The Philando Castile Shooting and Some Advice for My Cop Readers | Active Response Training

My take on the shooting is that both the officer and the motorist made some mistakes.  Having researched the case, I don’t believe that Philando Castile was actually reaching for his concealed carry pistol.  He did, however, tell the officer he was armed and make a hand movement consistent with drawing a concealed firearm.

….The bigger mistake, in my opinion, was made by Officer Yanez.  He appeared to panic when confronted by the fact that the driver he stopped was armed and didn’t seem to be paying proper attention to his verbal commands.

Source: The Philando Castile Shooting and Some Advice for My Cop Readers | Active Response Training

Out of all the verbose crap floating around, Greg’s analysis is a real jewel above anything else.

Cop or Civilian, you need to read this and learn from it.

Texas democrat shoots dog & charged with gun violation.

“Pedro stated that as the dog got closer, he feared the dog was becoming aggressive,” the affidavit stated. “Pedro then fired one shot from his 9 mm handgun that he had concealed in his waistband at the dog, hitting the dog near his head.”Afterward, the dog “limped back” toward the back of the house and survived; Juarez and his family waited for the police, who secured the firearm while conducting the investigation, the report states.In May, Juarez, 35, was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon, a Class A misdemeanor that carries a sentence of up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine. He told the Star-Telegram that he has hired an attorney and has no comment at this time.Juarez’s version was documented by police.

Juarez told police he doesn’t have a license to carry a gun and “he believed that since the law for open carry passed, he was no longer required to have a license to carry,” the affidavit stated.

Source: Texas candidate’s husband who shot dog charged with gun violation | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The shooting happened on April 30th. Mr Juarez is married to former Fort Worth school board candidate Pilar Candia and members of the Democratic Party Tarrant County machine. The “former” part is because she lost the election and I am sure that hubby shooting the old pup did not help one bit.

It is the embolden part that I want to attract your attention to: He did not read the law or it is bullshitting everybody or he is plain dumb. Open Carry is not Concealed Carry and it is your responsibility to know the law and not depend on what somebody else told you or what you read on the papers or watched on TV. Then again he might have thought that laws did not apply to him because politics and stuff.

Anyway, once again the lesson is clear: Don’t Guess What The Law Is, Read the Damned Law.

PS: What’s with Democrats shooting anything lately?


The LawDog Files: Darwin is a rotter (Or why gun safety is prime)

Gentle Readers, the Four Rules of Shooting are not just Rules, they are a damned fine idea. Let us ponder, in this case, the wisdom of: “Don’t Point The Barrel At Anything You’re Not Willing To Destroy” and “Keep Your Booger Hook Off Of The Bang Switch”.Yeah. Whoo. I believe that my readers of the male persuasion probably have an inkling of what happened.

Source: The LawDog Files: Darwin is a rotter

You need to go read this. As with LawDog, a beautifully written piece with a great message.

I heard that he was supposed to be writing/collecting blog posts fr a book. I wonder how’s that going. I sure as hell want one.

Gun Control for Fun and Profit?

While checking an article in ThinkProgress about Brady Background Check Delayed Transactions allowed to go forward, I bumped into a name that seemed vaguely familiar: “former ATF Special Agent David Chipman, now a senior policy advisor at the advocacy group Americans for Responsible Solutions.” And I was right, I had mentioned him once before in the blog, but back then he was  Senior Vice President of ShotSpotter, the gunfire locator company and before that a senior advisor for Everytown for Gun Safety where he landed after his 20+ career with ATF.

I had not checked on ShotSpotter for a while. Last I had seen was last year and I had detected a subtle negative press about cities dumping the system because it did not return the expected results. Miami Dade PD had dumped the system back in 2013 for being inefficient (out of 1,000 detections,  only 50 were real), but it was being forcefully shoved back in but county commissioners according to an article from September 2016 in the Miami Times.

So when I googled ShotSpotter today, I get returns that amaze me: According to many press articles, it is the best thing for crime since the movie Minority Report and Eric Holder. Basically anything written about ShotSpotter in 2017 is to celebrate the system and a true crime fighter tool. They even got an official congressional attaboy from none other than Charlie Schummer and demand DOJ to pour money into it. And you are hard pressed to find any article with a negative side.  I wondered if the managed to improve their software or sound detection to get more accurate results so I searched some more and nothing. What I did find however is that ShotSpotter announced in May that they were going public and in June 7th they started trading.

I know the stock is up, but since I have no idea how the market works, I can’t tell if they have really made a profit or it is just huff and puff. But if I were somebody with a suspicious mind, I’d think the sudden onset of good press  might be somewhat remotely related to the company going public.

I would love to know who bought stock and specially who may have had a chance of own company stock prior to the company going public, past and present officer included.

Cui bono.

Alexandria lessons learned

Following the GOP Congressional baseball practice shooting in Alexandria, MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid proceeded to explain to the nation how the shooting was all the Republican’s fault.  Apparently the GOP position on things like healthcare made the GOP’s skirt too short to wear in public.

This followed on the heals of others saying similar things online, which Miguel and I covered previously.

Then a member of the NJ DNC, James Devine, made a tweet including the hashtag #HuntRepublicans.

Rather than apologize, he doubled down.  This would have ended the career of a Republican staffer, the Democrat marches on.

Some sycophant on Kickstarter is raising funds for an Elizabeth Warren action figure, who in the promo video, beats up Donald Trump.

The lesson we learned from the Alexandria shooting is: if you are a Republican, a conservative, or something other than an Kool-Aid drinking Leftist, violence directed at you will be excused or maybe even celebrated.

Learning that, Bernie Sanders was on TV, with Elizabeth Warren and called for supporters to “fight back any way you can.”

Around the same time, an author on Medium posted an opinion about the Alexandria shooting and Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner, with this bit of advice:

So: If you see them drowning.  If you see them in a burning building.  If they are teetering on the edge of a cliff.  If their ships are sinking.  If their planes are crashing.  If their cars are skidding.  If they are overdosing.  If their hearts have tellingly arrested.  If they are choking in a restaurant.  If they are bleeding out in an emergency room.  If the ground is crumbling beneath them.  If they are in a park and they turn their weapons on each other:

Do nothing.

“If you seen them walking down the street and they start to cry, each time you meet, walk on by.”

Least of all put your life on the line for theirs, and do not dare think doing so, putting your life on the line for theirs, gives you reason or cause to feel celestial.

Saving the life of those that would kill you is the opposite of virtuous.

Let. Them. Fucking. Die.

And smile a bit when you do.

That is a call to deny  person they basic tenets of humanity because of their politics and skin color.  This post was shared publicly by a college professor as an act of Social Justice.

Antifa has responded to Bernie’s call for action by calling for “all manner of violence” against Trump Supporters.  They have made it clear from their very own website, that what they want to destroy is normal, civil, society.

That’s you at the pointy end of the bayonet.  Even if you’ve never worn a MAGA hat.  They don’t care.  Either you are with them behind the rifle or at the receiving end of it.

So what I have learned in the last week is that You, I , we… we normal people who go about our lives and our jobs and don’t spend every day seething in rage at Trump’s very existence are political untermensch.  We can be attacked without condemnation.  When we are left bloody in the streets, their side will be encouraged to walk around us and let us die.

My take away from all of this is, my daily load out now includes a long gun and full trauma kit in my truck.  Every day.

I never expected that si vis pacem para bellum applied to my fellow countrymen.  It does now.


Don’t be a Dick (Durbin)

Illinois Corruptocrat  Senator Dick Durbin expressed an opinion we’ve seen before; namely that campus carry limits free speech.  

The idea of Antifa protesting, professors bashing people with bike locks, or Social Justice fruit cakes patrolling their campus with baseball bats to stop thoughtcrime, that’s the exemption to the rule not not cause for concern. 

See your gun makes Dick Durbin shrink with fear. 

Antifa are the Leftists who can do no wrong that can’t be justified.

Some pigs are more equal than others.  At least they are not trying to hide that belief any more.  It’s just too bad our rights are oftrn subject to the whims of a politician who is such a Dick (Durbin).