Apparently Porovorov didn’t wear a rainbow flag warmup jersey before the game on Pride night.


He shouldn’t have to and he shouldn’t have to give a reason why he didn’t want to.

The Left is going monkeyshit because not wearing the Pride flag clearly means that gays are not welcome as hockey fans.

It’s no longer enough to be passive, i.e., “everyone’s welcome.”

You have to celebrate people with a specific identity to make them welcome.

It’s forced compliance and I will not participate in it.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “You will absolutely made to comply”
  1. And, that is the difference between leftists and conservatives.
    A conservative will live and let live.
    A leftist will demand everyone celebrate whatever they think needs celebrating, and if you are not celebrating loudly and long enough, you are a hater.

  2. F-’em. There are more rational people than micro-triggered snowflakes.

    🎼 We shall overcome..someday. [Everybody sing! Hee, hee.)

  3. THIS is a perfect example of the difference between us and “them”…. “they” can not stand any one who does not believe like they do. Notice how if liberals dont like something they insist it be banned, removed, destroyed and never spoken of again. This player is what We the People need to exemplify- stand up and say no Im not doing that.

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