IDPA – USPSA: It never stops.


Facebook is a flitter with unflattering comments about IDPA and it is with much bemusement that I read the recent comments and hear from shooters about nasty asides carped at the USPSA matches regarding the deficiencies of IDPA. I am one of those old fat guys who wouldn’t do well at a USPSA match but I can still admire the skills required to run-and-gun.

But really? Complaining about IDPA is a lot like a tennis player complaining about golf. Golf is slower, has arcane rules which most don’t understand and there is no way it’s what you would do if you were in a ‘real’ golf fight; you’d pick up the ball and lob it, hoping it would explode amongst the group of rowdy spectators. The fact that you don’t agree with the rules doesn’t mean that you don’t occasionally pick up a club and join friends out on the course.

To use IDPA rules as a reason not to participate is a lot like a basketball player whinnying about the rules of soccer; ‘Wat chu mean, I can’t use my hands?” It’s a bit like refusing to play basketball because you can’t tuck the ball and run.

The rules of each sport define that sport and an athlete participates by adhering to the rules and, by virtue of their skill, excels within the confines of the rules. True athletes participate in any sport, following the rules of each, and they learn to capitalize on their personal abilities no matter the venue.

But, to be honest, if I were ever in a real gunfight, I would want a USPSA shooter by my side. Someone to rush out and blaze away with tons of lead flying, drawing fire while I silently crouched in some corner taking out the aggressors, one by one, from the safety of my covered position, reloading- without moving my feet.

via  Port Malabar Idpa.

The puns and pokes between the two sports will never cease, specially because they are done with lots of humor and we have no ill feelings for each other….OK, most of us.

Any bad day throwing lead downrange beats a great day at the office. 😀

Apollo 8 on Christmas Eve, 1968.

I wanted to do things different this year and I figured few people would mind a little recording from the crew of Apollo 8, December 24, 1968.

It happened 45 years ago and it still gives me chills. I was not an English speaker then and I only heard what a translator was saying, but the effect was the same.

Have a blessed one 🙂

Earthrise: Picture taken by the Apollo 8 crew.

Funny update: I just found out ( 2:42 pm 12/23/13) that Captain James Lovell Jr, reenacted the reading of the Genesis. I had this on my mind since Thanksgivings when I treated myself to a marathon of From the Earth to the Moon. He gets all the props, I am just a repeater 🙂

And yes, this is a scheduled post…

Moms Demand Having No Shame

MOMS Claire Mother

They are appalled and stuff. Claire Davis was the unfortunate victim of a Left Wing Gun Control idiot Karl Halverson Pierson.  As unfortunate and painful as her death is, we must remember the asshole Pierson did not go further up in the count because a good guy with a gun was present and the asshole took the usual way out: he popped himself.

But Shannon Watts and the rest of the idiotic Moms Demanding Action do not see the contradiction but try to cash political brownie points with her death. They blab and blab about the NRA and Gun Owners, but never stop questioning if the policies as we have right now are working. They are so deluded they actually believe that a perfect violence-free world can ever exist and are willing to bet our lives on it.

Danja Roberts And again, where is the outrage, from the people who were so outraged over the suspension of Phil. I guess a millionaires side job is more important than a human life

Rebecca Allen How many of our children have to die before something is done about the NRA’s stanglehold on our nation? My heart goes out to this family for the loss of their beautiful daughter. She could be any of our daughters or sons. Today the sadness belings to everyone.

Nicki Payne Angering. How many more beautiful lives have to be cut short by these instruments of killing, so that gun manufacturers can continue to rake in profits hand over bloodied fist. I am so disgusted and heartbroken over this and send my condolences and best wishes to her family. I cannot even imagine what they are going through.

Bob Balcom Maybe it’s time to create a gun violence quilt, like the Aids Quilt. That really did bring home the magnitude of the disease and the failure to address our gun violence is far worse than the Aids epidemic. So very sorry for Claire’s family. She is a stunningly beautiful young woman. Now all those hopes and dreams for her are crushed.

Stephanie Casella Brennan But I need gun!! More gun! Ooga-ooga. Me real man.

These are their brain trust….. scary.

One I bet you never saw on the news: Tragedy At Arapahoe High School – James Viser

Yesterday, this tweet caught my attention:

 james viser

We only hear from parents of kids properly molded and prepped by the “Gun Safety” clique. We never hear from our side and some can make the case that there are none in our side. But we simply are not selected because we destroy the narrative.


Damn, where did I leave my phone?

I could hear the tune from my phone playing, alerting me to an incoming call, but couldn’t remember where I placed it. A quick search led me to my coat pocket. Ah, there it is. I answered.

My wife was hysterical, I could barely make out the words through her sobs, “Peter…Arapahoe High School…shooting…”

via Just Like Peter (Tragedy At Arapahoe High School) – James Viser.

A different take from somebody who had a lot to lose.  Our side never gets Prime Time so it is our job to spread the word. So spread it… Tweet it, Facebook it, Linkedin it..whatever.

Not what Sharpton and other Anti Gunners were expecting.

While the stated goal for Sharpton was to bring the many different groups together to discuss solutions to the city’s violence epidemic, he may not have gotten the types of responses he was looking for. Calls for more gun control laws and getting guns off the streets were nonexistent and not mentioned by residents throughout the session.

Instead, attendees offered solutions addressing the problems facing their community as a whole rather than just taking on “gun violence” itself. Audience members addressed the need for jobs and solving the foreclosure crisis plaguing Chicago’s south and west sides. Perhaps the loudest message—and one that Reverend Al or the Chicago media have yet to report on—echoed by several different people in attendance as well as panel members was that it is time for the black community to start voting differently.

via Al Sharpton’s Chicago Town Hall Erupts into Revolt Against Machine Politics.

From your lips to God’s ears. Patience is wearing thin and the bodies keep piling up. They do have an uphill battle as the Powers that be will not allow a revolution easily.
And Concealed Carry applications begin in less than 2 weeks for Illinois…

Moms Demand (Fl) against getting a Concealed Weapons License where other Licenses are issued.

Moms Demand FL LicenseThe whole panic comes from an article in the Florida Current with the misleading title: Bill would ease obtaining gun permits.  If you read it, you’ll soon find out that the only thing happening is that they want to expand the number of places where you can go to apply for a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit, not that one will be issued right there without the usual procedures.

In Florida, you can either mail your paperwork to the Division of Licensing or go to one of eight regional offices to do it in person. Usually the ones done at the regional offices are processed faster because all the data including fingerprints are done digitally.  What this bill will do is allow Tax Collecting offices to do the same thing thus offering more places to those who seek getting their CWPs.

In many states, permits are handled by the county sheriff and that means that they have as many offices to apply for a permit as counties in the state. Florida has 67 counties but only 8 offices to apply for the permit, so what this bill is doing is nothing more that bringing the state to the standards already established and working well in other places.

You can read the text of the bill here and remember to contact your legislators so they can support SB 544 and the correspondent measure I am sure will pop in the House.