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16 thoughts on “You don’t need an AR-15 with a 30 round mag”
  1. There’s a movie where Samuel L. Jackson is a Marine officer defending an embassy that comes to mind. Specifically the line where he gives an order to his subordinate Marines when they were taking pot shots from a hostile crowd.
    Yeah . . . something like that.

    1. Something like .30-06 with AP or Barnes solids should be able to perforate two, maybe three deep…

  2. get yer 07 Manufacturer FFL and an SOT and you can build as many as you like… yeah, that looks like everyones dream job…. belt fed is the answer to alot of questions heh heh

  3. I didn’t count them, but I might have enough to give them one each with my EDC setup. Shoot enough of the ones in front and the rest should run….

  4. I’d say 12-pellet 00 Buck 3 inch Flite Control; striking the door, breaking glass, meh, that’s just Random Street Stuff. But once they breach the perimeter, it’s Game On. At those distances, though, 2 3/4 Not Flite Control is probably a better bet because it’s at least one more in the tube and might spread more. Unless you can get a firing point offering quartering shots that allow raking the group from the side, frontal will be only 1 per shot.

    Maybe a few claymores on ceilng brackets, aimed downward at about 30 degrees?

    Better yet, a 500 mile change of address before the main event….

  5. Shoot through the glass of the door and drop the first couple of parasites and the rest would run off very very quickly. They are there to steal…not engage in combat. Make it too risky and they will leave. Of course the REAL problem is the law…which would crucify anyone who actually engaged in effective action to stop such criminality.

  6. “You don’t need an AR-15 with a 30 round mag” NO you do not. You need an AR-10 with a 30 round mag.

    1. Hi Bob!!! 10-4!! Good Answer!! …and you can add to that a .50 cal. with “All 9 Yards” of ammo belt!!! e.g. most all WWII fighter aircraft… the P-51, P-38. F-4F, F-6F, F-8-F and others They had 4 Guns n each wing and a Gun camera!!!!
      Blue skyz,

  7. Need a remotely triggered tray mounted to the ceiling a few feet inside the door with a wall of 30 pieces of paracord. Each terminated with a couple of large treble hooks. Then they can “stick around” for the police to arrive.

    On another note, to those who say it’s just property. What if in a period of societal breakdown that property is your last case of soup or your last box of insulin? Is it just property?

    1. I have two answers to “it’s just property”.
      One is that robbers often kill their victims. Perhaps to avoid having a witness; perhaps just because they are criminals and get a kick out of killing people.
      The other is that property is the product of labor, which means the owner’s time, which means a portion of the owner’s life. A murderer steals the victim’s entire (future) life; a robber or thief steals a fraction of the victim’s life. Difference in detail, but at the core it’s the same crime.

      1. Yep. Most people really don’t think about it, but I’m getting old enough now that when something I’ve done turns out to be not really worth the time, I have a tendency say ‘well, that was a waste of heartbeats’…

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