Matt Driscoll, over at The News Tribune out of Tacoma, Washington, has an opinion.

The reason you are angry about an emergency bill that bans most/all semi-automatic rifles in the state of Washington is because you are selfish.

On Tuesday morning, less than 48 hours after the close of the 2023 legislative session, reason and decency prevailed in Washington — at least for one shining moment.

There you have it, reason and decency prevailed when the legislature passed and the Governor signed into law a bill that strips you of your Second Amendment protected rights. Of course, he has to mislead by saying more than 50 assault-style weapons were banned.

First, the ban lists not just firearms by name, but entire classes of weapons. It doesn’t ban the Colt AR-15, instead it bans AR15, M16, or M4 in all formsWashington State, 1240-S. In addition, it also bans by feature, some of those features are:

  • semi-automatic rifle with an overall length of less than 30 inches
  • “Assault weapon” conversion kits, part, or combination of parts
  • A semi-automatic center fire rifle that accepts a detachable magazine and has one or more of the following:
    • Pistol grip
    • Thumbhole stock
    • Folding or telescoping stock
    • Forward grip
    • Any sort of muzzle device
    • thread barrel
    • Grenade or flare launcher
    • A barrel shroud unless it on a fudd gun
  • A semi-automatic rifle that has a fixed magazine that accepts more than 10 rounds
  • And more!!! Including pistols

This bans almost all modern semi-automatic rifles. It seems to be even worse when it comes to pistols. Their definition of a “shroud” would include most slides. If your semi-auto, center fire pistol, takes a detachable magazine, it is an assault weapon under Washington State law.

Matt says this is reason and decency in action.

But you know what? Forget about our fractured politics for a moment and, instead, consider what Washington’s newest gun law will actually do. Just as important, contemplate the little it asks of citizens in return.

You are giving up so little for what this law will actually do. Let’s see what Matt thinks this law will do.

Umm, nothing. He doesn’t actually say what he thinks this law will do.

There’s just a litmus test: Either you believe your perceived individual freedoms outweigh the overall safety of society and our children, or you don’t. It’s that simple.
It’s amid this backdrop that opponents of Washington’s ban on assault weapons trot out the same tired arguments in response. Guns don’t kill people, they contend, people do — and besides, the only ones likely to be affected by any new gun regulation are law-abiding citizens. Criminals are criminals, after all, and no new regulation or restriction will solve all our problems. If someone has the will to kill, they can find a way to do it, no matter their weapon of choice.

Don’t miss this little gem, that one that every gun infringer puts out there, the “it is just a start”. There’s also little question that reducing gun deaths in America will take more than new regulations…Matt

But there’s also what the research and common sense tell us, and juxtaposed with the me-first objections from the right, what the contrast reveals about the battling priorities at stake in our national gun debate shouldn’t get lost in the noise.

You have a politicized cultural gun fetish. I promise you that it is not a gun fetish, at least mine isn’t.

It’s a declaration that the health and safety of all of us are more important than someone’s selfish right to do whatever they want, regardless of the societal toll.

And he closes with standards, he gets to define what “the right to keep and bear arms.” means. Besides, it is just a small price to pay for you to give up some of your rights.

Washington assault weapon ban about more than gun rights

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By awa

4 thoughts on “Your rights are selfishness!”
  1. Its just like the old OLD argument- how many more children must die for you to give up your rights?? – is it true you stopped beating your wife?? My answer is – giving up my right’s won’t cure crime because Im not a criminal… fuk em, i bet they have wide spread non compliance…

  2. My ideas and desires are reasonable because I say they are. Your ideas and desires are unreasonable because I say they are. At no point are we given any chance to disagree with these demagogues.


    More folks need to be willing to face these pampered princes and look them in the eye and disagree to break whatever magic spell they think they hold over us. “You’re unreasonable!” YUP! “You hate kids!” I mean, have you seen other people’s kids? “You’re paranoid/delusional/violent/ist/phobe” What else ya got bud?

  3. “Either you believe your perceived individual freedoms outweigh the overall safety of society and our children, or you don’t. It’s that simple.”
    Yeah, I do believe that, quite frankly. It’s not my job to keep you or your kids safe … that’s your job. Mine is to keep my family safe. I promise this – if you leave me and mine alone you won’t have trouble from me.
    I am SO over playing nice with people who try to guilt trip me.

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