Obama didn’t kill journalism, but he took advantage of it in its weakness, because he knew the press would do anything to feel relevant again. All those 27-year-olds at the Times, the Washington Post and others hired as bloggers—“who literally know nothing,” as Rhodes told the Times Magazine—when the foreign and national bureaus were closed, they didn’t know it wasn’t OK to be a journalist and a political operative at the same time. They thought it made them more valuable, even patriotic, to put themselves in the service of a historic presidency. And they’d replaced for pennies on the dollar all the adults who could have taught them otherwise.

Source: Wayne Barrett and Donald Trump – Tablet Magazine

It is a long article, but worth reading. An autopsy of the American Journalism.

Be careful out there

I saw this video in my recommended YouTube feed.

I can think of no better response than:

Seriously, that went from “you voted for Donald Trump?” to pulling out a long gun in 21 seconds.

Some internet sleuthing uncovered that the anti-Trumper in question is named Neal Norles, and is some sort of rapper or DJ in Kansas City, MO.

His Facebook feed is  filled with other pictures of him flashing weapons and saying stupid shit.

This was clearly a threat.  I hope the cops go after this guy for it.

As a CCW permit holder, this sort of thing scares the hell out of me.  I’m not stupid, if that was me and the situation had turned uglier, I know me any my subcompact pistol are completely out gunned by an AR-15.

Just walk away and watch your truck get damaged.  God forbid a loved one is still in the vehicle.

I have not seen a followup to the story yet, but I hope the cops get involved.

The lesson learned here is maintain your situational awareness, anybody who starts cussing you for a Trump/right of center political sticker may be totally unhinged so be polite, and like the great Kenny Rodgers says:

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em, Know when to walk away, And know when to run.

You may be armed to defend yourself, but you never know if the threat is going to out gun you.


Stupidity and Taxes

The City of Philadelphia passed a soda tax, charging $0.015 cents per fluid ounce of sugary beverages.

As anybody with a partially functioning brain could tell you, people in Philly have tried to avoid the increased costs in soda by going shopping outside the city limits.  The effects in Philly have been “devastating.”

The city estimated $7.6 Million per month in revenue, but collected only $2.3 Million.  The decrease in sales has hurt grocers and distributors, who are most likely going to be cutting jobs.  The city already spent the money it was expected to raise and so the tax shortfall of $5.4 Million per month is hurting the city’s budget.

Liberal Democrats in Philly are apoplectic about this.

According to the Mayor of Philadelphia, the problem isn’t the reality of economics but greedy businessmen.

I didn’t think it was possible for the soda industry to be any greedier,they are so committed to stopping this tax from spreading to other cities, that they are not only passing the tax they should be paying onto their customer, they are actually willing to threaten working men and women’s jobs rather than marginally reduce their seven figure bonuses.”

The thing is, this EXACT scenario has played out twice before for Liberal Democrats in recent years with other pet political projects.

New York City kept bumping taxes on cigarettes to curb smoking.  They wanted people to smoke less.  Their scheme worked and many people quit smoking, others bought cigaretts outside NYC.  The reduction in cigarette taxes has cost NYC $400 Million in lost revenue.  Now the city it bitching because it is having a budget shortfall.

Liberal Democrats wanted people to stop driving gas guzzling SUVs for the environment.  The government passed tax cuts for hybrids to encourage people to drive them.  It worked. But hybrids don’t consume as much gas per mile and so the excise and sales tax revenue on gasoline is down.  Now Liberal regions are scrambling to come up with a new tax structure to tax drivers of hybrids for the miles they drive to make up for lost revenue.

This is why the Dems have lost over 1,000 local and state seats.  They have proven time and time again that the most basic rules of economics are out of their intellectual grasp.  Anybody who isn’t blinded to reality by having their head shoulder deep up their own ideological asshole could see this coming.  Not these nitwits.

Maybe the unionized employees about to lose their jobs to this stupid soda tax should have a nice long talk with the Dems in Philly about how economics really works.  If that doesn’t convince them, maybe some “peaceful protests” are in order.


Punta Gorda officer and chief charged in death of librarian.

CHARLOTTE COUNTY — The Punta Gorda police officer involved in the fatal shooting of a retired librarian during an August community police academy has been arrested and will face manslaughter charges, state prosecutors said.

Lee Coel, 28, was arrested earlier today, accused of felony manslaughter.

Punta Gorda Police Chief Tom Lewis was charged with culpable negligence, a misdemeanor, but not arrested. Lewis received a summons to appear in court.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents completed their criminal investigation into the Aug. 9 shooting and submitted their report to prosecutors in the 20th Judicial Circuit, who found probable cause to charge both Coel and Lewis.

Source: Punta Gorda officer and chief charged in death of librarian

I hope you remember this Force on Force foul up that was actually a dog & pony show/junket for some selected locals. I am amazed that the Chief not only has not resigned but appears to plan to fight any attempt to be removed because he plans to change things around.

But from I have been reading, the shooting was just one on a long list of fuck ups in that department. A deeper “cleaning” might be needed. And still a woman died because people thought themselves above basic safety procedures.

We’re from the government…

And we’re here to screw everything up.

So Texas is bracing for a hog apocalypse.  Massive destruction of farms and private property from feral pigs in North Texas.

The government’s big idea?  Poison the pigs with rat poison.

Great going geniuses.  So what happens when people’s pets or non invasive wild animals eat the poison?   What about the birds and creatures that eat the dead hogs?  There shouldn’t be any side effects from trying to kill 2.5 million pigs with warfarin.  Not in bureaucratic la-la land.

Better idea: $10 tags both in and out of state, and no limits.  Firearms in open country, bow (including crossbows) in urban areas. 

Just make sure you have enough freezer space at your local soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and food pantries. 

You really want to wipe out the hogs, make the meat donated tax deductible at market rate if given to a non profit. 

There is little way for a bunch of feckless government employees to get paid for busy work to bumblefuck that up. 

Unfortunately, for career politicians, that’s not a feature but a bug.

That is one versatile boat!

One of the most iconic images of World War 2 is the amphibious landings at Normandy using the Higgins Boat.

The idea of a ramp up front did not die with the end of the war, but has survived for operations were the loading and unloading of materiel is not “normal” or classical. Some Ferry boats use the ramp system and I have seen boats based on the Higgins design on TV shows about Alaska where there is plenty of water, no roads and heavy stuff needs to be delivered.

So what happens when you cross a Higgins boat with a Swiss Army Knife?
This happens:

Even I would not mind owning a baby like this.  Amazing stuff!

Stolen from Sean G.