothing to prove.

    Not guaranteed, but highly likely.

  7. Yup. Looks like the same guy to me:

    Human Resources Specialist Eric Bandazewski of Orlando has been deployed to Iraq twice during his 11 years of service and is heading to Afghanistan to help manage personnel issues.

    Real bad-ass HR warrior there.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denigrating his service or the sacrifices made during deployment even if you never leave the wire, it just seems like it’s always those “never leave the wire” types…or served but never deployed to a more hostile environment than Kansas…are the ones who jump on a soapbox about how superior they are over people who never served.

    Like I said, combat vets have already proven everything they’ll ever need to.

    Disclaimer: I served in the Navy in aviation maintenance. Our version of combat was launching aircraft with full bomb and missile racks and recovering them with empty racks; we haven’t fought a battle against an enemy who could pose a threat to the Navy since WWII, so some would consider me as much of a REMF as this dude. I will say that working on the flight deck is much more dangerous than working at a desk in the personnel department…but still, no one was shooting at me at the time.

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