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Melissa Nelson defeated incumbent Angela Corey in the 4th Judicial Circuit’s Republican primary battle Tuesday night, 64 percent to 26 percent.

Source: Melissa Nelson wins State Attorney’s race over incumbent Angela Corey |

Somewhere in Florida, George Zimmerman is toasting the result. That was a brutal defeat.

But at least we can visit Jacksonville again come January.


Zimmerman Prosecutor Angela Corey no longer the darling of the Left.

Sorry that I link this from such a source, but it is poignant:

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This week, one of the deadliest prosecutors in the country accused a murder victim’s mother of not grieving appropriately. State Attorney Angela Corey of Jacksonville, Florida took to the airwaves to say the mother, who opposes the death penalty for her child’s killer, is “more interested in publicity than actually grieving for her daughter.”

Florida Prosecutor Smears Mother Of Murder Victim Because She Opposes The Death Penalty – Thinkprogress.

Damn, how thing change! Once the champion of the oppressed because of her determination to prosecute George Zimmerman for Murder, now she is being vilified by the same left fr her runaway mouth. I have covered Corey before (and stayed the hell away from her  area of operations just in case) and she is the walking definition of prosecutorial misconduct and abuse of power.

About the only good news we can get is that she appears to be all but kicked out of office via elections to be held today in Florida.  I won’t celebrate until the election is over, the votes counted, results certified and no lawsuits are brought forward contesting the election.  I predict she will not go gently into the night and she will exact her fury on others for her electoral loss.

Florida will do better with her out of the State Attorney’s Office.  Good riddance.

Hat Tip. Derek Ward.


Allow me to don my tinfoil hat for the moment and engage in just a little bit of conspiracy theory:

Last week we found out that Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s body woman and second daughter, used to work for a radical Islamist magazine that blamed the US for 9/11 and said all sorts of other horrible things.

We found out that Huma Abedin was a key power broker at the Clinton Foundation, acting as the go-between for the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton at the State Department, arranging meetings between donors and the Secretary of State.

We know that Huma Abedin mishandled classified information and Judicial Watch has a whole file on her potentially criminal activities  with more documents being poised to be leaked containing God knows what about her.

Lastly, we know that Abedin and Weiner have close ties with the Clintons, Bill Clinton presided over their wedding.

So on Monday, we find out that the disgraced former Congressman, Anthony Weiner, has been sexting again and his wife, Huma Abedin has decided to separate from him.

To me, this just seems too convenient.  A lot of bad Huma press hits the wire and now her husband is caught being a perv in public again and she files for divorce.  It is a total distraction from Huma’s malfeasance, and a distraction that garners her a lot of sympathy.

I wonder if this is a set up.  If the Clintons got Weiner to dive on his sword to take the heat off of Huma.

Or maybe it’s just one big coincidence.

You just can’t trust those lizard people that the Illuminati put in power her on Earth to breed with our human women, to control themselves on the internet.

U.S.A. not the safest country in the world?

I got “asked” this question via Twitter:

why us not safest country world-horz

This is what happens when the quality of teaching at schools of levels becomes just a mush of the latest PC rage and history is just a hash of “Let’s Blame the West.”

I want you to think about the following events of the 20th Century:

Armenian Genocide: Turks kill about 1.5 million Christian Armenians.
Ukraine Famine & assorted purges: Russians kill close to 20 million people, 7 million alone Ukrainians
WWII Germans kill 10 million Jews and other undesirables.
Mao’s Great Leap Forward accounted for 45 million deaths. The Cultural revolution might have been as bad.
Pol Pot’s Year Zero: About 2 million.

Now think back (or search if you are young) about all the regional conflicts that did not reach seven figures worth of casualties. You have Nanking pre WWII where the Japanese erased 300,000 Chinese from the city and even make it a sport. You have the Serbs and the Croats exterminating each other in WWII and then again in the 1990s (They actually have been killing each other since the 15th Century), Israel Vs Arab Countries, Biafra, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia and countless other African dust-offs. Brits versus Irish for Northern Ireland. Guatemala’s genocide against the Mayans. And my “favorite”: The independence of India and the creation of Pakistan that led to over a million deaths… but you never hear about this triumph of non-violence.

That is scary shit, the stuff of nightmares. If we add all, we are talking about 100 million non-combatant deaths during the 20th.  Now think of this:

Every single nationality and race mentioned above lived and lives in the United States.

Got it? Do I need to use crayons to point out the obvious? None of those rivalries, some dating centuries and even millennia, dare to bring that to the US. And yes, our laws and type of government have an influence, but make no mistake: the ability for any group to being able to arm themselves makes their traditional enemies think twice about pull on some old country killing over here. Like the old gunnie saying goes, it is Peace through Superior Firepower. You don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you. Or my favorite from Massad Ayoob: Hunting ain’t fun when the bunny shoots back. 

So Yes Sonia. You live in a very safe country. 100% safe? There is no such thing in the world no matter what kind of BS Gun Control Advocates try to sell.

UPDATE: Apparently Sonia did not like this post.

Sonia Prince

Oh well. 😀