The quietest Squad member Ayanna Pressley has released her “criminal justice reform” bill, which would do to law and order in this country what the Green New Deal would do to the economy.

I will go through that later in greater detail in later posts.

Her plan is to reduce prison populations by decriminalizing a lot of activities.  If they are not crimes, people won’t go to jail for being detriments to society.

One thing that she wants to decriminalize is prostitution.

I don’t understand – being a rational person myself – how someone can claim to be anti-misogyny and pro-prostitution.

Prostitution turns sex into an emotionless service.  Sex is deeply emotional.  Denying that it has promotes human connection is psychologically damaging.

One night stands and hookups harm people emotionally, especially woman.

Prostitution takes that harm and commoditizes it.

Teaching teenage boys and young men that they don’t need emotional intimacy, and when they are horny they can just go buy some sex takes the empathy and human connection out of it.

It creates sexual sociopaths.  This is the underlying problem with overexposure to pornography and porn-addictions.

Women stop being human beings worthy of love and become sexual objects you pay to get your rocks off.

I can’t think of anything that would worsen the equality of the sexes and male/female relationships than the blanket decriminalization and social acceptance of prostitution.

The Left: “Women are not sex objects.”

Also the Left: “You can rent a woman’s vagina for your sexual gratification if you want.”

These are contradictory statements.

I guess my problem is that as a conservative I get cognitive dissonance very badly.  I can’t hold contradictory thoughts in my head and be comfortable with it.

Maybe if I didn’t have that I could accept this latest in Progressive [anti]social development.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “You can’t be anti-misogyny and pro prostitution”
  1. Here’s a dark thought.

    Legalizing prostitution formaly recognizes that sex has an establishable cash value. What if, having decriminalized prostitution, she then further empties the prisons by releasing rapists, so long as they pay their victims “fair compensation” for “value taken” … which there is a now an established market rate for. In other words, would rape become a misdemeanor theft akin to shoplifting?

    1. That brings up the old Chris Rock skit on divorce.

      If the man is required to pay alimony to his ex-wife because she is “used to” a certain standard of living. Can the man have the court order her to have sex with him on a regular basis because that is the standard of living he is used to?

  2. Liberal logic= military intelligence….. up is down front is back left is right right is wrong
    Remember kids! If liberals like it it is very bad for America.

  3. Nah, you missed it. They want to legalize PROSTITUTION. This means the prostitutes won’t be charged with anything. SOLICITATION, on the other hand, well, those disgusting “johns” should go to jail, they’re MEN after all.

    1. How will they handle Gay prostitution? All the people involved are nominally male. And male prostitution is a big fraction of the “trade.” Or Lesbian prostitution?

      They will still need to police the prostitution trade even if prostitution is legalized to keep the sick but lucrative underage trade under control. At least until these slick talking Progressive perverts normalize pedophilia too. Remember, many current prostitutes are first “turned out” in their early teens, male and female both.

  4. Look at the source of the “wisdom” – a woman who is a detriment to her sex and her country. Life is too short to dissect all the crazy out there. Some people need to be dismissed out of hand.

    I do not suffer fools and I do not take advice from people who are retarded idiots, criminals, traitors, or perverts. She is at least one of these disqualifiers.

  5. I am on the other side. How can it be a crime to perform an act for money, when it is perfectly legal to perform that act for free?

    It isn’t that you are making sex into an emotionless act, since pop culture has already done that. After all, the current state of affairs is that having sex with 500 people for free is legal, but sex a single time for money is not. It isn’t the sex that makes it a crime, it’s the fact that someone is profiting financially that makes it so.

    1. Escorts are no different than any other women. They can still be respected and appreciated regardless of their reasons for temporarily offering to comfort men who may have few other options. They don’t judge their client’ motives and they should be allowed to support themselves in that way if they so chose. No one should be forced into it however by someone else. Canada has decriminalised the activity without the sky falling and I doubt any psychological permanent damage to either the men or the women. If one night stands harm everyone involved, most of the people that I know seem to be able to shake it off pretty well……the author is way off base.

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