By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Your daily Libertarian reminder”
  1. “Underneath every Libertarian is a Jew-hating pedophile.”

    I’m glad that I’m only a small “L” libertarian small “C” conservative Jew. Whew!

    1. Depending on the bill he’s referring to (DeSantis has signed 4 in the last couple of days), they were signed in Titusville and Jupiter, FL. The bills are:
      o Expanding the death penalty to include rape of anyone under 12
      o Establishing a state-wide bail schedule
      o Increased penalties for posession, manufacture, or sale of illegal drugs disguised as candy
      o Prescription drug reforms of requiring prescription benefit managers to pass along discounts they receive from manufacturers and forbidding penalizing pharmacists for letting patients know about alternatives
      If the twit was referring to a bill signed earlier, he’s done a horrible job of making HIS point.

  2. Come on dude rise above with this behind every bullshit, like I get the point you are making but it is just such low tier tasty red meat tribalism it is dumb. I roll my eyes and yawn at all of these everyone of one group is a thing posts you make; it drowns out the actual good message and point you are making by like adding some vindictive spiteful little last word at the end.
    Everyone everywhere is mentally deficient in their own special way, you and I included.

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