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9 thoughts on “Woman robs Ulta and is left permanently ugly”
  1. As far as this woman getting a payday:
    Her and two accomplices conspired to commit robbery of over $10,000 before fleeing and hiding from the cops. It isn’t even an alleged crime- she was convicted. In fact, she pled guilty to felony grand theft, indicating that she faced reduced charges in a plea deal.

    In fact, she has a lengthy arrest record. He was arrested in:
    2021 for prostitution
    twice in 2017: obtaining property by theft, robbery, and driving without a license
    four different arrests in 2016: twice for petty theft, grand theft, and burglary, theft, receiving stolen property, driving without a license
    three different times in 2014 for battery and robbery, domestic battery, and burglary

    Don’t feel sorry for her at all. It seems as though the only time she isn’t breaking the law is when she is either in prison or the hospital. She is a one person crime wave. Any money she gets from this lawsuit should be paid to the victims of her previous crimes.

    As far as police dogs:
    I don’t agree with the police use of them at all. They are used to manufacture probable cause with no accountability- it’s just assumed that if the trainer claims that the dog acted funny, it’s because he smelled drugs and now there is probable cause. No record is kept on how often the dog is wrong.
    Using them as weapons when you can’t control them is also not right. I have run calls as a medic on police dog bites. Once was to a cop’s leg, when the dog bit a cop chasing a suspect instead of biting the suspect. In another, a fleeing suspect had his entire right but cheek eaten off. He was fleeing a traffic stop on foot, and the handler released the dog. It was some time before the handler caught up, and the dog was unrestrained and biting the suspect.


    1. A+ came here to say much the same.

      Hearing “stop struggling and the dog will stop biting you” is incredible to say the least.

  2. At least she wears her mask properly. 😏

    I wonder what would have happened if, I don’t know, she emerged from hiding and gave up?

    I concur with Divemedic on drug-sniffing dogs. Too many reported cases of suspicious “alerts”.

  3. At the end of the day, she didn’t have to lead that life. She could have surrendered. We haven’t seen the video from body cams, if there is any. But I’m thinking she was commanded to come out or they’d sic the dog on her.

    Don’t do stupid stuff and you won’t get your head chewed by a dog.

    I absolutely don’t care about midwit criminals with poor impulse control and hyperactive fight-or-flight reflexes.

    1. There is a part of me that agress, but another part of me that knows cops can be vindictive assholes. Those assholes drunk on power are the reason why we added that part about jury trials and due process to the Constitution

  4. “My whole brain almost fell out.” Good Lord. I doubt the dog even punctured the skull, let alone tore enough off for the brain to fall out.

    Now, I disagree with many of a K-9 “officer’s” “duties”. “Sniffing for drugs/bombs/weapons/etc.” is just a way to skirt the 4th Amendment without facing consequences, and “K-9 apprehensions” are almost always bloody and horrific … and also without consequences. (Also, how many police dog attacks are allowed by the handlers to go on for several minutes longer than necessary? Body cam footage should show this pretty well.)

    Pretty much the only Constitutionally-valid police dog is a tracking hound during a bona fide manhunt, and then only to track. Let the dog find the suspect — no more and no less — and let human officers capture him. And I say this as someone who has adopted a retired police GSD (best damn dog I ever had!).

    OTOH, the lady broke the Rule of Four Stupids (Go stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things, win stupid prizes), good and hard. I won’t go so far as to say she deserved what she got, but like J.Kb I do appreciate the irony (with an added dose of being told to “Just wear the damn hat” the same way she has likely been telling others to “Just wear the damn mask” the past two years).

    I expect that her lawsuit — which should go nowhere because all she had to do was: a. not shoplift at felony levels; b. having shoplifted, not flee; and c. having fled and been found, not disobey lawful orders from LEOs; seriously not that hard — will instead reward her with a solid-six-figure settlement. Unfortunately, that’s just how the court system works in Leftist-run states and counties.

  5. I’m glad she is wearing a mask. I doubt the dog attack made her ugly, I think she was attractively challenged well before the events described in the clip.

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