Gun Bills in the Florida House of representatives.

The Judiciary Committee is discussing the House Versions of the crumbs we got thrown as consolation price. The “Open Carry is still illegal” bill passed committee and the improvement of Immunity from prosecution” is being discussed right now.

I was watching the live feed and caught Representative John Cortes (D) badmouthing the bill because apparently police officers, investigators and District Attorneys are too stupid to investigate an event and come up with the evidence to present to court in an Immunity hearing. I am not surprised he is another New Yorker living in Florida representing The Mouse Mafia of District 43, but what galls me is his training:

 John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, 1980-1981; New York City Department of Corrections Training Academy, Training Certificate.

So he was in Law Enforcement as he proudly said in the hearing, but had no issue on crapping on LEOs. And apparently his reputation is so stellar that the Orlando Sentinel newspaper could not recommend him.

I just could not stomach the crap anymore. And probably is a good idea I don’t attend those meetings because I would probably would call him (and assholes like him) assorted names and challenge his ass to an “exchange of ideas” in the parking lot.

Politics in one picture

Pensacola family held hostage in home invasion

A man has been arrested in a Fairfield Drive armed home invasion in which the attackers allegedly held a gun to a baby’s head and threatened to kill the child.Terell Anthony Williams, 31, of Pensacola was arrested Tuesday night on charges of aggravated assault, aggravated battery, kidnapping, grand theft, home invasion and damaging property for his alleged part in the Feb. 8 attack.Police arrived at the victims’ home on Feb. 9 and found an adult man bleeding from the head. One of the adult female victims said two men had been let into the home by her mother-in-law after they knocked on the door.

Source: Pensacola family held hostage in home invasion

I remember reading in my youth that the Great Wall of China was indeed a great defense against the Mongols hordes, but it failed at its weakest link: The human factor. Guards were bribed and gates were open. The same applies to any modern security system, may it be the NSA serve farm or your home as it is the human weakness the one weak spot that can and will be breached.

The training of the family members on safety protocols (fancy way to say “keep the frigging door closed”) is primordial. Although children are in many cases the culprits for that failure, they are easily instructed and trained to be careful. The issue is when you have stubborn elderly people, set on their ways and once they have established a pattern, it seems impossible for them to break it.

It is not easy to have your parents or older relatives living with you to change their ways.  It is a mixture of patience, repetition and even using modern technology to keep everybody safe. My mother is in her 80s, lives with us and although she is pretty good about not opening the door to strangers (after living in Venezuela, your are bound to be untrustworthy), she has some silly quirks like leaving the front door unlocked if she is talking to a neighbor or doing some gardening in the front of the house.  I have remedied some in part by pretty much eliminating greenery but the minimum required by the HOA and allowing her to go bananas with her plants on the back of the house.

You can never be 100% safe from Home Invasion. There is always some idiot out there that thinks he can buck your safety preparations, but you can reduce his chances of success and keep yourself and your family unhurt.


More thoughts on Gorsuch

I’ve been watching the Judge Gorsuch confirmation hearings.

The takeaway I have from Judge Gorsuch is that he is a man that believes in the letter of the law.  He has no interest in being an activist or making his decisions based on the direction that the winds of politics blow.

This has Democrats apoplectic.

Compare Gorsuch’s statements with that of Judge Sotomayor.

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

She never mentioned the rule of law once.   For her, a law was mutable to conform to her sympathy for the participants in a case.  Probably on the grounds of identity politics.

This hearing is about much more than confirming Gorsuch.  It is a battle of the rule of law versus the rule of feelz. 

This battle is being fought on every front in this administration.

Can cities ignore federal immigration laws because they have the sadz for drug dealers and rapists from Mexico and terrorists from the Middle East?

Is the right to keep and bear arms something that shall not be infringed even if it gives Democrats the scaredz?

If the Republicans waffle on Gorsuch, it will show the people that we have chosen to a nation that cannot rely on the law to be applied equally, became the interpretation of the law will be applied in a capricious way.

Glock: Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Glock, Inc., filed an official Government Accounting Office bid protest to Solicitation Number W15QKN-15-R-0002, which we know better as the Modular Handgun System or XM17. The Army announced on Jan. 17, 2017, that a variant of the SIG Sauer P320 was the winner and headed for the next batch of testing solo. This is the more than $580 million, 10-year contract to replace the aging U.S. M9 pistols in U.S. Army inventory.

Source: American Rifleman | MHS Update: Glock Protests SIG Sauer Result

Going on pure memory, but if it serves me right, Glock arrived late to the Joint Service Small Arms Program back in the mid 1980s when the Beretta 92 was selected as sidearm. Hell, back then SIG did not pass the initial rounds of testing and now it got the contract.

I’d be pissed off too.

At least the cries of how shitty the Beretta was and what a disservice it was for our soldiers and done silenced and buried. The Beretta M9 served well and we can only hope the military stock would find its way to civilian homes that will cherish them.

Fake Newsflash: Another Active Shooter in Another Hospital (Las Vegas)

Somebody said sometime ago “Once is happenstance, twice is enemy action. There are no coincidences.”

And after the police arrived and did what they are supposed to do, the not only could not find an active shooter or even an armed person. Again, they did not find anybody with a gun or a credible report that somebody might have been armed.

As of 11 a.m., police were unable to verify whether anyone had a firearm, and no one was in custody

Source: Las Vegas police say incident at Summerlin Hospital was ‘false alarm’ | Las Vegas Review-Journal

And I think we can pretty much figure out in which side of the Gun Rights equation, TV reporter Antonio Castelan parks his ass. Or maybe he got a call from a source inside the hospital (maybe the same source that called Active Shooter) telling him that it was some Gun Nut with Open Carry. Take your pick.

A month ago, another false call and eventual Fake Newsflash about an active shooter happened in Houston. And that is why I say that for crap like this, there is no coincidence.

Senate Question

I wish I could ask Judge Gorsuch one question during the Senate confirmation hearing today:

“Judge Gorsuch, when we break for the day, I’m going to go home, sit on my couch, and put together a little YouTube playlist of videos of you and Congressman Trey Gowdy just absolutely demolishing Democrats with your brilliant legal acumen.  What do you think would go better with that, single malt Scotch or Kentucky Bourbon?”