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18 thoughts on “You can’t trust the recipe in the box.”
  1. List at the bottom — 15oz can of kidney or pinto beans.

    I had chili tonight, but I suspect it wouldn’t pass any purist tests — Cincinnati chili.

  2. No beans. Nada. Zip.

    If you gotta, make a separate pot of beans on the side, but not beans in the chili pot.

    Also, as you start browning the meat, douse it heavily with extra chili powder. Then hit it again, then a third time with all the peppers you got in the pantry. Then drain the meat and continue following the recipe on the box. Otherwise it’s going to be bland. Just saying.

  3. Sorry, Miguel, your commenter community is just too well-mannered to get beyond polite disagreement, it seems. (Good guys with guns, what did you expect?)

    Besides, without sopapillas and honey on the side, it isn’t real chili so there’s nothing to argue about anyway. 🙂

  4. Ok, I am a Philistine, I like my chili with beans. However, in my travels around the country, I’ve figured out that everyone has their own chili recipe. about the only thing in common is chili powder.

  5. Now I want to make some chili since you’all got me thinking about that. Chili is great in cold weather and great in the summertime too and I start out with dried red chili pods that have been simmered along with sautéed onions and garlic, lots of garlic, a can or two of tomatoes, run that through a blender and set aside, I use a pound or two of hamburgers that are patties and cut them in 1/2 in squares and sear them up in bacon grease so they look like little meatballs then I add chili powder and hatch green chilies along with some all spice when that is all heated up I add the stuff from the blender and check the temp, if it needs to be kicked up about 1/4 tsp of white pepper puts adds fresh heat and then simmer just below a boil for an hour or so. We serve this over rice with fresh chopped onion and lots of grated sharp cheddar and no beans, beans are another good dish but not in chili here in the Texas Hill Country just like the good Lord intended.

  6. Brother Miguel:

    No hate here just friendly guidance.

    Chili was invented in Texas. It’s full name is “chilii con carne”. Please note it is NOT “chili con carne y frijoles”.

    Chili is : chunked up meat in 1/2 inch cubes ( NOT ground ) , preferably beef, onions, comino, salt, black pepper, paprika, Chile powder , dried peppers, finely chopped jalapeño and green chile, and masa harina, and water . If you don’t have real masa, standard cornmeal from Pioneer Mills in San Antonio is an allowable substitute. A finely chopped garlic clove is acceptable but not required. Brown the meat first, then add the onions and chopped peppers . Then the rest of ingredients and water. Boil like hell for thirty minutes, then reduce to a simmer until meat falls apart. Cook all together with the masa added for the last 30 minutes of cooking.

    That’s all.

    No beans. No tomato.

    The “red” color comes from the paprika and the dried chilies, and chili powder.

    This is a recipe served by my family on a 640 acre land grant, now part of the Ft Hood maneuver area outside of Osage, Texas , circa 1855, and perhaps earlier.

    Serve with hot buttered , fresh from a cast iron Dutch oven , cornbread.

    Beans are served as a side dish, not mixed into the chili. The other stuff is added by Yankees.

    This recipe is similar to that of Chili Master Wick Fowler and his friend, Texas ethnographer, historian and Dallas Morning News columnist Frank X. Tolbert. Their recipe is served at Tolberts Original Texas Chili Parlour, on Main Street In Grapevine, Texas. It’s run by Tolberts children and grandchildren.

    A note: Lyndon Johnson put tomatos in his chili, but he was a New Dealer, more concerned with expedience than doing things right.

    See- no hate, just friendly guidance.

    1. That looks like an excellent chili and you are correct for real chili not using ground beef. I used to eat ‘Tolbert’ chili when I lived in Dallas and it would wake up your mouth and amuse you. Thank you CPT Taggart

      1. Pineapple on pizza is fine, just don’t try and tell me the best pizza inst in CT. Its the only thing we’ve got going for us!

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