Gunman Who Shot My Brother

Updated | In 1997, a man who couldn’t buy a gun in New York traveled 1,000 miles to a state where he could: Florida. Taking advantage of the state’s lax gun laws, he stayed in a motel for a few days, got a Florida ID card, bought a gun and went back to New York City. Exactly 20 years ago today, that man opened fire on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, wounding six people and killing one before taking his own life. My little brother, Matthew Gross, was wounded in the attack—he was shot in the head. Long after the news cameras turned away, my family was left dealing with the aftermath of that terrible day: being told my brother would die, watching him endure multiple brain surgeries and a long coma, and, for Matthew, a lifetime courageously coping with a traumatic brain injury. Matt and I have both changed a lot in those two decades, but our nation’s federal gun laws haven’t.

Source: Gunman Who Shot My Brother 20 Years Ago Could Still Buy a Gun Today

And two decades later, Dan Gross is still lying while drawing a paycheck from the Brady Campaign.

He goes on by saying that “Known or suspected terrorists, and any other dangerous person, can still buy a gun without a Brady background check in Florida and most states.” He does not tell you that the shooter, Ali Hassan Abu Kamal, a 69-year-old Palestinian teacher, passed the background check and waited the “cool off” days that the Handgun Control INC (As The Brady Campaign called itself back then) had fought for and obtained. 


He bemoans about the Pulse shooting but does not tell you that it happened in one of the few Gun Free Zones in the state of Florida, making it a perfect target for a Jihadists who had passed background checks at least four times. He ignores that because it destroys any false sense of security it had and the fact that even though the chant of Gun Free Zones is still repeated over and over like and deranged mantra, people are not only starting to question it but demand they are eliminated and citizens be given the chance to defend themselves.

I understand it must be hard for Dan gross to realize his 20 year investment on Gun Control turned out to be not only a failure but unpopular. And I am sorry about what happened to his brother, but bad stuff happens to people and you cannot fix that a bigger pool of potential victims. I understand misery loves company, but that is a selfish attitude to have for your fellow human beings.

Time to put down the Bloody Shirt.

Florida’s HB-245, (Burden of proof at Immunity Hearing) @the House Criminal Justice Committee: Passed!

Note: Link to a must-see video at the end of this message.

ACTION REPORT! Self-defense Bill in House Criminal Justice Comm.

DATE: February 24, 2017
TO: USF & NRA Members and Friends
FROM: Marion P. Hammer
USF Executive Director
NRA Past President

The critically important self-defense bill, HB-245, was heard by the House Criminal Justice Committee on Wednesday, February 22, 2017, and PASSED 9-4.

Once again State Attorney Phil Archer, left his job in Brevard/Seminole County to travel to Tallahassee to testify against your self-defense rights and the constitutional rights of the citizens he was elected to serve in the 11th Judicial Circuit.

Archer made it clear that the convenience of prosecutors and the desires of the State Attorney’s office was far more important than protecting the constitutional rights of innocent citizens. And that convictions — not justice — are the priority of prosecutors.

When the state charges a person with a crime, the state has the burden of proof — from arrest all the way to the jury room.

We want to thank the House Committee members who voted for the bill.

I am going to have to link the videos more often so we get to see how to address the discussion of a bill in a professional and passionate manner.

First the link to the Florida Channel’s 2/22/17 House Criminal Justice Subcommittee meeting.  (Sorry, no embed)

  • (24:00) Intro by Rep. Bobby Paine explaining the bill.
  • (33:30) Erick Friday with Florida Carry, holy smokes, that guys knows his.. stuff. And you can tell the amount of BS told in the media about this bill by the way he clarifies points. Amazing job!
  • (1:02:40) League of Women voters. Reading a prepared statement simply does not work. She got trounced by the only question asked.
  • (1:13:40) Moms Demand also went with  a read statement. Body language is imperative as you may notice.
  • (1:18:00) Marion Hammer. This is what a force of nature looks like. Not cowed but respectful and kept visual contact with the committee at almost all times. Knew her stuff and made it simple even for the Representatives.

I know politics at the level of Legislature is boring, but watching Mr, Friday and Ms. Hammer is just a free class on pushing your message out there. Even if you are not Floridian but are involved in Gun Rights, you should watch it just for the teaching tips.

Eric Friday, Florida carry


Twitter locking accounts swearing at famous people

It’s part of a broader shift in the way Twitter deals with abuse — one that’s drawn fire from many of the same communities calling for stronger enforcement. In some cases, the account-lock could even be triggered by quote-tweeting a profanity-laced tweet, since the resulting tweet would include both profanity and the source’s handle.

Source: Twitter locking accounts swearing at famous people

A friend of mind linked this article via Twitter since I was blocked yesterday while trolling over #HeWillNotDidideUs.

This was the offending Tweet:

That is the twitter handle of Shia LeBuffoon who  has not used his account but four times this month if we go by his tweets.  Then again he is too busy dressing homeless chic and attending to assault charges in NY.

So don’t forget, never insult your Betters and the American Royalty in Twitter or the Censor Bots will come after you.

I am gonna get banned so many times now… why? because I am ornery and eff them.

American Attitude, Capitalism and Guns. (Part one)

I am gonna ramble some, so expect stuff that does not make much sense. When I came to live/study in the US years ago, I was introduced to the American Attitude. I call it a combination of “Everything which is not forbidden is allowed” and “If you try to forbid it, fuck you, now I want it more and you can’t stop me.”

For somebody raised and programmed under “everything which is not allowed is forbidden” and “You better ask permission first” this was a gigantic cultural shock but one that I adapted quickly as  Freedom is intoxicating. And this is also why I think I  understand what happened to Gun Culture and why Gun Control, as amazingly prepared and backed, has been taking it in the chin since the Assault Weapons Ban. And come to think about it, even before that with Florida’s Shall Carry Weapons Permit.

I made it know before that I consider Florida’s passage of the Shall Issue carry permits as the beginning of the new era of gun ownership. The second wave in the gun revolution came with the Assault Weapons Ban under the Clinton Regime. Both events did similar things: made regular people aware that there was something the government did not want you to have and pissed them off. Royally.

With the Concealed Weapons Permit, people started to ask to their legislators “How come I can’t get a permit like them Florida (rednecks/Cubans/crackers/Haitians/etc) have?”  And when the Powers told them they had something similar but not quite (May Issue at the whim of the local head LEO) people revolted, got to the legislature and changed the laws. A CWP was no longer a symbol of political status and access for a selected few and became the common achievement of the law-abiding. We went from maybe ten of thousands with some sort of permit maybe only valid in their county to close to 15 million nationwide right now and I am not including the states where a permit is no longer required (I’ve been told 13 now.) And did I forget to mention all 50 states have now some sort of CWP law in its laws? Open Carry is everywhere but in Five states (Four if the Florida Legislature gets its shit together this session) and hopefully we will be heading soon to Nationwide Reciprocity.

By happy coincidence, at the same time that Florida was fighting and getting its CWP, an Austrian widget-maker was starting to make inroads in the gun stores of the US with some weird gun made partially out of plastic. Some hysterical idiot claimed with deadly finality that these guns by a manufacturer named Gaston Glock were invisible to X-Rays and a new era in commercial flight hijackings was upon us. Congress moves swiftly to ban guns that were invisible to X-Rays, Glocks were mentioned over and over and the era of the Plastic Fantastic was born: They could not make enough of the darned things to satisfy the consumer’s demand.  And what is worse, soon other well-respected companies started to come out with their own Rubbermaid Guns and they were sold like Deep Fried Twinkies at the state fair. The Golden Era of the Handgun was upon us and we are still enjoying the heck out of it.

The Gun Control and the Left Wing did not comprehend why people were buying guns in droves and demanding their right to carry them. Very clearly they made the point that GUNS ARE BAD and ONLY BAD PEOPLE WANT THEM. And above all GUNS MUST BE FORBIDDEN TO SAVE THE CHILDREN because we the ELITE KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR KIDS. They never realized that what they did was piss people off and limelight something they were not aware of and made it desirable because Americans are ornery that way.  

“I can’t have a Glock? Gimme two, hell, gimme three plus 2 magazines and a thousand rounds of ammunition just to make you mad.” 

And the Gun Race was off.  same as it seems to have happened in 1934 and 1968, Congress could not screw the pooch for the People on sidearms even if they wanted it bad. In fact, they did just the opposite: They made them more appealing, they imposed a major burden on State legislatures who finally caved to the Evil Gun Lobby and made the guns so popular, stagnant Gun Manufacturers suddenly were starting to make money again and not just surviving. In fact, soon enough gun companies did not depend on government contracts for their survival but the inexorable laws of Supply and Demand told them where their butter was coming and would come from for decades: The People. Those who failed to see that lesson, soon enough paid dearly, just ask  British conglomerate Tomkins plc who bought Smith and Wesson for $122 million, failed to heed the desires of the public going instead with the Clinton administration and ended up losing their knickers by selling S&W for $15 million. 

Hard to imagine that Florida Man and Austrian Guy would create such a disruption in the plans of the Intelligentsia. But it gets better.

More in the next episode.

May 11, 1988. Accompanying note “Cries Foul on Gun Control. House Majority Leader Rep. Ron Silver, (D)-N. Miami Beach, holds up a newspaper ad on the House floor Wednesday, claiming it was riddled with untruths regarding his sponsored gun legislation and its cooling off purchase period.