Does anybody know anymore?

So taking a knee during the National Anthem started with Colin Kaepernick protesting police brutality.

That’s a noble cause, but I fail to see how kneeling during the anthem protested that.  The anthem is about the resilience of American as the land of the free and the home of the brave.  The optics of protesting the anthem and the flag seemed disrespectful to the principles on which this nation was founded and those who worked, fought, and died for them. 

Some in the mainstream tried to make the backlash against Kaepernick entirely about racism.  It wasn’t.

Then Trump got into the fray. 

Now taking a knee is part of The Resistance.

Resistance to what?

Seriously, I’d like to know.

Are we resisting police brutality?

Are we resisting the ideas of liberty and civil rights enshrined in the Constitution that are the foundation of this nation, symbolized by our flag?

Are we resisting Trump?

What does that even mean?

If he tries to help grow the economy will The Resistance tank it and hurt the livelihoods of tens of millions of Americans just to spite Trump?

It’s like a never-ending two minute hate.

All I know is that I’m sure if Trump came out and made a speech against incest, Slate, Salon, Huffpo, and The Daily Beast would all run articles about how sister humping is the next trans rights and Progressives would all start fucking their siblings, for no other reason than Trump said not to.

Everytown fixes a lie with misinformation.

They posted this just 3 days ago and got brutally called as a lie.

So today, they “fix” the lie with a load of bulls… misinformation.

“The NRA is trying to jam a bill through Congress that would let felons and domestic abusers buy gun silencers without a background check, simply by finding an unlicensed seller.”

It does not matter for Everytown that it is illegal for Private Citizen (A.K.A unlicensed seller according to Bloomberg & Co) to knowingly sell a silencer or doing a Straw Purchase for a felon or convicted of domestic abuse, because the truth has never been their goal.

There are no elimination of the rules here. You won’t find firearms silencers next to lawnmower mufflers at the Home Depot (essentially, they are the same thing) nor will they be picked up at Walmart by just showing ID. You still will need to go through the background check and fill the ATF 4473. The only thing being done is eliminating the stupid regulations and taxes on basically a bunch of baffles inside a pie that reduce the detonations of a firearm to a less damaging levels.

If your cause is righteous, why lie?

Will history repeat itself?

There are barriers that common sense tell you should not be breached. But when you are living in the era of the Politicization Of Everything, some don’t care and will go through those barriers because they think it will advance their cause.

Sports used to be one of those things people would put their political differences aside and just watch for the sake of pure enjoyment.  In the US that meant that the NFL games would be a respite from the idiocies of Washington, the politicians and assorted pundits. But since some crappy quarterback with an even crappier Afro decided to bring into the field what should have remained outside, now the escapism of an afternoon of football has been shattered.

But at the risk of destroying the image of what was supposed to be a New Era in race relations and struggle for the good and daring Circumstances (and assorted bullshit) I need to remind people that this path was already walked upon in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos doing the Black Power Salute.

The Civil Rights Movement was at that moment was popular and well supported. But the fact that those two idiots went political during the games that were designed from the beginning to bring people together while ignoring politics and warfare was seen as despicable and out-of-place by many, but not all and some important voices supported their actions even gong as far as threatening to convert every sporting event into a political demonstration.

Four years later at the Olympic games in Munich, when we found out that somebody else found the idea of injecting politics to sporting events to gather attention very much appealing: The terrorist organization known as Black September.

The gates were destroyed after that. Later on we had the boycotts by both the US and the Soviets and the appeal of a politics-free Olympic was shattered forever. The aura of the games being above the mundane and daily events, that we could somehow place ourselves in Olympus and watch pure sports for the sake of sports itself was dead and would never come back. I fear the NFL is already on that path…and they deserve it.

Not saying that we will be attacked by terrorists, but at the same time I cannot say it will not happen. It is too tempting for some deranged assholes not to take  chance to disrupt an event or something related to the NFL or even MLB because the OK and blessing have been given by the Intelligentsia and even the NFL itself.

I would say that future games are to be officially considered Stupid Places which we must avoid to visit lest we win a Stupid Prize.

The mask has fallen off

For a long time, there has been a element (if not a growing majority) of the Left that has had admiration, if not total infatuation, for socialist dictators.

Walter Duranty was a reporter for the New York Times, covering Russia, from 1922 to 1936.  He was so enamored with Stalin that he lied in every report about the Communist regime a covered for Stalin’s crimes against humanity.  To this day there are people who think the NYT should be stripped of its Pulitzer Prize from Duranty’s work because of his deliberate disinformation.

After 1967, any Leftist who wanted to be part of the radical chic went out and bought themselves a Che shirt.  Today, it can been seen everywhere by Lefty artists and celebrities who want to show off just how much they hate American Capitalism from the red carpet of Hollywood Award shows.  They deliberately play down what Che did – the mass murders, torture, execution – for the hip symbol that Che represents to them.*

*These are, of course, the same fucking people who want to ban the Confederate flag, monuments, and even dig up Confederate graves, because those are symbols of “hate,” but Che is a symbol of “love.”

After Trump’s election, Rosie O’Donnell called for martial law to stop the Trump Inauguration.  Miguel made a post then a repost about that.

Since then, the mask has totally fallen off these people, if it hadn’t already.

High profile, and some not so high profile, Leftists are now actively rooting for Kim Jong Un over Donald Trump in both the current diplomatic conflict as well as in any potential war.

That is an American celebrity wanting to live under the North Korean dictator who operates death camps, is deliberately starving his own people reducing them to cannibalism while he imports luxuries for himself, and stages grotesque public executions for fun and intimidation.

No, Kim Jong Un is not right.  He has been saber rattling, firing missiles over Japan, and American ally.

Limmy is a despicable Quisling fuck, willing to cost the lives of millions of Americans in a (presumably nuclear war), and forfeit all of our civil rights to live in the same socialist utopia that Chelsea Handler wants to live in.

Yep,  some North Korean speech writer got a copy of Merriam-Webster and yeah… fuck Trump.  Who cares about Kim Jong Un’s atrocities, he insulted Trump and that is good enough to earn esteem in for the NYT.  I guess the ghost of Walter Duranty is running the fucking paper now.

Even Deputy Chairman of the DNC, Keith Ellison, sides with Kim Jong Un over Trump.

The Left would rather live in famine, under the boot of the North Korean military, that under the Constitutionally limited presidency of Donald Trump.

They favor death camps and executions to losing elections.

I would say that we are at peak stupid, were only 8 months into Trump’s term.  I fear we are only at the foothills Mt. Retard.

Moving the Goalposts over a Minefield.

According to the source, “peaceful protesters” in Berkeley are handing this to people.

I like the veiled threat of “for your safety.”  But it is more than just a restriction on the First Amendment Rights but also they are trying to reduce the gathering of evidence that can be used against them. One example is the Bike Lock attacker:

Eric Clanton was outed by members of 4Chan (or as they call themselves “weaponized autism”) and eventually he was arrested by the reluctant Berkeley PD and charged with four counts of assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, with the special allegation of causing great bodily injury.

So, it is in their best interest to threaten you with bodily harm if you take pictures or videos of them behaving badly. They are already after the MSM, much to the popular Schadenfreude which are somehow behaving like the first time a wife gets a dose of backhand from her obviously abusive husband. And as such, they will still defend them because they are nice but misunderstood kids fighting for good thing.

Screw ’em. I have pity for the real abused wives. They can beat the shit out of all the Media Idiots defending Antifa for all I care.

Praise the Lord and Church Carry.

One person was killed and eight others wounded Sunday after a man in a ski mask opened fire following a church service in Antioch. The shooter, identified as Emanuel Kidega Samson, a 25-year-old Rutherford County man, accidentally shot himself after he was confronted by an armed member of the congregation and is being treated at the hospital, according to Metro Nashville Police.

Source: Nashville church shooting: Masked gunman kills woman, injures seven in Antioch, police say

The #Gunsense idiots like Shannon Watts and Ladd Everitt keep Fake Asking “Why would anybody need to carry in Church?”

We wish we wouldn’t have to, but there are always idiots that  will not respect the House of God and needed to be reminded that they are not only not free to do the Devil’s Work but there will be Righteous People ready to stand and defend His Children.

And that is why we carry.