Words not only have meaning but consequences.

This is a face (not necessarily the face of the Antifas): BAMN By Any Means Necessary.

I do believe they are setting themselves for a major disappointment and possible deaths with criminal charges, maybe even a RICO beef or Terrorism.

If there is something we have learned the hard way in the Gun Culture is that both actions and words will come back to haunt us during a criminal investigation and judicial procedures. Prosecutors (and the Media) will scour your life in search for words that might be construed (or twisted) as you having a mean and violent streak. Notes from a gun class you might have taken and a stand-alone notation that says “Kill Them All, Let God Sort Them Out” which was intended as a joke will now be used to demonstrate you are nothing but a blood-thirsty hatemonger who always wanted to massacre people.

By Any Means Necessary are fighting words on themselves. Accompanied by violent actions are just nails in their legal coffin but they are not even registering that in their radar. They are young, invincible, bulletproof and above the law…in their minds which is a feeble pedestal that will be knocked down with a slight application of harsh reality.

It is going to happen that one of these idiotic BAMN/Antifas are going to use some implement that will be considered a deadly weapon against a person they don’t like and this person will happen to be armed and defend him/herself. And eve though the heads of the organizations were praying for a martyr for fundraising and advertising purpose, they will be utterly shocked when the shooter is sent home after the event is classified as legitimate self-defense.

And if the State’s District attorney has any lead in his or her pencil, a charge of first degree  murder may be brought to the organizers of that particular Antifa event since their actions contributed directly with the death of their buddy. At least that is what I think but IANAL.

Them Smart People are predicting more violent confrontations so be ready and act like the Good Guy & Gal that you are. I do hope you never get in trouble, but that does not mean you are supposed to get a crowbar across your head.

And the repetitive reminder to check your state laws regarding self-defense and to check with people who really know about it, not some guy in an internet forum.

They’re No George Orwell

I love good science-fiction and political satire.  The over-the-top nature of of sci-fi and satire highlights and magnifies issues in real life.

In the world of literature, George Orwell is the king of political satire with Animal Farm and 1984.  Animal Farm was modeled on the Soviet Revolution and 1984 on the worst aspects of Stalinism.

A close second to Orwell is the story of Harrison Bergeron in Kurt Vonnegut’s Welcome to the Monkey House.  It is impossible to read Harrison Bergeron and not think about affirmative action and  its ugly cousin of checking one’s privilege.  It is a world in which the attractive, the strong, and the smart, are forced to be hobbled so that they are no more capable than the lowest common denominator.

On screen, the champion of science-fiction and political satire is Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone.  To this day, The Masks is one of the most eerily disturbing episodes of a TV show to tackle the weakness of the human soul.

I am a huge fan of old radio sci-fi like Lights Out and Dimension X, especially the works of Arch Oboler.  

As a passionate lover of sci-fi and satire, I have come to the conclusion that Liberals/Progressives cannot write sci-fi or satire.  When they try, it falls flat on its face.  The more they try to us it to highlight what they believe is the absurdity on the right, the more they focus the mirror on their own failure.

Case in point, the movie Elysium.  In a nutshell, it is supposed to be a movie critical of America’s immigration policy.  However, on earth in 2154, America has open borders and Los Angeles has turned into a crime ridden, third world, desert shit-hole where Matt Damon is the last white guy who speaks English.  Why should I be in favor of a policy that clearly destroyed southern California so badly that people had to flee off world to get away from the hellscape?

EconPop does a great breakdown of why Elysium sucks.

That is a very long winded intro to the main point of this post.

Today I was dealt a one-two punch combo of truly shitty sci-fi satire.

First, it is free Cinemax week on my TV.  I took the opportunity to DVR some movies, and finally got a change to watch them.

I had written about The Purge: Election Year before.  Now it was time to watch it.  What a festering turd of a movie.  I didn’t make it past the 20 minute mark.

The movie was supposed to be a dead on prediction for the 2016 election and beyond.  Eight minutes in, the Senator who is obviously supposed to be a sexy version of Hillary Clinton (don’t think about that too much) says that the annual purge puts money “into the pockets of the NRA and super rich.”

Seriously.  To the writers of The Purge: Election Year, the NRA, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization is a group the profits off genocide.  It is clearly stated in the movie that the purpose of the purge is to save money for the rich by killing off the poor so they don’t need welfare, healthcare, public housing, etc.  However, by the time we get to Election Year, it is the working class that are getting purged, and so a senator for “the people” is campaigning on ending the purge.

This of course begs two questions:

  1. Why would a clearly homicidal, tyrannical, goverment (the New Founding Fathers/NFFF) allow the people to have free elections in which they (the NFFF) could lose?
  2. Do the rich not want mechanics, construction workers, pool cleaners, garbage men, and the myriad of other working class jobs that make society function?  What is the point of being super rich in a nation if you can’t get a service tech to chance the oil in your Mercedes because the service tech was purged?

None of this was thought through though.  It didn’t need to be.  The rich white men of the NFFF, clearly modeled on Trump, hire a bunch of tattooed neo-Nazi/white supremacists, clearly alt-right Trump supporters, to kill Sexy Hillary and her supporters.  And the NRA profits from it.


In 2017, the masked militia committing random acts of political violence goes by the name Antifa.  They are far from being clearly Trump supporters.  In fact, the people they target for violence are… Trump supporters.

Following the beating that they took at the hands of some on the [alt-] right who fought back, it seems that Antifa is looking to get their hands on some real ordnance with the intent of inflicting casualties on those who don’t hold fast to Far Left ideology.

The Purge may be coming true, but not by the people against the people the movie claimed.  It is the mirror opposite.

The second bit of hysterically bad sci-fi prognostication for the day was the adulation of Hulu’s adaption of The Handmaid’s Tail.

Harper’s Bazar said of the series “‘THE HANDMAID’S TALE’ IS THE FEMINIST HORROR STORY 2017 NEEDS.

Good Magazine saidNew Hulu Series The Handmaid’s Tale Is Must-Watch TV For This Moment.


Tech Cruch said “The dark future of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ feels terrifyingly real.

Lastly, The New Republic said “The Handmaid’s Tale Is a Warning to Conservative Women.


Did I fall asleep and wake up in a bizarro world where we live in the Islamic Republic of America with Donald Trump as our Ayatollah?

OK, so Donald Trump signs an executive order that allows states to withhold federal funds from women’s healthcare services that provide abortion, namely Planned Parenthood.  Money is fungible.  Saying that the government isn’t funding abortion because it puts money in your right pocket and you pay for abortion out of your left pocket is ridiculous.


In The Handmaid’s Tale, gays are executed.  The New Yorker calls that a “Pence Prequel” and the AV Club says it’s “Pence’s dream.”

Tell me exactly when Pence called for the execution of gays?

The Left is so unhinged on this issue when Senator Marco Rubio condemns the torture and execution of gays in Chechnya, Towleroad shits all over Rubio because he is a Republican.  When you are so far Left that you attack a Republican for condemning the torture of your people (it’s a gay magazine), you’ve lost your fucking mind.

In the show, a handmaid is forced to undergo genital mutilation for some reason, and Harper’s Bazaar relates that to Trump.

This is clearly in-fucking-sane.

There is a place where women are sold as sex slaves, forced to cover their bodies, forced to undergo genital mutilation, and gays are executed.  It is called the Middle East and it occurs under fundamentalist Islamic regimes like ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.


The Handmaid’s Tale is the 1984 of America under Islamic control.

Margaret Atwood is a Western feminist who wrote the book to castigate the Christian Right.  These are the same feminists who won’t dare criticize Islam.

Fuck if feminists didn’t march on DC, led by Linda Sarsour, who is an advocate for Sharia Law, which is the Islamic legal system that empowers ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Iran to oppress women as much as they do.

The Left is all but worshiping a Hulu sci-fi series that projects what they think the Right wants while defending the religious ideology that actually wants to impose this dystonia lifestyle.

Trying to wrap my head around this is going to give me a stroke.

These people are the worst parody of themselves.  The targets of their attacks are themselves and they don’t realize it.

The Right Wing of The Purge is Antifa.  The Right Wing of The Handmaid’s Tale is Islam.  These people take aim at their enemies and then shoot themselves.

The sad part is that the Leftists who watch this shit from inside their echo chambers are too ideologically blind and stupid to understand that.

NRA Cap: Stories

I have been wearing the NRA cap pretty much in every outing I do. I was planning on give it a break and wear my new Kahr cap, but mysteriously has disappeared (My mother has found an attraction for caps in her later years, I may have to go check her closet).

I have found that people’s reaction come in three flavors: Positive, Negative and None. Let me start with None: it was the majority and that includes people who had no idea/made the connection and people who recognized the cap but had no positive or negative reaction. On the last group, I was just a polite and friendly person, humor where applicable and Spanish spoken when needed.  You wear the hat, you are an ambassador and your duty is to show the Media and the Opposition has been lying: “That fat Latino guy is an NRA member? But I was told only Rednecks and Crackers were members! Was I lied to?” Short answer, yes.

Negative reactions: Much easier to detect. Nothing as in verbal attacks so far, but they can give you the Death Stare like nobody else. When you interact, their replies have been curt and almost impolite. Sometimes I forget I am wearing the cap and wonder what have I done to piss that person off by just saying hello. Then I usually catch them stealing glances at the cap, the mystery is solved and I turn on the charm, specially if others are present. Again, the point being to contradict the BS told about us by the Press and the Gun Control groups which Negative Nelly’s eyefuck to me in public is a representation and it would be hard to understand to others present.  If the enemy does it best to be assholes in public, who am I to correct them?

Positives? They run the gamut from a friendly smile and wink to loud expressions of camaraderie. In some cases you see people relax as you would when that find out new person you just met is a gunnie like you and understand the difference between Magazine and Clip.

I understand that many in my generation of the Old Gun Culture are wary about coming out of the Tactical Closet and display the colors proud. It is still fresh in all our minds when a simple NRA sticker pasted in the bumper of our vehicles was enough to be pulled over, harassed and even arrested in certain jurisdiction. It was the times when politicians were ready to extract the list of NRA members so they could be individually sued to “Pay the medical costs of gun violence” and other crap like that. We were accused from everything that happened in our Country including the blowing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

But we are living in different times, not perfect times but certainly better than 20 years ago. Get your cap out of the closet and take it out for a spin, if anything to get it a bit of sun in this beautiful spring.

Baby Steps!


You Can’t Stop The Signal.

Via Bayou Renaissance Man we find out that the NYPD was ordered to snuff and bury a study on Homegrown terrorism because it may affect the spirits of Radicalized Muslims and their protectors from CAIR.

“Under the city’s unusual settlement agreement, the NYPD as well as New York state agencies were forced to remove its 90-page anti-terror study — described by plaintiffs as “deeply flawed” and “inflammatory” — from databases and no longer rely on it “to open or extend investigations” into terrorist activities”

But I would like you opinion, so I saved you a copy of “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat” for download and make your own determination.

Things are now much safer in Atlantic City.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Atlantic City police have confiscated 62 toy guns from a store on the Boardwalk.Police say the toys on sale at Bags and Accessories appeared real, with the exception of orange tips at the end of the barrels. But, police say the tips are easily removed and that could lead people to perceive that the toys are real weapons.In 2014, the city adopted an ordinance that prohibits the sale of imitation firearms.The store’s owner was issued a summons for violating the ordinance.

Source: Atlantic City police confiscate more than 60 toy guns | Star Tribune


In other news, real guns in the hands of Criminals still roam around free in New Jersey.

Hat Tip Mark C.

NYT Stupid NRA OpEd

In my last post, I wondered if Ezra Klein of Vox was retarded.

I can assure you that Francis Clines of the New York Time is.

Francis visited the NRA Museum in Fairfax Virginia.  It is a beautiful museum, go if you have the chance.

It is full of guns (obviously), with various levels of significance.  Some are historic for the role they played in shaping our history – guns of various wars.  Some are significant milestones in firearms technology.  Some are unique, like the revolver that was the only remains of NYPD Officer Walter Wheeler and found below the rubble of the twin towers.  Some are significant for the role they play in shaping our popular culture.

Is that how Francis sees the role of the NRA Museum?  Nope.

The film star [John Wayne] stands tall at the National Rifle Association’s National Firearms Museum — true, only as a cardboard cutout of himself. But the cardboard fantasy of the good guy gunning down the bad guy is what makes the museum work as an enjoyable escape from the life-and-death reality of American gun carnage.

Really?  As, a firearms enthusiast, I enjoy seeing important guns from history.  Much the same way that as a space enthusiast, I enjoy going to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum.

Francis feels that the NRA Museum should be a guilt trip reminding you about all the criminals and gang members who are killing each other.

There are thousands of ingenious, gleaming rifles and handguns in displays about America’s gun-rich history of colonialism, immigration, expansionism and vigilante justice. But it is the gallery devoted to Hollywood and its guns and good-guy shooters that best illustrates the power of fantasy now driving the modern gun rights debate.

Being a rational adult, my belief in gun rights isn’t shaped by John Wayne or even John McClane.  It’s shaped by my reading of the works of our founding fathers.

Maybe this fixation on Hollywood as real life if why Liberal politicians love celebrity endorsements.

“Go ahead, make my day,” Clint Eastwood growled famously to a movie bad guy before dispatching him — kaboom! The museum narrative identifies the actual movie guns, not the actors, as having the “starring” roles in assorted western and terrorist-fantasy shootouts. The gallery includes some of the blank rounds actually fired in movies, as opposed to the live rounds bedeviling real life beyond the film screen.

I’d argue that ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan’s S&W 29 was a star in Dirty Harry and Magnum Force.  I would disagree that gang members in Chicago, shooting each other over drug territory, are committing almost 1,000 homicides a year because  they watched too many Clint Eastwood movies.  One has nothing to do with the other.

During a visit, the difference between “acting” and “acting out” necessarily comes to mind. Why is there no stream of gripping films about the thousands of troubled Americans with easy access to guns who can lethally act out their darkest grievances on family and society day after day?

There are.  They are the bad guys.  The one Harry Callahan shot was called Scorpio.  Generally the good guy shoots the bad guy.  Or throws him off the top of Nakatomi Plaza.

The N.R.A.’s latest priority is rooted in its ultimate fantasy that society will be safer if ordinary Americans are allowed to routinely pack a pistol.

It’s not a fantasy.  We just saw a gang of teens terrorize a train full of people on BART.  We’ve seen Antifa engage in random beatings.  Reginald Denny.  Trust me, a gun for me is a like an AMEX card, I don’t leave home without it.

This is part of the campaign to make gun possession ubiquitous among ordinary citizens. All states permit some concealed carry, but under vastly different safety controls. That is why opponents wisely fear that national reciprocity is a ploy to sell more guns and undermine stronger local and state gun controls.

Oh dear God no.  Not “ordinary citizens” being allowed to exercise their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms and defend themselves beyond their doorsteps.  That’s something only those blessed by goverment can do.  That and illegals and criminals in sanctuary cities.

Gun safety researchers count more than 900 people killed by concealed-carry gun owners in the past decade, with only a tiny fraction of shootings ruled self-defense. Many of the deaths were suicides, and 31 were in mass shootings by concealed-carry owners.

Deep blue Chicago does in  year or an angry Muslim does in a day what 14 million people with CCW permits take decades to do.  Nobody is perfect, but it seems that the CCW track record is way above average for good behavior.

The N.R.A. headquarters here keeps up a fresh drumbeat for the reciprocity legislation underway in Congress, 30 minutes away from the gun museum, with more than 160 co-sponsors signed up. President Trump, who supports the idea, is scheduled to address the association’s annual leadership forum on Friday in Atlanta. Both sides in the gun debate are keyed up for something John Wayne-like from the president.

And here is where Francis ties two disjointed thoughts together into one retarded conclusion.

John Wayne isn’t why there is a push for national CCW.  It is the lawlessness that Liberals like the NYT editorial board allow when they defend sanctuary cities, rioting in Baltimore and Ferguson, and condone Antifa.  We are tired of being told that the police are there to defend us by the same people that undermine the ability of the police to defend us because “the police are racist.”

We can’t trust you to protect us so we are going to protect ourselves.  Not because we saw somebody do that in a movie, but because that’s what our Founding Fathers said.

When the NYT is relying on “they watch too many John Wayne movies and think they are all cowboys looking for a gun fight” as the penultimate argument against national CCW, they’ve gone full retard.