Some Nazis, Some Rioters, and a Rabbi

I knew that the city of Saint Louis was once again experiencing riots because of a police shooting.  I was just sort of rioted out.  I couldn’t muster the energy to even follow it on the news.

On Sunday I wan introduced to the hashtag #GastheSynagogue.

OK, what the fuck is going on here? Am I going to have to strap up and start killing people?  I really wanted to have a lazy Sunday.

As it turns out a #GastheSynagogue was started by a bunch of neo-Nazis in support of the desire by the Saint Louis police to fire tear gas at the Central Reform Congregation of St. Louis Synagogue.

Of course, being Nazis, the intention of   #GastheSynagogue was clear.

There is absolutely no justification for some genocide encouraging gas the Jews campaign.  This is exactly, 100% why I am the militant gun owning Jew that I am.

But I had to learn more.  Why did Saint Louis police want to tear gas a Synagogue?

The Synagogue opened its doors to provide refuge to protesters.

Oh, fuck.  No.  Let’s be clear on something, there is no concept of sanctuary in Judaism like there is in Christianity.  A synagogue is not hallowed ground.  You cannot hide in a Synagogue and claim sanctuary.

The police were using tear gas to disperse the protesters after the protests turned violent.  Protesters had gone to the home of the Mayor of St. Louis and threw rocks and broke windows.  Police were taken to the hospital after protesters threw rocks, bottles, and bricks at police.  The St. Louis library was smashed.  Significant property damage was done to local business.

Police cracked down hard on the protest when it turned violent, arresting dozens of people, in order to prevent this incident from turning into a multi-day, multi-million dollar disaster like the Michael Brown riots two years ago.

It seems that the new leadership in St. Louis and Missouri learned the lessons of Ferguson, LA in 1996, and Berkeley today; don’t give rioters an inch or they will take control and do massive damage.

In this face of law and order, stands Rabbi Susan Talve.

This is a Synagogue of Social Justice.

Talve said she believes the Jewish community has “many reasons” to get involved in the fight for racial justice.

“We are a people who believe in justice for everyone. We were strangers in the land of Egypt, we get this. We know what it is to be made other by institutions, systems of oppression,” she said. “We understand this as a people. So when we see it, we have to be part of the solution.”

“The only thing that I can do as a white person in this fight for civil rights in America, is put my body on the line. Black and brown bodies are on the line every day just because of the color of their skin,” Talve stressed.

Sweet, merciful, God.  If I took all the anger from all the “fuck yous” ever uttered in the English language since the beginning of time and combined them into one white hot ball of steel melting rage, it wouldn’t be enough for this Rabbi.  They are not “black and brown bodies” they are people.  That is the worst fucking SJW language I have ever heard.

Not to mention I know my Jewish Civil Rights history.  We Jews put our lives on the line for Civil Rights.  Two of the Mississippi Three – civil rights activists murdered by the KKK – were Jews.  Then MLK was shot and civil rights was passed into the hands of antisemites like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan,  and most recently the intersectional Black Lives Matter.

Other Liberal Jews have jumped on the support bandwagon for this.  This Synagogue is part of the #JewishResistance.

Resistance to what?  Trump presumably.  Except he’s not building concentration camps.  The Synagogue wants to “show solidarity” but with who?  Black Lives Matter is showing solidarity with Palestinian terrorists.  Is that what this Synagogue wants to support?  Are they resisting law and order?  Because it seems like it.

These Jews have their heads screwed on backwards.

None of this justifies #GasTheSynagogue, and being the person that I am, when it comes to Nazis, I will ALWAYS be on the side of killing Nazis.  But these Lefty fucking Jews make is all that much harder to defend them.

If you want the police to protect you from the Nazis you can’t shield the people who throw bricks at the police from being arrested.  It doesn’t fucking work like that.

I swear, Social Justice makes people retarded.

Chicago women CCW

At  first glance, nothing differentiates Vernetta Robinzine from passers-by in the Beverly neighborhood on Chicago’s Far South Side. On a recent evening, like most people on a workday, she donned business casual attire with a loose, bright blouse. But her daily wardrobe includes something unseen that gives her confidence.

Robinzine, 51, is a gun owner with a concealed carry license. Since she received her permit in late spring, she carries her firearm wherever she goes.

“It’s like a part of me now,” Robinzine said with the smile.

Data show Robinzine is part of a burgeoning group in Cook County: black women obtaining concealed carry permits. Since Illinois began issuing licenses in 2014, the number of African-American women receiving a permit in Cook County has grown every year.

Source: Safety concerns spur more black women in Chicago to receive concealed-carry gun permits.

It is sad in a sense to realize that the best cheerleaders for Concealed Carry in Chicago have been Mayor Rham Emmanuel, the Gun Control Elites who pontificate about being unarmed while under the protection of bodyguards and the slow collapse of civilized society in the city.

That Chicago Black women have decided to quit believing in the beatitudes of the local government and decided to become their own first responders is not only something to celebrate, but also is a warning klaxon to the local politicians who will not understand what is going on.

Who knows? Maybe in 10 or 15 years Chicago will have an opposite political map.

Here is to positive change.

Hat tip Mark C.

(PS: That was not to be the final title, but I pulled the trigger too early. It looks stupid because it is stupid 🙂 )

More Post Irma Thoughts: To Evacuate or not Evacuate.

This is the script (loose term) for my segment in this week’s Gun Blogger VarietyCast. I figured that it would save me at least one extra blog post.

Hello heathens and welcome to the shaken and bandied about Mental Flea Market.

Before anything else, I want to deeply thanks those of you who offered best wishes and prayers for Florida. I do believe they were heard and that a lot of people are here because of that.

So I was asked by Sean to explain why I decided to stay down in Miami rather than get the hell out when Hurricane Irma had South Florida in its crosshairs and I am gonna do so even if it means to share personal stuff that I am usually very reluctant to do.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: It was not brutal self-confidence that kept me here. I am not living in a hurricane-proof bunker nor am I a suicidal idiot. It was a long and painful analyzed set of circumstances that simply led me to select which of the shit sandwiches I was supposed to eat.

Now, let’s review some basic things: Irma was a hurricane with a predicted South to North path and was about to hit a state which its only evacuation way are highways running along the same path. I am in Miami Dade County which is almost all the way down south. The Hurricane was as wide as the state is long and it measured 185 mph for a food part of its trip to out latitude. I always considered evacuation in Florida a very foolish proposition since short of a heavy armored vehicle, no car/van/truck etc. is a good shelter for a hurricane. I know my house can withstand a Category 3 hurricane (It survived Wilma with an old roof) and I have all my gear in one convenient place. So, sort of a monster hurricane there was no win on hitting the road.

Of course, Irma had to show up to challenge my beliefs.

Now the personal part. Two weeks ago I was at the hospital with my 85-year-old mother. She had been suffering from an ungodly high blood pressure which made her primary physician send her to the ER. She was given all kinds of tests and found out she had suffered a small stroke. Fortunately, she did not seem to have suffered any detectable consequences, but she was given medication and told not to stress herself.

Now mom is a very excitable person. I should know, right? I known her since I was born. So I am doing my best to keep her calm even when the meds are affecting her vision and making her loopy which she hates. Now I have a bitch called Irma barreling my way and I am supposed to come up with a decision that affects life or death.

If we were wealthy and not having to work for somebody, we would have jumped in out Tactical SUV and drive all the way to see the family in Tennessee. But we ain’t and that meant short of quitting, we have to wait for the employers to say “OK, everybody get out” or be fired or quit. You are an adult and have responsibilities (Medical bills to pay for an uninsured elderly for example) that cannot just be shed away and if you think they don’t mind in your decision-making, you are fooling yourself.

I did look into evacuating and incredibly by Wednesday morning it was becoming evident many people thought the same. The math was 439 miles (6.5 hours) to Valdosta, Georgia which is the first major city near the border between states and then another 7 hours 500 miles to Nashville, Tennessee. Or basically 13 hours and 917 miles to get to family which always beats some cold hotel and strangers.

But by Thursday morning, people were commenting in Social media about taking 7 hours to go from Miami to Orlando (it takes about 3.5 normally) and 16 hours to get to the Georgia border.  Traffic jams were bad and bound to become brutal (as they did) How am I supposed to spend that much time on the road with a sick 85-year-old who just got out of the hospital? My fear was that from all the tension, she my mother would have another stroke, this time a big one and we are stuck in the middle of NoEffingWhere County Florida without access to a medical facility of hope of rapid rescue. Ladies and Gents, the idea of having a stroked out mother or worse, a corpse in my car in the middle of an evacuation was not something I wanted to experience.

So the missus and I decided the less crappy option was to stay home and brave Irma. I am not gonna paint you an image of bravery. I was scared for a long while. It was not till I started to see a shift in the path that I began to think we had a chance. When finally moved to the West coast, I was elated and sick at the same time since I have so many friends over there. The predictions were downgraded to Tropical Storm to Category 1 winds on the East coast… easy peasy… and they became a reality that beat the crap out of us for some 16-18 hours. I really hate the dirty side of a hurricane!

The result, by pure luck and possibly the power of prayer was that we had no damage and we are still alive. Mom is doing well, improving slowly from her ailment and we are trying to get back to normal life.

But make no mistake. It was not a good decision just because it ended well. It was a crapshoot and the dice just happened to roll right this time.

Life gets in the way, Murphy gets in the way and God laughs at your plans.

You will never have the perfect plan for prepping. At best, you hope to do survive your decision.

The politicization of History makes people stupid.

Critics, however, associate Serra with human rights violations and the destruction of native cultures, among other things charging that natives at his missions who refused to embrace Christianity were often mistreated, including imprisoning them to prevent them from leaving.

Source: Another statue of St. Junipero Serra vandalized in California

I hated history for most of my school-forming years till I had a great teacher in High School who taught us that we would never comprehend what happened if we did not understand what was going on at the time the events happened. We were forced to research from what was eaten to medicine to transport to literacy, basically what the normal people were doing and how were they living. It made for an amazing comprehension on how things came about and how we got here from there.

The other thing he taught is was to avoid (as much as could be avoided) to see past events under the tinted glass of modern “morality” and politics. This was amazingly helpful to weed out the tons of bullshit surrounding the New History that was becoming vogue back then and now populates our classrooms.

Was Saint Junipero Serra the perfect man? Nope. Was the monster they are trying to make people believe now? Not by far. He was doing his church mandate of conversion, created missions in God-forsaken places and brought peace and sanity to the region.

“Damn it, Miguel! How can you say that? He is responsible for the destruction of the culture of the poor Aztec injuns!”  Well, the Aztec culture was not their, it was Mayan that they pretty much stole as they were what we would now call an invading species. And the Aztecs were keen on not only addicted to warfare and torture, but loved to sacrifice thousands of human beings every time they had one of their religious festivities. And they were also into certain gourmet delicacies that were a bit unusual: Cannibalism.

Let us not forget that Cortez’s handful of soldiers had the backing of tens of thousands of indians that were tired of the shit from the Aztec Elite and Priests. The idea that somehow the Spaniards and specifically Junipero Serra were responsible for the destruction of a peaceful and creative culture is just an unadulterated lie. But makes for great Social Justice fodder.


When you catch them in the middle of stupid.

I am not sure if this guy was trying to tag me as White Hispanic Supremacist or a Hispanic White Supremacist after figuring out that not all (possibly a big majority) of “People of Color” lockstep with the Liberal B.S.

There are a lot of guns in Miami. There are a lot of Gun Owners in Miami. There are a lot of NRA members in Miami. There are a lot (majority) of Hispanics in Miami. Figuring out that Hispanics of all colors and beliefs might be members f the NRA is not such an intellectual leap.