You’ll never know what books predict the future

Years ago I read a book by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter called The Light of Other Days.

In a nut shell, people develop wormhole technology that allows them to see and hear anywhere in time and space.  All privacy disappears.

Civilization falls into chaotic anarchy as nobody wants to run for any political office.  If you peeked up little girl’s skirts when you were in elementary school, 50 years later that would be used against you when you ran for office.  Since nobody wanted to be publicly shamed, everyone tried to keep a low profile and not attract attention and have their entire history dredged for embarrassing evidence.

Welcome to 2018.

James Gunn wrote and directed the incredibly successful Guardians of the Galaxy movies, as well as a personal favorite, Slither.

He just got fired from GOTG 3 because of some decade old Tweets.

His apology fell on deaf ears and Disney had to shit can a guy who made them over a billion dollars in profit.

This was retribution by an alt-right troll Mike Cernovich for the firing of Roseanne Barr.

So on the one hand it sucks for Disney and Gunn, on the other, he was taken down by the same rules he played by.  He can’t be part of the hate mob against a Trump supporter and then complain when he’s hate mobbed.

Mutually assured social media destruction.

Now members of the GOTG cast are speaking out.

I hate the online hate mobs that cost jobs.  I’ve talked about the destruction of Brendan Eich before.  Then there were the guys fired for making a joke about a software dongle at a tech conference that was overheard by another person and ended up with the guys cracking a joke losing their jobs.

This shit is wrong, but as long as it is one sided it will keep happening.

I figured it will end when Hollywood can’t make a movie anymore.  When every director with the chops to be given a $100 Million budget has been hate mobbed out of the industry, the powers that be on social media will call it a truce.

Maybe this is the tipping point, maybe it’s not.  We’ll have to see.

If it’s not, I bet there is still plenty of dirt left to finish anyone currently in Hollywood off for good.


9 Replies to “You’ll never know what books predict the future”

  1. Let then eat themselves, since they are the one that brought this bullshit on, and display a constant double standard. Let’s see if Whoopie gets shit canned.

  2. “Software dongle” sounds like a standard (if somewhat obsolete) software technology term. What happened there? Your link on that phrase points to Zoe’s tweet, not to anything about a dongle.

    1. A radical feminist overheard them, made complaints about the jokes being “sexual harassment”. The jokers were identified, and they were fired.

      The term “master-slave” for control setups is also verboten these days. I’m frankly shocked we still refer to “male” and “female” connectors.

      1. Thanks. I see that in this case at least there was something resembling justice in the end, albeit belatedly.
        As for master-slave protocols, I try to avoid those but my reasons are technical. If someone wants to use PC arguments against me when I use technical terms, I’ll tell them to put their objections in some spot where the sun will never shine.

  3. Not sure I’d call the outrage ‘alt-right,’ since Ted Cruz has apparently chimed in that if what he’s claimed to have said is true, then he should be prosecuted instead of just fired. Meanwhile, center-left journalist Tim Pool refused to even read most of them aloud on the report he did on the story because they were just that vile.

  4. The powers that be on social media will never call a truce.

    But maybe everyone else will remember how (non)important they truly are when everything that normal people like has been destroyed or threatened by the storm the SJW’s started.

    When they go back to being an ignored batch of crazies ranting to each other on their single-digit-follower tumblr pages, we might be able to live in a civil society again.

  5. Probably shouldn’t lump a couple of geeks making dongle jokes in with a dude who was repeatedly talking up how great pedophilia is. Especially when the second dude works for Disney.

  6. I agree with the sentiment but in this case I would say its justified after reading some of his tweets. Anyone who publicly jokes about rape and pedophila should not expect to work at any family oriented company, expecially when the comments are made frequently over a peroid of years. I suspect the ongoing witch hunt has finally found a witch with this one even if it was politically motivated.

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