So Whoppie Goldberg got spanked for saying the Holocaust was not about race or some other antisemitic sentiments and she is hopping mad. But what is interesting is the revelation (accidental or otherwise) that there is a set of rules and steps to follow and understood by the insiders on what to do if when you screw up:

Goldberg, 66, feels “humiliated” at being disciplined by ABC execs after she followed their advice to apologize for the ill-conceived comments, a well-placed insider told The Post.

“She feels ABC executives mishandled this. She followed their playbook. She went on ‘The Late Show With Steven Colbert’ and then apologized again on ‘The View’ the next day,” a source said.

Whoopi Goldberg threatening to quit ‘The View’: source (

“She followed their playbook.” Ain’t that something? ‘Just do A and the B and then C and you are off the hook, clean slate and back to be the voice of (insert group here)‘ A fake act of contrition without real feelings of being sorry for what you did and all is well in the Holy Church of Media.

But I guess somebody actually had to pull the reins in because of the suspension given. My guess is that a heavy Ad buyer must have been truly upset and demanded correction. And as much ast hey profess to love Whoppie, she is only adored as long as she can bring income to the network and never a detriment to the bottom line. I would not be surprised if part of her anger is the realization that her ass can be fired just as is she was a meth-addled janitor in accounting.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “With Liberals, it is just the appearance of being sorry that should count.”
  1. Yep. They like her just as long as she’s useful to them. I suspect dawning realization of that is the main reason for her upset.

    In the immortal words of Lone Star, “Welcome to real life!”

  2. The suits in the corner office gave her on a two week paid vacation suspension, assuming that in two weeks’ time everyone will have long since forgotten about the whole thing.

    Then she took to social media to complain about it.

    This keeps the story alive for another couple of days and ensures more people will remember it next time she (or one of the co-hosts) says something stupid.

      1. Nah, it’s just further proof the woman’s as thick as concrete.

        She should have just kept her mouth shut and let it blow over (like she did back when she dismissed Roman Polanski’s self-confessed forcible sodomy of a child as not being “rape-rape”).

        But, nooo, she had to go and whinge on social media about how she was the real victim here.

  3. She’s been bitching up a storm about wanting to quit. 🥱 I will believe that when I see it.
    Hell, i’m still waiting for her and the rest of the progtards to leave for Canada as they swore would if the bad orange man became POTUS. But like typical DemonKKKrats, lies and more lies. 😐

  4. Nope. Fire her. Her agent should dump her. People should burn her dvds and books and whatever else she’s ever sold. Her neighbors should insist she move. Nobody should do business with her ever. She should be booed and hissed and not allowed to enter stores and restaurants.

    After all, that’s what she has done to people on the right.

    The knife cuts both ways.

  5. what goes around, comes ’round.

    if your job is to daily insult half a nation, half that nation cares not what happens to you AND most of that subgroup smile to see such a jerk hoisted on the same petard that jerk hoisted others on.

    payback is one thing, but seeing those who have declared themselves your enemy eat each other up is quite glorious.

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