SJW Tyrants

I have resurfaced.  I am officially in my new house and all my stuff is here too… all over the place.  I need to put it all away, but we are moved.


While I was in hiatus I caught two stories that I wanted to do a post on.

A week ago, the American prisoner of North Korea, Otto Warmnier died after being returned home in a coma.  While most reputable news sources used this shine a light on just how bad North Korea treats its own, Affinity magazine went a different way.

Keep in mind, Affinity Magazine is a Social Justice publication.

Around the same time, Delaware professor Katherine Dettwyler, said this about Warmbier.

That’s right.  Warmbier “got what he deserved” because he was white.

Both Affinity and Dettwyler revealed a truth about the progressive, Social Justice Left, one that is becoming more and more obvious every day.

They love torture.  They love pain and suffering.  They love human misery.  They love it as long as they are the ones in charge, dishing it out to those they feel should be broken.

Warmbier was kidnapped arrested by the forces of a dictator that hates America, on falsified charges, simply for being an America, then tortured into giving a false confession, after which he suffered so much that he ended up in a coma and the dead.

But he was white.  So the unjustified arrest, coerced confession, and death by torture are all justified.

Forget your civil rights.  Your inalienable human rights are alienable to these people if your skin color or gender is wrong.

Apparently Che is gotten passe.  Kim Jong-un is the new hotness for his murder of a white, male, college kid.

They will torture you to death after a kangaroo court hearing to fit their ideology.

Never forget that.


Florida: Expansion of Immunity from Prosecution hits Real Life.

Remember how the Expansion of Immunity from Prosecution was going to make the jobs of prosecutors a living hell?

Marcille said it’s likely the law change won’t impact his office dramatically, as the state usually reviews any self-defense elements during preliminary proceedings before going ahead with prosecution.”The right to self defense would’ve existed anyway, so we do not view this as such a change in the law that it will be particularly difficult for our office to address,” he said

Source: State Attorney’s Office to review Fairfield Drive ‘stand your ground’ death

Wait, do you mean to say Gun Control groups, politicians and the Media lied about this? That unimpossible!

Yes, it is no longer “misinformation” or “ignorance,” it is plain lies.

Dear Liberals: Your Pacifist Narrative is dead.

FORT WORTH Legally armed and licensed to carry, the Virginia baseball field sniper breaks all stereotypes of a crazed mass-shooter thug.Or maybe he doesn’t. At 66, James “Tom” Hodgkinson left Illinois for D.C. with a “Bernie!” bumper sticker and a vendetta against not only President Donald Trump but also wealthy lawmakers in both parties, mainly Republicans. But he left behind a more typical history as a violent, abusive alcoholic man who beat a foster daughter and punched one of her friends, a 19-year-old girl, in the face.

Source: He shot at Republicans, but his first abuse victims were women | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Liberals have used violence to their advantage for far too long and getting away with it because a complacent media. But then the Congressional Shooter comes along and the evidence of its Liberalism is so forward that even the best of Media damage Control can’t fix it. But instead of burying it, they bring articles trying to exonerate themselves by doing a Whoppi Goldberg “not rape-rape” like this “article.”

So yes, Hodgkinson had characteristics in common with some mall killer (even though he ain’t one): Liberals, deranged, abusive, violent and with substance abuse issues.

Basically a future Shannon Watts for Congress voter.

Dear God, keep them stupid.

– Police in Brentwood are investigating the death of two men Wednesday night, where several neighbors told KTVU that the homeowner allegedly shot the pair who were trying to break inside. Neighbor Reggie Nichols said that the homeowner, who was not injured, told him that four suspects tried to break into his house in the 200 block of Birch Street about 11:40 p.m. and steal a safe, and that he “came out blasting” and shot two of them dead. Police have not yet confirmed that account, relayed by several other neighbors.

Source: Police investigate pair of deaths in Brentwood during possible home invasion, neighbors say – Story | WAGA

It seems they forced the home owner to open the gun safe. 

Oops! That was one expensive mistake.

Hat tip Shayna L.

Revisiting my EDC knife

Well, one of them.

Boker Subcom Wharcom. 2.75″ closed, 4.625″ open and a blade of 1.875″ makes for a truly pocket knife. Don’t let the small fool you, it is a well-built and solid knife.

The one on the bottom has been with me faithfully for at least 13 years almost every day. The scale no longer has purchase and the blade needs somebody who truly knows who to re-sharpen and sadly I already had a couple of bad experiences in the area.

I bought it because even though I was on a job that forbade any kind of “weapon,”  I also found myself in need of a blade several times a week. I was carrying a regular size blade and I got the stinky eye from several busybodies. After I went with the Subcom, I was not challenged because they thought it was a utility knife. I did get one complain from an HR dumbass who asked me to help her open a box and when I pulled my little knife, she complained that it was against company rules. I agreed, apologized and left the office leaving the box unopened.

The Wharcoms apparently were very popular. The whole Subcom series has been out of production for a long while, but you can still find most of the models offered in other blade shapes. Not so with the Wharcliffe blade. I scored one about four and a half years ago and gave to the wife on a momentary spat of weakness and love for the woman. She fell in love with it and I am not even allowed to look at it from afar. I went back online looking for another one and zilch, vast nothingness.

Doing my regular searches, I bumped into somebody in Ebay who had not one, but two brand new and at a decent price. Two people were already “watching” the item and I decided not to go into a bidding war and bought them outright. Top one on the pic is the new EDC and the other one went into the depths of the safe alongside retiree knife as back up.

As I said, you can still buy Subcoms with other blade types.  You will use the blade you carry and the size of the Subcom makes it second nature to drop in your pocket.  Go ahead and get yourself one.


PS: One obvious question would be “Is it a defensive knife?” If you are thinking stabby-stabby, the answer is no, but you can velociraptor the s*** out of somebody with that thing. But I do carry a regular folder for “social interactions” and lately it has been a Kershaw Fatback.