From my experience in the gun community, the people who go out of their way to get carry permits know more about gun laws, regulations, and real life than most pseudo expert, ersatz intellectual, shit for brains, fuck-faces like Nichols here.

The goes a long way in creating a good legislator who will solve a real problem instead of creating a worthless shit-ass grifter who gets elected to line his pockets by peddling influence.

The fact that Nichols doesn’t get that just proves he’s a know nothing pseudo expert.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Yes it will you expert class s*it-weasel”
  1. He may have been motivated by being denied a concealed carry permit, but that’s not why he won. He is a hard working man who lives in a modest house who wants the same things all hard working families want. He had very little money, but he went out and met people and talked to them about what they felt they needed and wanted from their government. Sounds informed to me. And this was the model from the beginning – normal, working people serving their area for a short time then going back to their farms and businesses — not career politicians and unelected bureaucrats ruling like kings.

    1. Not exactly. He spent that much on the primary. Total election funds was somewhere between $5-10k. Which is still very cheap.

      Also, supposedly they ‘found’ a bunch of votes for the lowlife incumbent. Sure. Wonder if they were still warm from the printers.

  2. Ed Durr won because he outworked Sweeney, not because he out spent him. In 2013 Sweeney and his Republican opponent spent 24.5 Million Dollars on the same election.

    Sweeney NEVER got more than 32,000 out of 140,000 votes, and usually only got 20,000-29,000 votes.

    You want to win? Get your message out face to face. Get out the vote. Even Deep Blue NYFC is 25% Republican, and most off year elections only get 25%-40% turnout. It helps when your side is really pissed off at F. Joe Biden.

    Congratulations to ED DURR!

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