A bit of slapstick

I have the urge to do a comedy sketch that would be sort of a like a Three Stooges bit, but staring Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, and Bill Clinton, where they all get into fights chasing after the same young woman in a short skirt.  I could call it “Three guys, a girl, and a felony charge.”

Bloomie losing his grip

Chicago imposed a $0.01 per Oz tax on sodas and sugary drinks.

It was supposed to encourage healthy living.

Of course Chicago would focus on something like that and not its homicide rate.  The  leading cause of death of young men in Chicago is not high fructose corn syrup but high velocity lead.

After much backlash, Chicago is now repealing the tax realizing that it hurts working class people and the poor the hardest.

Michael Bloomberg, on his never ending quest to micromanage everyone’s life in America, spent $3 Million pushing for this tax.  Previously his big soda ban was shot down in NYC.

This is great news.  Bloomberg’s grip is slipping.  If he can’t win on a sugar tax in one of America’s most progressive cities, he can’t win on even more contentious issues elsewhere.

He’s overextended his grasp.  People are no longer willing to put up with his overbearing nannying.

Maybe he’ll learn his lesson and just retire, but I don’t think his personality will let him.

I’m happy to watch the man bankrupt himself tiling at political windmills, fighting the not-good fight to remove all joy, happiness, and personal responsibility from people.

Badger Dumb

This video is short but to the point.

A bunch of students with Cocks Not Glocks protested a Katie Pavlich speech at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Wisconsin doesn’t have campus carry.  What these girls are protesting is a speech by a conservative journalist.

Congratulations, Cocks Not Glocks, you have become part of the censorious Left.

Here’s the thing about this video, it is just ridiculous.  Leave the argument by the pro gun rights girl out of it.

The first thing you notice is the Disarm Hate rainbow sign.

What hate?  This is left over from the Pulse Shooting.  It is meaningless in the discussion of concealed carry on campus.  But some anti-gun group printed it so it had to come out whether it’s relevant or not.

Next, is the chant “this is what democracy looks like” as a response to a pro-gun argument.  Trying to drown out someone with an opposing view is not what democracy looks like.  Democracy looks like people voting.

Last, but not least, they are waving dildos.

Yep, they brought out the dildos.

The University of Wisconsin – Madison cost between $25,244 and $47,544 per year, depending on in state or out of state tuition.  It is considered one of the “Public Ivy” universities.

All I can think, watching this, is how bad I feel for the parents of these girls.  Shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to see their daughters not learn how to make a reasoned argument and instead shout nonsensically in public waving artificial penises.

Somewhere there is a dad, seeing his, staring absently into his morning coffee, realizing that all those hours of overtime he put in to give his little girl the best shot in life he can, were wasted.

Help for Erin Palette

The creator of Operation Blazing Sword that has taught the LGBQT community how to shoot,  has been injured.

“This morning, my friend Erin Palette was mauled by a dog. Several bites on the face did considerable functional and cosmetic damage. She’s just now back from the hospital. The ER bill is substantial. She received reconstructive surgery quickly, and has an excellent prognosis, but having your face stitched together isn’t cheap.

She could use our help.”

Go to the GoFundMe link and assist if you can.