ZOMG! Officially we don’t have Net Neutrality anymore and you can tell!

Opened the front door this morning and saw zombies!
People (or what passes for people) wandering aimlessly with electronic devices in their hands and loudly moaning “WiiiiiiiFiiiiiii!” over and over.

It is the End of Times.

Net Neutrality was indeed the only thing protecting us from the Apocalypse.
We are doomed.
(This one goes with the FEMA concentration camps for Illegal Aliens and Forced Electro-Shock Therapy conversion for Gays.) 

Because God made them dumb.

I have the firm belief that people never look up. Anything about 20 degrees up from their horizontal visual plane simply does not exist. And if they look, they simply do not process what they saw unless is some naked supermodel doing cartwheels on a self.

And when you add stupidity and greed to the mix, you get a funny news item involving crime:

A person came into the store, pointed a gun at the clerk, and demanded money. After taking cash, the person ran away.

The clerk was not hurt.

Officers set up a perimeter around the area of the store following the robbery but did not find the suspect.

As officers carefully reviewed surveillance video of the robbery, they saw that the clerk, Terry Hopson Jr., age 43, of Roanoke, removed additional cash from the register after the suspect had left and put the money in his back pocket.

Hopson was arrested for embezzlement and taken to the Roanoke City Jail.

Clerk arrested for embezzlement following armed robbery in Roanoke

Keywords: Surveillance video.

Really Junior? The cameras? You never thought about the damned cameras?

God Bless his little heart.

Hat Tip John R.

Open Letter on Net Neutrality

Dear people freaking out about the end of net neutrality,

I have seen your Tweets and Facebook posts.  I have read how the internet is now going to bankrupt us all because of “the corporations*” or something.  That is if net neutrality doesn’t kill us all.

If, in your caterwauling about net neutrality, you have no idea what the phrase “last mile monopoly” means, let alone have no desire to fix it, your opinion is ignorant dog shit.

The core of the problem is that a huge number of people have access to only one Internet Service Provider.  Even in major cities, what ISP a person has is depending on what neighborhood they live in.  In more rural areas, whole regions have only one ISP.

Consider that for a lot of these people, the only provider is Comcast.  Its customer service is known to be horrible.  It is the most hated company in America.  Comcast is downright evil, and it can be, because it is effectively a regional monopoly.  I’ve had Comcast and cancer.  Given the choice of having either one again, I’d take the cancer.

There are things we can do to end the ISP monopoly in America, that will improve internet for everyone.  If the goverment was going to be involved in the internet at all, it should be as trust buster, just as it did to Standard Oil, Bell telephone, and Microsoft.  The later two being critical, as if it were not for the breakup off Bell and changes made to Microsoft, the cellphone and internet industry as we know it today would probably not exist.

If you are screeching about net neutrality but you know nothing about ISP monopolies, and have not protested for or demanded change to this system, than what you are saying is “I want the goverment to control how one infrastructure monopoly provides consumer access to another service monopoly.”

If that is the case, I invite you to follow this handy guide.

Star Wars honest insights

I saw this reposted at several sites Why Anakin Skywalker should’ve been removed from the Jedi Order for sexual harassmentThey all criticized it.

I think it is an honest assessment of Liberal Progressivism by someone not realizing what they are saying.

Anakin Skywalker murdered children  (younglings), tortured people, and conspired with a Sith lord against a democratic republic.

Bu the standards of Liberals who supported Chavez, Castro, the Viet Cong, Mao, Stalin, and every other tyrant and mass murdering Communist dictator, that’s a day that ends on “y.”

Praising Castro and Chavez gets you an Oscar.

Sexual harassment gets you fired (now that it’s politically convenient to do so).

Killing children and assisting a tyrant to power was a lot less of a problem for this Liberal than was hooking up with a princess.

This article says more about Liberal values than anything else.

Stop talking about gun control

Chicago (because why not?).

Man charged with shooting Chicago Police officer on Far South Side.

A convicted felon was charged with shooting a Chicago Police officer during a foot pursuit late Wednesday in the Rosemoor neighborhood on the Far South Side.

Anthony Woodridge, 25, was charged with felony counts of attempted first degree murder, aggravated discharge of a firearm and aggravated battery by discharge of a firearm, according to Chicago Police.

A convicted felon with a gun in Chicago.  How did that happen?  Aren’t there gun laws in Chicago to prevent that?

The officer was taken to Christ in good condition, police said.

I think they mean Christ Hospital, if not, that is awesome.  If I get shot and he’s available, I want the to be treated by the same guy that healed Lazarus.

Johnson explained Thursday that Woodridge had been arrested 25 times as an adult, and convicted of four felonies. Most recently, he was convicted of possessing a handgun as a felon on parole and sentenced to nearly five years in prison last June.

Convicted of four felonies including felon in possession and only sentenced to five years?

“This guy was sentenced to four and a half years in June of 2016, and we haven’t even completed 2017 and he’s out, back on the streets doing the same things he was convicted of.”

So he gets five, serves maybe one-and-a-half.

“What message does that send? It tells them we’re not serious.”

No fucking shit.

“Well, I’ll tell you this: CPD is serious,” he added.

Johnson stressed the need to pass “more commonsense gun laws” to give police and citizens “the tools to be safe.”

That part about being serious…

That’s what Chicago needs, more gun control.  Not more prison time for multiple felons.  It’s too busy trying to keep out Trump to do that.  Nope, just more gun control.  That will fix… nothing.

These people have lost every right to talk about gun control as national topic ever again.

Don’t waste my time in outrage.

Yesterday, a couple of idiots decided to take me to task on what they considered my support for the outcome in the Daniel Shaver case. I was a bootlicker… no, wait, I could be perceived to be a bootlicker because of that and obviously I was not a good gun guy, etc, etc.

Let’s start with the obvious: If you use what you think are fancy word play to insult me and yet say you did not, the you are a perceived and confirmed mental midget for trying to pull sophomoric shit into an argument.

Now, much of the outrage comes from ignorance: They refuse to acknowledge that Daniel Shaver did participate in the chain of events that created his demise and is now portrayed much like a blameless victim, free from any responsibility. Of course, getting drunk and fucking around with what was seen as a real rifle by witnesses is what started the chain of events.

Next on the fuck up parade were the confusing instructions by the sergeant and a procedure that it sucked chocolate salty balls. I am going with this being 90% of the cause of Shaver’s death. Unfortunately it was not him who went to trial but the trigger-puller, officer Philip Brailsford.

Now, were   Philip Brailsford’s actions against the law? According to what the jury saw, they were not. And truthfully, Shaver reaching around to the small of his back is a huge indicator that a weapon might be about to make its presence know,

So overall it is a shit case. No clear good guys or bad guys, just two sides of stupid and unprofessional…which neither is criminal.  So, rather than run from cyber tree to cyber tree looking for a rope of ignominy to lynch Philip Brailsford, why don’t we figure what went wrong and what needs to change within Mesa PD so this shit has a reduced chance to happen again. It tends to be a wee be more productive and in the end it will avoid other stupid deaths.

By the way, these “outragers” never even gave a thought about the civil lawsuits totally over $100 million against Mesa PD brought by the wife and the parents of Mr. Shaver.  Even if they get half, the county is gonna feel that one and probably somebody will have to pay for that colossal load of crap.

You have to accept that in Life, you get very few chances for perfect justice or what you think it should be. Learn to live with it and stop being a perceived asshole when shit does not go your Barbie and Ken Hawaiian Holiday way.

That is all.

PS: One of the outragers identified hisself as a retired police officer who quit the force after five years because he was sick of the cop shit against civilians. Strangely enough, Mr. Civil Rights Cop did not know the concept of felony Stop.
Good try, Butchy.