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And in the meantime, this is  snapshot that shows what happens when Gun Life spills into other areas of your life.



And don’t forget we do not celebrate Memorial Day, we commemorate those fallen in the battlefield under our flag.

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Beginning to understand campus carry

Back a while a go a posted a response to Cocks Not Glocks on why I believe in campus carry.

At the time I made that post, it was suspected than an Antifa rioter who had hit a man on the head with a bike lock was a professor.

Well it was confirmed by Berkeley police during his arrest that Eric Clanton was a professor at Diablo Valley College, and was responsible for not one, but three bike lock beatings at Berkeley.

We’ve been berated by the Left saying that we can’t have campus carry because (even if there is no history of college kids with CCW’s shooting professors over their opinions) guns on campus will have a chilling effect on free speech* and dissuade professors from discussing certain topics.

After the Berkeley riots that shut down Milo Yiannopoulos, school papers across California were quick to defend or outright justify the use of violence to end Right Wing free speech.  Miguel covered that here.

Keep in mind, college campuses are overwhelmingly the new type of “intolerant” liberal.

Now I really understand why professors and students make the ridiculous claim that campus carry will restrict freedom of speech.

Because it will.

It will make professors think twice about exercising their right to silence “Right Wing hate speech” by bashing people in the heads with bike locks.

An armed society is a polite society, as the aphorism goes, and The Resistance has no desire to be polite.

The next time some professor is on TV shilling against campus carry saying it will affect what he says on campus, what he means is “I can’t be free to beat up a Republican student if I think he’s going to shoot me.”

*I love this anti-Camus Carry article from the Atlantic.

Here are two quotes from it:

They’re the kind of comments you wouldn’t think twice about—just typical college students communing over a tough professor. Unless, that is, you also knew that those students might be permitted to carry concealed firearms on campus. Then their words might take on a different tenor, even if just hypothetically….

Yet in giving in to that temptation, we pay another price, too. It’s harder to see but even more pervasive. It is the quiet, constant apprehension of the idea of the gun in the room, the truly silenced barrel of the firearm that probably doesn’t exist but might, and whose possible existence alters the way we think and behave.

They admit that their fear is all hypothetical and isn’t based on reality, but they still have “the feelz” and that is enough to deny you your rights.

What am I supposed to be for now?

I’m copying the text of this letter from No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money, because he received it and I can’t find an original copy from Brady.

It may seem all eyes are on Trump’s Russia drama right now, but the gun industry has stayed laser-focused on profits and pushing the myth that more guns make the country safer.

You and I both know that’s a lie. But their latest attempt to put guns in the hands of every American — no matter how dangerous — is perhaps their most outrageous yet.

Trump and the gun industry have pushed Congress to introduce the Zimmerman Bill — what they call “concealed carry reciprocity.” This dangerous bill would roll back gun safety laws in nearly every state, forcing states with strong state laws to accept anyone with permission or a permit to carry a concealed gun, including criminals like George Zimmerman. This bill would create a system with no standards, no rules and no borders.

If the Zimmerman Bill becomes law, states working hard to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people would be at the mercy of states that do nothing to stop felons, domestic abusers, fugitives and people who are a danger to themselves or others from carrying loaded, hidden guns in public.

This bill already has nearly 200 cosponsors in the House of Representatives. But we can stop it! Sign our petition opposing the Zimmerman Bill today and stand together for a safer country.

Thank you for all you do,


No Lawyers chose to focus on the “Zimmerman” aspect of the letter.  Go read his analysis.

I noticed something different.

This bill would create a system with no standards, no rules and no borders.

I thought as a woke progressive I was supposed to be in support of no borders.  That’s what my intellectual superiors at HuffPo tell me.

After the Manchester Bombing, Katy Perry (and you know celebrities are never wrong about this) said that the best way to fight terrorism is by having no borders.

So is no borders good or bad?

I guess when it allows terrorists who misunderstand that Islam is a religion of peace or members of a drug dealing street gang with a fondness for gang rape to come into our nation to do us harm, no borders is the moral position.

When it allows law abiding citizens with concealed carry permits to lawfully exercise their Second Amendment rights more freely across this nation, no borders is a dangerous fantasy that must be stopped.

I think I understand now.

Just how bad is the Media seen in the US?

Montana GOP candidate Greg Gianforte body slams the shit out of a Metrosexual British journalist and still wins the special election for at-large Congressional district. And he does it by some 6 points which made people wonder if instead of body slam, Mr. Gianforte may have gotten at least 4 extra points by doing a pile driver on the whiny Limey.

Gun Free Zones: Even LEO experts agree they are useless

“Some argue that all manner of attackers — from hardened terrorists to irrational madmen to career criminals — tend to target places that ban the carrying of firearms. They know that in those locations they will not meet armed resistance. The fact that this attacker targeted little girls at a concert underscores the enemy’s desire to attack the vulnerable, not the well-defended.

In the wake of the Manchester concert bombing, can we finally declare the total failure of gun-free zones as a means to protect the innocent from the evil acts of terrorists and maniacs?

Source. Preventing the next attack: Why gun-free zones don’t work and combat profiling does

This is not from a weird Pro Gun blog or some renegade cop’s blog. This is PoliceOne.com, the largest and most reputable online LEO Organization/Publication in the US.

Unfortunately it is gonna take more massive deaths to finally get rid of the Religion of The GFZ Sign. It makes for great PR on Election time (as long as the Media keeps perpetuating the lie) and if the politicos have any kids, they are not going to soft target schools nor attending soft target events without armed security.

Because they are Our Betters in case you did not know.