Via CNN: Man who carried Confederate flag in US Capitol and son found guilty of felonies

Stop staring at those gas prices!!! Look over here!!! January 6th!!! No, stop looking at your grocery budget! JANUARY 6th!

A man and his son found GUILTY of felonies!!! No, don’t look at your savings account, January 6th I tell you!!!

The man who was captured parading through the US Capitol with a large Confederate flag during the January 6, 2021 riot, was – along with his son – found guilty by a federal judge on Wednesday of obstructing an official proceeding, a felony.

That’s right folks, FELONIES!

What, only one per person? Still they’re felonies!

And they had a large Confederate flag! Felonies! Stop looking at your paycheck, it doesn’t really matter if you are deciding on food for you or food for your car. January 6th!

What did they actually pled guilty of, you might ask? They went into the building and wondered around for a bit, they got “close” to the Senate chambers. But because the Senate fled they were accused and pled guilty of obstructing an official proceeding. Were they actually guilty of this felony or were they beat down from spending a year plus in jail?

According to Wikipedia there have only been a few cases of obstructing an official proceeding and they were things like a crime family obstructing a grand jury investigation, a teacher that tipped off some drug dealers they were under investigation.

This is the sort of charge that gets tacked on to a long list of crimes.

Mr Smith, you have been found guilty of four counts of intentional homicide, three counts of forceful rape, 17 counts assault with a deadly weapon and one count of cruelty to animals.

Yep, horrible that he kicked that dog on his way to rape and murder.

When you see something that fits the narrative to closely, look again. Read what is actually said. Watch what actually took place. This is true for both sides of the narrative.

The narrative right now is that Trump supporters, and by implication all of us, tried to topple the US Government. Anything that supports that narrative will get front page coverage.

At the same time we have to be careful of stories that support our narrative. Just why were they in this location after dark? Animal Attacks.. or How to truly stop crime in Detroit. why was this person attacked? Why did he leave his home?

Is there more to the story?

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2 thoughts on “Words have meaning: Felonies”
  1. Alas, that’s one of those words that has two very different meanings: the current legal definition, and the public perception.
    To J. Random Citizen, “felony” is more or less congruent with “capital or otherwise infamous crime” – which is to say, basically a hangin’ offense, so even if a convict’s physical life is spared, we’re justified in revoking his rights for the remainder of his natural life.
    A fiddly technical violation of an obscure and non-obvious statute, with a maximum penalty of a year and a day in prison if the judge is in a bad mood but ordinarily carrying a $100 fine, just ain’t in the same league. (Is opening a pack of cigarettes without tearing the tax stamp still a felony? How about picking up a pretty feather on the beach and taking it home?)

  2. What’s the old saying? “A man who reads nothing in uninformed. A man that reads the newspapers is misinformed.” Or something like that.
    Seriously though. I have heard the average person commits seven felonies a day and does not know it. (Nor does anyone really care.) Find a short article called “Ham Sandwich Nation.” Link:
    And, you are absolutely correct. Prosecutors will heap on every possible charge in order to get a conviction. If murder in the first degree is a 50/50 shot, you also add second degree, third degree, negligent homicide, accidental homicide, assault, and malicious misgendering to the list of charges. You will convince the jury that your actions meets the standard for conviction of one charge.
    Final note. I find it interesting that so far, no one arrested for entering the Capital on Jan 6th has actually been charged with insurrection.

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