Florida GOP candidate Adam Putnam making the left nervous.

Imagine you’re a fully-armed Adam Putnam, Florida’s current Agriculture Commissioner and a strong contender for governor, where do you go out to eat? Well, for starters you tell your staff to take you to a place where you can pack heat and simultaneously eat meat. Yesterday, Putnam, who isn’t shy about clearing the way for open carry in Florida, posted a photo to Instagram of a sign reading “You pack the heat, we cook the meat,” with the caption “My kind of place.”
Putnam, you bad boy.

Source: Florida GOP candidate Adam Putnam wants you to know he prefers to pack heat while eating meat | Blogs

There is no doubt that Putnam has been saying the right things and making the right noises to Gun Rights Advocates. And although I don’t know where the guy really stands plus being wary of the GOP legislature this season, I am tickled pink that the Opposition is just Trump-hating this guy already. Maybe we should coin the phrase Trump Electoral Effect as a political version of the Streisand Effect: The more the Media and the Left hates on a politician, the bigger the chance of getting him elected.

Police Shooting Dogs (Graphic Content)

“Minneapolis police released body camera video showing how two dogs approached an officer before they were shot and seriously wounded in their fenced-in backyard earlier this month.”

Training police officers about dog behavior is necessary for the officer’s safety. And I am not saying that most dogs are a threat, but it is bound to happen that they are going to shoot a dog and an owner is going to lose his mind and shoot at the officer.

The first dog not only was not a threat, it was downright submissive:

Dog’s body language right before being shot.


Even the second dog’s body language is not aggressive but inquiring. More than likely it heard the first dog yelping and came to find out what was going on and got shot for its trouble.

Now, they can say that they never owned dogs so they do not understand the behavior of the animals, but a big department surely has K9 units and I am sure most if not all officers have seen Fido pissed off and in attack mode which is a lot different from the attitude we saw in the video.  If an officer cannot distinguish a dog happy and prancing from mad and attacking, they have no business in the streets because in all probability they will also confuse human body language and end up shooting the wrong person. Minneapolis PD sort of proven the point.


Those who forget history: “Jack-Booted Thugs.”

The only reason Democrats applaud this decision made by Bush 41 is because it cost him the re-election. Remember, this is a president that was basically anointed by Reagan and had successfully won a war against Saddam and yet few conservatives, military and certainly almost no Gun Owners voted for him.  Even his son Bush 43 knew better than talk crap against the NRA.

Leonard Pitts is afraid. 

Leni Riefenstahl — Google her — would’ve been proud. As propaganda goes, this was a masterpiece, playing like Yo-Yo Ma on a Stradivarius the racial, religious, and cultural resentments that gave rise to our present president.Indeed, many observers saw the ad as a coded incitement to violence. One gun owner, commenting on Facebook, called it “disgusting.” Another said the NRA was “hate mongering.” Still, another called it a “terrorist” group.”

Source: The NRA plays upon Americans’ religious, racial and cultural fears | Miami Herald

Leonard Pitts is a columnist for the Miami Herald, my local bird dropping catcher. He pretty much dislikes anybody at the right of Winnie Mandela and I would not be surprised if he has a picture of Patrice Lumumba illuminated by candles in his office. And, of course, if you are White, you are suspicious. If you are a person of color who does not agree with him, you are a traitor.

With minorities and women being the fastest growing segment of new Gun Owners, dear old Leonard here is afraid he won’t be able to use the “Fear The White Devil” shtick for much longer.
He knows it is not just owning the guns but becoming self-sufficient, not depending on somebody else for safety and people finding out he’s been lying to them for decades. And that has to be scaring him shitless.

Armed Citizens of ANY color simply cannot be intimidated easily and then you will face terrible consequences for doing so. A black person with a gun is not a threat to the NRA but to the Democratic Party Plantation Values.

Maryland has an “Imported Guns” problem or so they say.

More often than not, guns seized by police in criminal investigations are coming from someplace other than Maryland.”I would say approximately 60 percent statewide of firearms that are seized by Maryland law enforcement are not Maryland guns, that goes up exponentially in places like Baltimore City and Prince George’s County,” Lopez said.

Source: I-Team finds illegal guns in Baltimore coming from out of state

Well, not quite. The ATF Firearms Trace 2015 for Maryland (No traces for 2016 available) shows a total of 8,139 guns recovered and “traced” but the term traced seems to include even when no result for origin was found. ATF tells us that only 5,498 guns were linked to a state. So Maryland State Police Sgt. Frank Lopez might not be “accurate” (cough) in his statement.

Now, let us peruse once again the ATF Trace Data for Maryland to see what we get….Surprise! (Not surprise)

With 2,913 guns traced, the State of Maryland is the first provider of firearms to its criminals.  Evil Gun Loose Virginia is the second provider with the diabolic number of 666 guns (The NRA is the Devil!) or almost 5 times less guns provided than the natives.

Listen, yes, there are criminals out there trafficking guns and we have covered here. We also covered that when they are caught, they get stupidly low sentences or community service which are no deterrents. But every time we have seen Brady and their local Fanbois trying to blame another state for the guns used in crime, we always catch them ignoring the data and parsing the language for their propaganda and alleged fund-raising purposes.

Oh well, The Bradys still have not learned their lessons.