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We watch as the alarmist create fake words and phrases to try and touch something at an emotional level. I remember reading about how scientist were looking at ways of spreading pure carbon over the ice caps in order to combat “global cooling” which was going to kill us all in the next 10 years as the glaciers all extended south.

10 years later the same scientist were screaming that we were all going to die in 10 years if we didn’t stop “global warming”.

Today the term is “climate change” and in some cases the same scientists are pushing this new “we’re all going to die” alarm.

The gun rights infringers use the same methods. They can’t sell the ban they want so they hide it in scary words.

Grandpas bolt action deer rifle with a 5 power scope becomes a “sniper rifle.”

A semi-automatic with a pistol grip and box magazine becomes an “assault rifle” which becomes an “assault weapon” which is now a “military-style assault weapon”.

In some places you hear this as “military-style semi-automatic weapon”.

The adjectives just get layered on until you can no longer see the actual thing.

From patch.com reporting on State Senator Steve Santarsiero (D-10) latest emotional plea.

“It’s time that we stand up with a single voice and say, enough. No one needs to have a military-style assault weapon. They just don’t,” said Santarsiero, who was joined at a press conference in Lower Makefield by political, religious, community and local school leaders from throughout Central and Lower Bucks County.

“The time has come for us to take a stand and make this a reality. This is about protecting each other. This is about protecting our loved ones. This is about protecting our community. And above all, this is about protecting the kids,” said Santarsiero.

In direct violation of the Constitution.

Article I, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution states: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

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9 thoughts on “Words Have Meaning”
  1. All I can say to politicians are other associated totalitarians that believe what this guy says is, good luck with your confiscation. It’s not going to work out like you think it’s going to work out.

  2. “No one needs to have a military-style assault weapon. They just don’t,”
    What does need have to do with anything?
    The same BS is being pushed to combat climate change, and it is a ridiculous argument. No, I do not need a 400HP sports car, but not needing something is not justification for banning it.

  3. Slightly off topic but has anyone ever given an honest answer why gun control and gun bans are an article of faith on the Left?
    I can’t accept that the leaders seriously believe banning guns creates Utopia, since as Miguel can attest, a total ban on civilian gun ownership creates Venezuela.

    1. Crow, I think the answer is simple: free people are armed, slaves are not. If you want to control people — which is what the left is all about — a prerequisite is that they must not be able to resist. It’s not that they believe disarming people will create utopia in the sense that the masses understand the word. I suppose they do believe that it will create utopia as they understand it, i.e., a world in which people will do what they are told and not be able to object to orders from those the left placed in power.
      This is why Stalin and Hitler both supported disarming civilians.

    2. “I can’t accept that the leaders seriously believe banning guns creates Utopia, since as Miguel can attest, a total ban on civilian gun ownership creates Venezuela.”
      Not only is that what they believe, but turning the USA into Venezuela is the goal. Do not think for a second the average politician is interested in the welfare of the citizenry. They want a world where they can live lavish lifestyles, while the population as a whole scrounges through trash cans for scraps of food. If they can only create a world where the currency is political connections, instead of hard work, money, or power. Then they can be living large in their gated communities, having catered parties, while the average person is starving.
      What idiots like Santarsiero do not realize is the people who will really be in power will toss them aside as soon as it is convenient. He, and those like him, are the useful idiots.

  4. “Noone “needs” a blah blah blah”…… no one needs to listen to your special kind of stupid. The bill of rights is not about “needs”. Lets climb up this guys ass with a microscope and see what he needs.

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