Attention “Old” Gun Nuts: We are the Information Super Highway.

It came as a surprise to me: those of us who started on Gun Rights via the Internet back on the day of BBS and Usenet are now the Keepers of the Knowledge. How the hell did that happen? Oh yes.. we got old.

The second iteration of the Gun Rights movement was initiated back in the day when you paid for Internet access by the hour, AOL was the coolest kid in the block and this sound was the first thing you heard when you tried to connect to the new electronic frontier. Rec.Guns was the battlefield without the Hague or Geneva Convention rules (basically no rules) and where gun and anti-gun people gathered to fight. It was also the first great accumulation of information available to anybody with a computer and where myths were dispelled and truths brought out.The Silent Majority was not silent anymore and if the Left then would have figured out the amount of damage the Internet would cause to their causes, it would have aborted this baby faster than you could say RU 486.

The problem now is that a new younger generation of gun advocates is coming to the frontlines and although the information is available, it is so much and so all over the place it is hard to track. Enter us, Old Farts With Guns Who Actually Were There, Wrote That and Know What a Bolean Search Means. We were there, we know what to look for and we can share it with them.

It is our responsibility to give what we know to the next generation of fighters. I know it gets old and boring to repeat over and over what we know, but we cannot allow the other side to repeat the wins they had. We do have the advantage that the New Gen is willing, hungry  and eager to learn to what we experienced and what we have to say. They understand that history is fundamental in our fight and that they do not know everything about guns, gun rights and the class of adversary we face. What do they have is better weapons: Our fight was to destroy the Old Media monopoly on information and we did so with our Emails and post in Usenet; it was the equivalent of pitting the Mauser versus the M1 Garand and the horse versus the Jeep.  Social Networks, podcast (audio and video) and Smartphones with lightning speed texting are the new things, the Shock & Awe, JDAMs and M4s with advanced optics. But all those weapons require ammunition and that is the knowledge we acquired over the years. Our job then is to crank up the mental progressive loader and supply them cartridges on demand and even when they do not want it.

And no, I do not see myself a Yoda. More like Master Po if you ask me. 😉



CSGV Celebrating Law Breakers.

Tea Party Founder and Coordinator Mark Meckler was arrested in NY’s La Guardia Airport with a gun in his luggage. Ladd and his Minions are jumping with joy!
That is, of course until you read what really happened. Mr. Meckler had the gun secured and declared at the point of embarkation and was legally allowed to carry it to its final destination; La Guardia was just a transfer point in his journey. There is this pesky Federal Law called FOPA (Firearm Owners Protection Act) and in which a section declares that “persons traveling from one place to another cannot be incarcerated for a firearms offense in a state that has strict gun control laws if the traveler is just passing through (short stops for food and gas) and the firearms and ammunition are not immediately accessible.” The short version is that if you are legal to possess it where you are and legal to possess it where you are going, you cannot be arrested. That is the law and has been since 1982, plain and simple. The safe travel addendum to FOPA came as protection to gun owners that could find themselves in violation of local law for events out of their control. If you were on a flight that got diverted due to weather or mechanical malfunction into a state that had much harsher gun ownership laws, you would automatically become a criminal the moment the airplane tires touched the runaway in the restricted state.

Unfortunately since 1982, two states have been ignoring FOPA just because: New Jersey and New York. The law although explicit, has no teeth regarding enforcement. There is nothing in it that would punish the State for illegally arresting a citizen protected by FOPA.It is not unusual for gun owners to take the long way if a travel arrangement has them landing on any of the gun hostile- Law Ignoring states. What is needed is an addition to the law much like Florida just did to the State Preemption law and which hits directly in terms of money out of their pockets those who enact local gun control laws.It’d be fun to see a TSA busybody at La Guardia or JFK arresting a gun owner following Federal Law and then be nailed with a $10,000 fine for violation of FOPA, specially when the money has to come out of his pocket.


And now I have a Zazzle Store

GunFreeZone Zazzle Store!
Actually I had it for a little while with only three items, but i just expanded to everything that Zazzle offers. It is a picture of my dear wife at the range with two captions:

You Wish You Could Shoot Like A Girl

Boys Can’t Shoot and Smell Funny.

The product is intended for female shooters because I believe they will take over the world and I might as well be on their good side! All monies collected go to buy her next gun, keep her supplied with ammo and sending her to her next class.






Question for the ACLU.

If they are upset about the Wisconsin government disenfranchising people by demanding they produce photo ID to vote, Does that mean that they are also upset that the Federal Government demands photo ID (among many other constitutional infringing demands) when a citizen wants to buy a gun?

Just asking….

Should I grab a chair and wait comfortably for a response?

Brady Campaign: Troubles separating reality from fiction.

The Bradys are all full of glee.

Only one bee wee problem: It is not a letter from Members of the House but a mock piece written by Herald’s columnist Carl Hiaasen.

I don’t remember who said that since the Bradys are in such dire monetary straits, their Social networking duties have been taken over by a 16 year old intern. It appears to be the truth but I suspect she graduated from MySpace Summa Cum Laude which makes her perfect for the job and for me to get material for my blog.

Keep at it!