Making the case for a strong Second Amendment.

A billboard in Louisville, Kentucky, suddenly showed this message:

Yup, they want us dead. Nothing new there, but it is nice that is getting a lot of coverage.

The funny part? NRA members are far from cowed by the message. For us it is not a threat but an indicator that somebody is willing to use deadly force against us and that as Americans, we get to respond with deadly force to protect ourselves from death or grave bodily harm.  In fact, pretty much the tweets from NRA members can be summarized in one meme:

Of course, some o the less-stupid in the Liberal Twitterverse, inferring that it may not be a good idea to piss people with guns off by attacking them are trying to parse and retreat from the intent of the billboard:

I have not see examples of that quality Moonwalking since the death of Michael Jackson.

It is never a good idea to poke the bear…. just saying.

URGENT: Gun Registration and Death of Concealed Carry is coming To Florida.

Senator Gary M. Farmer, Jr. (Democrat, Broward County) has introduced a couple of “amendments” to SB 1048. The first one eliminates all safeguards against gun registration as per Section 1.Section 790.335 of the Florida Statutes.  First thing that comes out of my head is that now counties can demand a weekly list of guns sold by gun stores and there is no protection against that. The law as it stands now protects Florida Citizens from Gun Registration by imposing heavy penalties on anybody (private or public official) who keeps a gun registry of any kind.

The other “amendment” is For The Children and eliminates Section 1.  790.335, Florida Statutes (Safe storage of firearms required – Keeping Guns Away from kids) , that reads:

except when the person is carrying the firearm on his or her body or within such close proximity thereto that he or she can retrieve and use it as easily and quickly as if he or she carried it on his or her body.

Basically, if you are legally carrying a concealed weapon in your holster with your kids near you in your car or in McDonalds or even your home, you are breaking the law.  Hell same approach even if you do not have kids and you happen to walk by a bunch of them in the street.  Who does not come across a kid on a daily basis? This is a De Facto kill of Concealed Carry in Florida.

There is a third amendment I am still digesting and I will report on this later. Contact the Judiciary committee and tell them to have that crap removed ASAP.


Dear Liberals: Another quick Lesson on Destroyed Barrels (last one, I promise)

A person who works in a firearms manufacturing company and wants to remain anonymous sent me this email:

As a gun manufacturer employee, we live and die by these regulations. We have regular in-house training on gun laws and how they are applied. It doesn’t matter the intent. If someone the assembly line accidentally puts the wrong parts together and builds an SBR we can lose our FFL (Federal Firearms License). We have to be diligent all the time as our jobs and the company hangs in the balance on that. It is drilled into us by our compliance office. We have to know and obey the law regarding of how foolish it may seem. So when we get lectured about gun laws or see someone do something like that it infuriates us.

Let me put it this way: I am sure many of you know and work with spreadsheets. It may be by hand or with evil Excel, but it helps to keep track of the inventory, monies, etc. The ATF can fine the hell out of you or remove your FFL just because you did not type something right and your books do not match 100% with the physical inventory.

Now I ask you, how many mistakes have you made on your spreadsheet just today? In a week? In a Month? Year?

So, the next time that some idiot comes and tells you that teddy bears are more regulated than guns, take appropriate action.


Honor for Peter Wang

The US Military Academy at West Point gave an honorary acceptance to Peter Wang, the Douglas JROTC student who gave his life to save others.

Wang deserved the honor of attending West Point far more than that slimy, Communist fuck-shit, Rapone.

I’m just wondering after that debacle, if West Point deserved Peter Wang?

Do you know when I may start taking liberals seriously?

Scott-Dani Pappalardo chopped the barrel of his rifle to prove he cared about the Parkland victims and posted in YouTube.

According to the FBI, 95,730 forcible rapes were reported in 2016. That is 262 rapes a day, 11 rapes every hour or a rape every 5 minutes give or take. 

I want to see a Liberal male cutting his dick and nuts off in YouTube to show support for victims of rape.

Well actually I could not take him seriously if he is that stupid. But you get the analogy.

Media Translation

From Chris Cuomo of CNN and the son and brother of two governors of New York.


Stop calling us out on our ignorance about guns and gun laws.  We are your moral and class superiors.  Our moral outrage is justification enough.  Who are you flyover country rubes to question us?

For these people ignorance and not knowledge is a sign of superiority.  To them guns are a base thing and it is a sign of virtue not to know about guns. 

They are proud that they dont know how to change their oil or pump a septic tank.  That is poor people work and they are too good to know how to do that.