But George is a Leftist so identifying, dehumanizing, and punishing an undesirable is what gets his juices flowing.

This is reason number one to not have nationalized heath care.

If they can give you heath care they can punish you by taking it away.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “You’d think a guy who spent time in an internment camp wouldn’t want to treat others like second class citizens”
    1. They’re not liberals. They’re Progressives, and nothing may be allowed to stand in the way of Progress.
      They’re the heirs of the political movement that kept voting in FDR while wishing he was more like Mussolini, Hitler, or Stalin.

  1. Hey, Georgette, how about this? “Those who ignore fundamental biology and practice unnatural sexual acts and thus willfully become infected with STD’s should not receive priority medical care over other very sick or injured people?” I bet THAT would get him into a first-class hissy fit.
    Let’s reflect: if these walking pond scum wanted to cause a shooting war in this country, what would they do or say differently?

  2. Would little Mr. Sulu be just as willing to deny health care to smokers, the obese, and those using recreational drugs?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Also the reason #1 to not be on any form of public assistance if you have any other options.

    If you’re on SNAP/TANF/WIC, they can control what you buy. If you’re on public housing, they can control where you live. If you’re on unemployment or welfare, they can control what you do day-to-day (filling out and submitting applications for jobs you don’t want and that won’t pay your bills is often required to continue receiving benefits).

    And if you’re on a public healthcare plan, they can control what procedures and medications you can get … and what you can’t. Important to the latter, as you age you’ll need more care to maintain your life, but a lot of common options may or may not be covered if the bureaucrats and bean-counters decide those options (and/or you) are no longer worth covering.

    My long-standing advice: If you’re on public assistance for whatever reason (no judgment; I’ve been there, too), do everything in your power to get off, sooner rather than later.

    Because sooner or later, the free money will run low, and receiving benefits will come with more and more — and heavier and heavier — strings attached and controls imposed.

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