This is true

Seen in a sidewalk of Nashville.

Prepared meats should stand “on their own.”  No A-1 or Heinz 57 or any other liquid enhancer and that also goes with BBQ.  There is a somewhat famous chain of BBQ joints that offers 10 sauces for you to season their meats and truthfully, they need it because it is some of the blandest stuff I ate in my life since I moved to TN.

The same applies for steak: other than salt, pepper and a bit of garlic (I have European blood, we need garlic as matter of almost religious preference) while cooking, nothing else should touch the meat before journeying inside the mouth.

And yes, you can have a side “dip” as a choice, but not as requirement to make it edible.  I am brutally fond of Venezuela’s Guasacaca, but again it is something when I feel like it and not a way to be able to pass that food down my throat.

PS: If you do the “creamy” version of the Guasacaca, you might be a Communist.

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Let’s keep sending them illegal aliens.

An NBC News review of available 2024 crime data from the cities targeted by Texas’ “Operation Lone Star,” which buses or flies migrants from the border to major cities in the interior — shows overall crime levels dropping in those cities that have received the most migrants.
Overall crime is down year over year in Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, New York and Los Angeles. Crime has risen in Washington, D.C., but local officials do not attribute the spike to migrants.

Trump’s claims of a migrant crime wave are not supported by national data (

Send them all to those cities, I am sure by this time next year their crime rate will be near zero.

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