Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski Vindicated

After over two years of legal battles the Canadian pastor that was arrested for holding services in defiance of Woo-Flu lockdown dictates has won his appeal.

All fines are to be returned to the pastor and his brother. In addition there are penalties are being assessed against the government including Artur’s costs for litigation. Hopefully this will actually cover his costs.

Artur made headlines in 2020 when he told Albert storm troopers to get out of his church. He was videoed verbally berating the cops as they attempted to shut down services. He was later arrested for refusing to abide by illegal orders.

He was arrested again in a pre-dawn raid by Albert SWAT storm troopers on the day he was scheduled to speak at a Canadian Truckers protest rally.

This sort of falls in the same category of all the people that had their guns confiscated after hurricane Katrina. They did get their firearms back but it took years of litigation and when/if they got them back many were significantly damaged.

Artur will not get his time spent in prison back. He was made an example of what the government will do to you if they decide you are not of the right class.

Don’t ever give up your guns.

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Karma comes around: Rebekah Jones Disqualified from Florida Dem. Primary

Rebeka Jones being detained
Rebeka Jones being detained during police raid. 2020-12-07

Rebeka Jones made the news because she was a “data portal administrator” who claimed that DeSantis was forcing her to publish false covid numbers. Her claim was bogus from the start and almost anybody that works with these sorts of data portals knows it.

The gist of what she her office was doing was receiving daily data dumps from the state and then uploading that data into a public facing portal. By having this two step process the state could make sure that no Personally Identifying Data (PID) could be released to the public accidently as there was an “air gap” between PID and the public facing portal.

Rebeka claimed she was being forced to modify the data. This is bogus on the face because she would have had to make the exact same modifications to each data upload and her portal was not an official source. No matter what changes she made or how often she made them, the original data would be unchanged. I.e. she did not have the power to do what she claimed she was being told to do.

She is currently running for congress as a Democrat. Being a person of good moral character and able to understand the rules plus knowing what she has the power to do, she fucked up.

Yep, she failed to register as a Democrat before the deadline. Thus a north Florida judge ruled that she is not eligible for this months Democrat primary.

We hope that Ms. Jones continues to make the same quality of choices alleviating the need for people to actually care about her or her opinions.

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Miguel’s Hit and Run: Your Reminder that you are on your own.

NEW ORLEANS — It is one of the most startling crime stats to emerge in recent months: It takes New Orleans police an average of 2 1/2 hours to respond to a 911 call, according to a new analysis presented to the City Council on Wednesday.

That figure, calculated by the data firm AH Datalytics and presented to the council’s criminal justice committee, was determined after looking at response times for all calls — including low-priority incidents, like fender-benders or stolen cars where residents are in little danger.

The New Orleans Police Department immediately took issue with how data analyst Jeff Asher crunched the numbers, asserting that residents should focus instead on the department’s response times for emergencies, which police get to largely within minutes.

Low-priority calls are often placed at the end of long backlogs, driving up the overall average.

Still, residents in other parishes and states can expect much faster response times for calls about even minor issues. While the NOPD average would give a 911 caller time to watch an entire movie and then some before police arrive, the average is 20 minutes in Little Rock, 22 minutes in Cincinnati and 28 minutes in Virginia Beach, according to the analysis.

As officers leave in droves, New Orleans PD’s response times soar to 2.5 hours (

As we have seen in many videos, a crime can be over in under 2 minutes which would give the criminal(s) 18 to 26 minutes to depart and disappear before the first hit for help arrives.


Plan accordingly.

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COVID has made me reconsider certain principles

I was taught to show seniors respect and to never hit a woman.


Tell me in 2022 that that you want my kids to die because they are not wearing a mask and I don’t care how old you are or what gender you are, you’re going to be swallowing teeth.

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School Hardening, Madison County, NC

What should be outside every school in the country

While not quite at the same level as some schools in Georgia, at least one county in North Carolina is moving in the correct direction.

With the start of the 2022-2023 school year all of the schools in the Madison County school district will have School Resource Officers (SRO). All SROs will be armed with a 9mm sidearm with at least 2 reloads (50+ rounds). In addition there will be breaching tools in each shool.

The article states that the breaching tools will be kept in the safe, which really doesn’t make sense.

…the local school system and Sheriff’s Office are rolling out some beefed up security measures in 2022-23, including putting AR-15 rifles in every school.
AR-15s put in all Madison County schools to enhance security in case of active shooter

The Citizen Times reports that schools are being hardened by pre-staging equipment for the SROs and responding law enforcement. They are also adding panic button systems to will be directly connected to the police dispatch.

The problem with all of these styles of hardening is the same. It is what we saw in Uvalde and Parkland, the effective response to a mass shooting requires men and women to advance to the sound of gunfire and take out the shooter.

It doesn’t matter if the police response time is less than 3 minutes if they are going to cower in the hallway for 77 minutes. It doesn’t matter if there is an SRO on site if they are hiding being the building with brown stains in their shorts.

You are your own first responder. When my children enter a school as a student the school becomes parent in loco. That means the school staff members need to be able to be first responders.

My wife doesn’t carry. I can’t make her. I won’t make her. We’ve come a long way in that she is comfortable handling firearms. She is prepared to defend our home and children with deadly force today. She’s had formal training and she will put rounds on target. She is certainly much better than minute of animal.

I do carry. We do not want every teacher to carry. There are some that are not mentally up to the task. There are some that are more afraid of making a mistake than of doing the right thing. What we want is for staff, including teachers, to have the ability to carry on campus.

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