Disconnecting for the weekend.

I am giving myself a break from blogging duties till next Tuesday.  I was dumb enough to start another blog and left enough material scheduled to work through Sunday that I simply was spent trying to come up with stuff for this blog.  My mind is saying “Dude, you need a break.” and I am planning to do so.

If you feel like dropping by, go check my new blog FloridaHuman.com. The subject matter will be immediately obvious.

And in the meantime, this is  snapshot that shows what happens when Gun Life spills into other areas of your life.



And don’t forget we do not celebrate Memorial Day, we commemorate those fallen in the battlefield under our flag.

See you Tuesday.

PS: I am leaving the keys with J.Kb. any complains, talk to him. 😀

Just how bad is the Media seen in the US?

Montana GOP candidate Greg Gianforte body slams the shit out of a Metrosexual British journalist and still wins the special election for at-large Congressional district. And he does it by some 6 points which made people wonder if instead of body slam, Mr. Gianforte may have gotten at least 4 extra points by doing a pile driver on the whiny Limey.

Gun Free Zones: Even LEO experts agree they are useless

“Some argue that all manner of attackers — from hardened terrorists to irrational madmen to career criminals — tend to target places that ban the carrying of firearms. They know that in those locations they will not meet armed resistance. The fact that this attacker targeted little girls at a concert underscores the enemy’s desire to attack the vulnerable, not the well-defended.

In the wake of the Manchester concert bombing, can we finally declare the total failure of gun-free zones as a means to protect the innocent from the evil acts of terrorists and maniacs?

Source. Preventing the next attack: Why gun-free zones don’t work and combat profiling does

This is not from a weird Pro Gun blog or some renegade cop’s blog. This is PoliceOne.com, the largest and most reputable online LEO Organization/Publication in the US.

Unfortunately it is gonna take more massive deaths to finally get rid of the Religion of The GFZ Sign. It makes for great PR on Election time (as long as the Media keeps perpetuating the lie) and if the politicos have any kids, they are not going to soft target schools nor attending soft target events without armed security.

Because they are Our Betters in case you did not know.


More Liberal caring for others (Wishing that a rape survivor gets raped again)

Shayna Lopez-Rivas is a rape survivor and president of Students for Concealed Carry at Florida State University. She has been rapidly raising her stature among the Gun Rights activists in Florida and unfortunately that seems to have triggered certain imbeciles into dropping their mask and sending a message that is not quite caring and loving.

Quite a supportive Email, isn’t it? You can feel the empathy flowing through the pixels, right?

And if the moron thinks he scared her into abandoning her fight, he has another ugly thing coming ’cause he just made her resolve even stronger.

And they think themselves Our Betters.

I want you to sit down and ponder about this screen capture.  Think the level of ignorance that admits having. Not only the ignorance but that is happening on a modern media outlet which touts itself as smart (maybe under very loose and modern terms?) and one which depends on the First Amendment to have an income.

And they do not know how it works.

And they still dare to “teach us” how the rest of the Bill of Rights applies.

And they get mad call us stupid and other named when we laugh and ignore them.