And we have arrived at the end of the road. The Blog is closing. is my brand and has been since 2008. Good or bad, I am responsible for what is being published under it and I have dealt consequences for mistakes made before and carried on.

But this one has gone too far:

The advocacy of sending anybody to a gulag camp and stealing their money is not acceptable under any circumstances in this blog. NONE.

I do not give a damn if it was sarcasm, joke, titillation or clickbait, it simply is a Mortal Sin.

“When people say they are going to kill you/send you to camp, take them at their word.”

How many times through the years I have posted this concept in the blog I am not sure, but probably a lot. It hurt me to no end to see that idiocy published under my brand.

This is something I can’t take back and nobody can. So, the only thing I can do is making sure this stops right here and that means shooting the horse in the head.


I told AWA to lock J.Kb. out of publishing anything else here and to start lockdown procedures. I have requested that he returned control of the Twitter/X account. J Kb. is free to express whatever his heart desires, just not under

Other than AWA’s shutdown updates, anything else published after this post does not represent the foundational principles of this blog, nor has my support or are authorized by me.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a memorable ride. But now it has come to its end.

My social media presence will be at MiguelGGG (@MiguelGGG12) / X. Email should still be working for a while at least.

My eternal thanks to all of you who read, shared, contributed and even gave me crap.

Maybe we will continue in another realm.

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It could be worse, anticipation…

One of the issues that we have in the Second Amendment community, is that infringers cluster. Nobody in Texas is passing bills like Illinois’ PICA, but California and New York did.

These cases get challenged and then flow up the court system to the circuit courts.

When the case finally arrives at the Supreme Court, we are begging for the Supreme Court to grant cert.

But cert is only granted to a limited number of cases per term. The court wants to choose cases that will answer the most issues.

One of the way of knowing that there are issues, is when there is a conflict between circuit courts, called a circuit split.

The way it works is that when somebody in Illinois requests cert saying “sensitive places bans are unconstitutional” the state argues that all the circuit agree. The fact that Texas isn’t as enlightened as Illinois is not relevant. We know that the Fifth Circuit will agree with the 9th, 7th, 2nd, 4th and 3rd.

The People’s argument holds just as much weight. It is just an opinion until there are actual differences.

What this means is that only the infringing states with rogue inferior courts have hard the question of “sensitive places”.

But there is good news for us. There is a sensitive place where we are forbidden from exercising our Second Amendment protected rights. The Post Office.

The FPC, SAF and two people, Pate, and Mandry have filed suit in the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division challenging 18 U.S.C. §930(a) and 39 C.F.R. §232.1(l) which bars firearm carry and storage on property under the control of the Postal Service.

There is a good probability that this case will move more rapidly than others, with the state losing. Once it gets to the Supreme Court, they will be dealing with a circuit split.

The case is —Complaint, Firearms Policy Coalition Inc v. Garland, No. 24-cv-00565 (District Court)

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Bump Fire Day.

I was thinking about all the faux rage about SCOTUS about the bump stock ban that we need to go to a range or safe area and take a video of your favorite semi rifle in bump fire mode.

Use a bump stock or any other means, including just your finger and position.

And then post it in your favorite social media under #BumpFireDay. I am thinking the 4th of July just to drive them even deeper into a frenzy.

I expect Democrats proposing mass amputations of index fingers because “If it only saves one kid.”


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And you got it wrong again.

I have been seeing this around allegedly presenting numbers from the CDC.  So, I went to their database and searched all 2022 causes of death from year 1 to year 17.

I am guessing that they are including suicides by firearms in their stats and not just homicides, but still adding both all homicides and suicides as if they were done by firearms, they come up short of car accidents. Health-related deaths still are by far the biggest killer.

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