We have been absolutely assured that our elections are safe and trustworthy, including the COIVD compliant mail-in ballot system.

So whatever this is, it can’t be election fraud, because that is just a racist, Right-wing conspiracy, that only insurrectionists believe.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “You are not watching election fraud recorded on a security camera in California”
  1. They didn’t break in to the box. They used a key. That person might have been a past or former USPS delivery employee to have a key to that box.
    Another reason to mail in your ballots?

    1. IIRC, opening a door through which you are not allowed to go through with a key is still “breaking and entering”. I ‘m sure that this opening wasn’t authorized.

      Also, “This media is presented out of context”

      And what, pray tell, would be a context that would explain the removal of mail? Asking for a friend.

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