This makes no sense whatsoever.

Unless you understand the purpose of President Biden.

He is a punishment.  The elites are mad that we didn’t elect Hillary Clinton in 2016 and so they had “Uncle Joe” run as a moderate and disarming candidate.

What he is doing is everything to fuck the working and middle class that voted for Trump sideways.

Gas prices are up.  Oil workers have been laid off.  Food prices are up.  Our money is being devalued.  The border is open.  Insulin is going up.  No one month of jobs has been even close to the projected level.

Biden’s purpose is to stomp the fuck out of the Trump voter demographic until we know our place is under their boot heel forever.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “You have to understand the purpose of President Biden”
  1. I thought the goal was to erase everything that Trump accomplished, regardless of the consequences. Trump was a white supremacist who was determined to ruin this nation, so even if the results of his efforts were good, they must be destroyed.

    1. No, we will just need to run them 24/7. We will need 6-8 different teams of horses to pull the tumbrels though.

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