H. R. 2620 picks three more sponsors.

We are at 49 now.
H. R. 2620 covers several pro gun issues but the most important in my opinion is the elimination of the “sporting purposes” clause:

The new additions are:

Rep. Wenstrup, Brad R. [R-OH-2]
Rep. Garrett, Thomas A., Jr. [R-VA-5]
Rep. Smith, Jason [R-MO-8]
As usual, all republicans, but at least it is picking somebody.
I think we are done with Special Elections for Congress and we need to get this bill and National Reciprocity moving in Congress.  That means at least one weekly email to the Rep that is not on the list.
Let’s get it going.

Blue Glock

This appeared in my timeline originally without the edit, just the announcement they had Blue Glocks:

For those who do not know, blue is the color given to training non-firing replicas of firearms. It is the standard across the Gun Community pretty much as when you see a white box with a red cross, you know it is a first aid kid or something to that effect.  Although the ones that are just inert replicas are totally blue, the ones that fire Simmunition rounds look exactly  like the one above.

So yes, a bunch of people jumped in and cried foul as loud as possible and with good reason, and Arnzen Arms LLC smartly recognized the screw up and fixed it, so they get kudos for that and my respect.

What drove me nuts was those commenting that the gun painted like that was not a big deal and in fact it was plumb silly that people would complain about the gun painted in blue.

People like these scare me. Not only they have not gotten the idea of Gun Safety right, but they think themselves above making mistakes. Why? Because they have the training, they are professionals in their fields, they know their shit. But we have heard that before:

“I am the only one professional enough to handle this weapon”

The reason the Gun Culture is one of the safest to be around is because our almost fanatical respect for Gun Safety.  It is not only the adherence to the Four Rules, but the constant check and double-check and the three back ups for the double checks. It is constant vigilance because we have acknowledged that even the best and safest of us will have a day off and we know the safety instilled in our actions will lessen a screw up or even stop it.

Or you can be Chest-Thumper and end up with unscheduled extra holes in your body.

Massad Ayoob » Blog Archive » FINISHING UP

The Pin Shoot I’ve been talking about the last couple of entries is in the history books now. Great time had by all.  Only about 140 or so shooters, when in the old days it was hundreds, but after a near twenty-year layoff, the word many not have gone out soon enough. On awards night, I lost count of the prize guns somewhere around sixty or so.

Source: Massad Ayoob » Blog Archive » FINISHING UP

If you read John Ross’ book “Unintended Consequences” you will remember that one of the best chapters was the Pin Shooting. The gentleman in the pic? Rich Davis, founder of the match and founder of Second Chance body armor. Yes, that Rich Davis.

Unfortunately there is no place nearby to shoot pins in Miami Dade. hell I don’t know if there are bowling Alleys anymore.