ICE Raids vs California: They didn’t think this one very well, did they?

So the State of California is going balls to the walls being the sanctuary for Illegal immigrants of all sorts:

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Thursday acknowledged that the federal government has jurisdiction over immigration, even as he told reporters he was prepared to challenge any enforcement actions that violate California law…

…One new tool his office might use, Becerra said, is AB450, a state law that went into effect Jan. 1 prohibiting employers from allowing immigration officials to enter the private areas of their workplaces without a judicial warrant. It also bans employers from handing over employee immigration records without warrants in some cases. Previously, employers could choose to let immigration agents enter their businesses and detain employees even without a warrant. Employers who do that now are subject to civil

Source: Bay Area immigration raids: Can California stop them?

So, I am a Business owner who is facing the Rock of Federal Authorities enforcing the law that even the State Attorney say it is legal, and the Hard Place which is the penalties California if I allow ICE come into my business.

I know the solution: I fire every single latino-looking worker I have and substitute them by blacks or blonde-albino whites.  Hey, life is tough and if it comes to you or me, there is the door and good-bye.

The other solution? GTFO of California, which is something more and more companies are doing and we understand why.

Another cataclysm

First it was Net Neutrality. It was horrible, in fact a fully loaded 747 passenger plane crashed in my Home Owners Association and burned to cinders because since I have V.O.P in the home line, I could not call 911 and the cell phone was tied to the WiFi router. After that it has been Mad Max apocalyptic shit all over the place, but thanks to FEMA and the U.S. National Park Service, we have been managing. They had promised we would possibly have clean air again next month and electricity sometime in the next 5 years.

But last night, disaster! Government Shutdown!!!

Right around midnight past one minute, we heard the whine from the FEMA Priuses rev up as the workers left us to our own devices because they were furloughed. The Park Rangers apparently had been warned earlier and started to walk back to their observation towers sometime around nine pm without telling anybody.

We are no alone and without Hot Spots.

How are we to survive?

We are about to become extinct.



The Memo.

There are rumors flying about the gorramed memo shown to congresscritters today. Apparently they left all sorts of shocked and all of the sudden the news cycle is obsessed with the Democrats shutting down government.

<Tin foil hat on>

My fear is that a FISA warrant was issued by the past administration to spy on a presidential candidate for electoral purposes only and such warrant continued after the election. It would mean that certain sections of our government are/were actively spying on POTUS and releasing the info to hurt the presidency.

The shit hitting the fan would be of cataclysmic size. It would mean not do drain the swamp but literally nuke it.

<Tin foil hat off>

Trust Your Gut. (Video)

We harp a lot on the importance of trusting your gut. Here is a non-violent case (and funny) where you can see that the bells are ringing like a cathedral at Resurrection Mass in Easter, but the actors decide to ignore for sheer stupidity.  I don’t even need to tell you when this happen because you will see them being bit by the Clue By Four and still don’t get the message.

You ignore Life’s warning signs at your own peril. In this case, it will payment only be in aggravation and cash, not injury or life.

I am subscribed to this channel.  They business itself is a car customization shop (I believe) but they are near some event location and the parking abuse is an issue and I think they have a towing company patrol and take the abusers to a better location. I am amazed how fast they can tow a vehicle away, and if you say “But I just parked here 2 minutes ago!” I have news: They come and take your car in 30 seconds.  They are that good.