You Can’t Stop The Signal.

Via Bayou Renaissance Man we find out that the NYPD was ordered to snuff and bury a study on Homegrown terrorism because it may affect the spirits of Radicalized Muslims and their protectors from CAIR.

“Under the city’s unusual settlement agreement, the NYPD as well as New York state agencies were forced to remove its 90-page anti-terror study — described by plaintiffs as “deeply flawed” and “inflammatory” — from databases and no longer rely on it “to open or extend investigations” into terrorist activities”

But I would like you opinion, so I saved you a copy of “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat” for download and make your own determination.

Things are now much safer in Atlantic City.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Atlantic City police have confiscated 62 toy guns from a store on the Boardwalk.Police say the toys on sale at Bags and Accessories appeared real, with the exception of orange tips at the end of the barrels. But, police say the tips are easily removed and that could lead people to perceive that the toys are real weapons.In 2014, the city adopted an ordinance that prohibits the sale of imitation firearms.The store’s owner was issued a summons for violating the ordinance.

Source: Atlantic City police confiscate more than 60 toy guns | Star Tribune


In other news, real guns in the hands of Criminals still roam around free in New Jersey.

Hat Tip Mark C.

Moms Demand will go face to face against the NRA.

From a mile away and probably with bodyguards. And yes, that is their definition of face to face… the love to move goalpost.

An organization formed the day after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut plans to hold a rally in Atlanta this weekend during the National Rifle Association’s conference.“We want to bring people together to show the counter perspective,” said Lizzie Ulmer, a spokeswoman for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She said the rally is aimed at what she calls  the “dangerous” agenda of the NRA leadership.

The rally will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday at  Woodruff Park,  91 Peachtree St. NW.

Source: Moms rally against gun violence during NRA meeting

Same place as the Disarm The Hate group, but the following day.

In case you missed the earlier map:

I was not lying about the mile away. 🙂

Maybe somebody in Atlanta will tell me if that park is a Gun Free Zone because Shannon likes to do her “soirées” where NRA members with guns can’t come in. Of course, that means that NRA members without guns can traipse unencumbered while wearing the appropriate clothing with the NRA logo emblazoned as loud as possible.

So, nothing new: Shannon doe not take chances that her thunder will be stolen and wants to control the events as much as possible from as far away as she can manage without looking pusillanimous.

“Die-In” in Atlanta to protest Trump and the NRA.

Via Bearing Arms, I find out that there will be a “Die-In” event by Disarm Hate. I have no idea if Shannon Watts will make an appearance there or if she will have her own thing somewhere else.

I would not be surprised if this event is part and parcel of Moms Demand. (I found out it is not, Moms will have their own get together at the same place on Saturday.) But even if it does not, it fits patterns we have seen before. Here is the “press release”:

“The Georgia Alliance for Social Justice along with our partners Better Georgia, Gays Against Guns, Guns Down, Pride Fund to End Gun Violence and more will host a powerful event to take place at the same time as the NRA National Convention’s Leadership Meeting taking place at GWCC. Their event will feature such notable figures as: Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Wayne LaPierre, Ted Cruz, David Perdue and more.
We will make a powerful, visual statement in Woodruff Park: A Die In. We will post more details soon.”

The Facebook page:

Only 264 people going? Not a whole lot of commitment to the cause.


The obligatory instructions with some funny warnings:

Create the bullshit and then consume it as truth. “Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply”.


And a sure sign of how unafraid they are about facing Trump and the NRA rednecks invading Atlanta:


My memory is now telling me me that these people are George Takei-inspired and other LGBQTRGSNLXYZ groups formed after the Pulse shooting so we may see our friend and former CSGV honcho Ladd Everitt prancing around the park.

And as usual, a handful of people will get more media attention than the tens of thousands of NRA members enjoying themselves, bringing money to the area and if trends from past Annual Meetings hold, a descent in local crime while NRA members are in town.