Florida GOP candidate Adam Putnam making the left nervous.

Imagine you’re a fully-armed Adam Putnam, Florida’s current Agriculture Commissioner and a strong contender for governor, where do you go out to eat? Well, for starters you tell your staff to take you to a place where you can pack heat and simultaneously eat meat. Yesterday, Putnam, who isn’t shy about clearing the way for open carry in Florida, posted a photo to Instagram of a sign reading “You pack the heat, we cook the meat,” with the caption “My kind of place.”
Putnam, you bad boy.

Source: Florida GOP candidate Adam Putnam wants you to know he prefers to pack heat while eating meat | Blogs

There is no doubt that Putnam has been saying the right things and making the right noises to Gun Rights Advocates. And although I don’t know where the guy really stands plus being wary of the GOP legislature this season, I am tickled pink that the Opposition is just Trump-hating this guy already. Maybe we should coin the phrase Trump Electoral Effect as a political version of the Streisand Effect: The more the Media and the Left hates on a politician, the bigger the chance of getting him elected.

I hate being right

I questioned if one of the reasons the whole Justine Damond shooting was a cluster-fuck, that has already taken out the Chief of Police and might cost the mayor her reelection, was that Noor was an affirmative action hire rushed out to mollify a favored Liberal demographic.

The answer is yes.

Noor was put through an accelerated course for recruits that already have a college degree.  That alone is disconcerting, but Noor was rushed through even faster than normal in only seven months.  Sure, Noor has a college degree, but it was in business management and he ran a hotel before becoming a cop.

I could see this being useful for someone with a background in criminology, law, or some related field.  Business management hardly seems like a useful prerequisite for a patrol officer.

The program is not without its critics.

James Densley, a university professor in criminal justice, told the Star Tribune he believes the training scheme is satisfactory but flawed.

‘The cadet program is rigorous, no doubt, but it is also an immersive paramilitary experience, taught by practitioner faculty without advanced degrees, and I suspect it leaves students with a limited view of the profession,’ Mr Densley said. 

So Minneapolis police took a hotel manager, gave him a crash course in paramilitary training, and sent him out armed into the city where he screws up and kills a woman.

Good job Libs, your tolerance for low standards and expectations has cost a woman her life.

1 + 1 = Welfare

Bernie Sanders ran, in part, on a platform of free college tuition for those in the bottom 90% of the economy – those who make less than $125,000/year.

He lost, that that policy has been picked up by New York, is gaining ground in California, and will be a cornerstone of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign if she runs.

Well, to make things more “fair” one academic has decided that college admission standards should be dropped in favor of a lottery system.  Admission standards are racist, apparently.  A student’s ability – or lack there of – to read or do math coming out of high school should not keep them from obtaining the privilege of a top tier diploma.  Students shouldn’t be tested, just selected at random.

This however will still not achieve fairness.  Students who can’t perform because they lack the adequate background from high school will fail to matriculate.  That is racist.  Schools can always work around the English language and justify anything.  Math is more firm.  So… math is racist and must be dropped.

Who but those  STEM majors really need to know how to “solve for X?”  It’s not like that will help you decide how much money to put away in your IRA or for a house if you want to plan for the future.  It’s not like algebra is a fundamental part of deductive reasoning.  It’s racist and has to go.

The end result is that, anybody can get into whatever school they want, if they are lucky, but won’t learn a damn thing while they are there.

These people are going full Socialism with college education, it’s free for the masses but isn’t worth the price.

Police Shooting Dogs (Graphic Content)

“Minneapolis police released body camera video showing how two dogs approached an officer before they were shot and seriously wounded in their fenced-in backyard earlier this month.”

Training police officers about dog behavior is necessary for the officer’s safety. And I am not saying that most dogs are a threat, but it is bound to happen that they are going to shoot a dog and an owner is going to lose his mind and shoot at the officer.

The first dog not only was not a threat, it was downright submissive:

Dog’s body language right before being shot.


Even the second dog’s body language is not aggressive but inquiring. More than likely it heard the first dog yelping and came to find out what was going on and got shot for its trouble.

Now, they can say that they never owned dogs so they do not understand the behavior of the animals, but a big department surely has K9 units and I am sure most if not all officers have seen Fido pissed off and in attack mode which is a lot different from the attitude we saw in the video.  If an officer cannot distinguish a dog happy and prancing from mad and attacking, they have no business in the streets because in all probability they will also confuse human body language and end up shooting the wrong person. Minneapolis PD sort of proven the point.


Those who forget history: “Jack-Booted Thugs.”

The only reason Democrats applaud this decision made by Bush 41 is because it cost him the re-election. Remember, this is a president that was basically anointed by Reagan and had successfully won a war against Saddam and yet few conservatives, military and certainly almost no Gun Owners voted for him.  Even his son Bush 43 knew better than talk crap against the NRA.

Feeling Creative

Faithful readers know of my hatred for modern art.

However, there is an old saying “a fool and his money are soon parted,” and progressives are nothing if not fools.

I have an idea to engage in a Sokal Affair-esque idea to make money off fools.

I am tempted to buy prints and statues of famous classical works, e.g., David, The Creation of Adam, The Birth of Venus, and attach to them fake rubber boobs and big, black… anatomically correct marital aids.

Then, claim that “I am making a statement against the Eurocentric, cis-normative, hetero-normative, patriarchal, white supremacism of ‘classical’ art, by making these iconic pieces, trans-racial and trans-gendered.”

I’m sure I could get a solid five or six figures of the collection in the right venue.

Yes, I will feel bad, but I will spend the money on a new big block V8 pickup and guns, to balance out my karma.