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Mom chops off boyfriend’s penis after he tried to rape her daughter: report

A mother in India allegedly sliced off her boyfriend’s penis on Wednesday after he tried to rape her 14-year-old daughter.

“I have no regrets for what I did,” the 36-year-old unnamed mom told the Times of India.

“I was working in the farm when the incident took place. Fortunately, I returned home in the nick of time and caught him red-handed,” she said, explaining the series of events that led to the incident.

“He even attacked me while I was trying to save my daughter, so I brought a knife from the kitchen and chopped off his private parts to teach him a lesson.”

Problem solved.  Problem staying solved.

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Aleatory Ruminations for 8/19/2022

I am about done trying to help people to lose weight. Listen, if you have made the conscious decision to be fat for whatever reason, fine, have at it. I am referring to the people who finds out I lost close to 200 pounds and ask me how I did it so they can do it. Once they realize it takes discipline, you can see their brains through their eyes saying, “Fuck it, let’s go to Hardee’s and get us some sausage, egg and cheese biscuits and hash browns. Don’t forget the Diet Coke” and dismiss me as some sort of freak of nature. Maybe I am one, let’s face it in this day and age having a bit of discipline and self-control has to be considered a genetic accident to be dismissed. Maybe if I call it a Gender Choice it may get some traction?

And on her way out, she will poison the well and salt the ground because she is that petty.

I am still laughing at this one. I believe Swamp Puppy is a better animal rename than Trash Panda was for racoons.

OK, I wrote too much of one day…hell, for the week. I am supposed to be semi-retired.

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Miguel’s Hit and Run: Something to think about.

This is just a group of petty criminals having fun at the expense of the store. You can bet none of them is desperately hungry or have another type of urgent need.

Now imagine the same group coming at your place of business or home after a couple of weeks of empty shelves and real starvation because the services have been shut down for whatever reason and Law Enforcement is overwhelmed elsewhere.

And now tell me you only need a pistol with 10 rounds.

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Looking For My Facts: Gun Violence Archive

In the Bruen case the dissenting justices appealed to emotions to justify why they didn’t want to follow the law.

Justice Thomas put it just right: The two step process is one step to far.

Previous to the Bruen decision the courts in gun rights unfriendly areas would start with “We’ll stipulate that the law violates the 2nd amendment BUT…” at which point the second amendment goes away. These courts always found that the state had compelling reasons to abridge and infringe on our rights.

In order for those emotional appeals to actually work, there have to be enough horrible stories to touch people. You need stories that allow the people to connect with the evil and heartbreak. “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic”.

Where to get those number? Those stories? Those scary numbers?

“There have been more mass shootings than days in 2022!!!!”

Only when you use the “right” definitions and the right sources.

When the CDC was advocating for gun control they did studies and the numbers were cooked. Even so they couldn’t hide the fact that the number of DGU was way higher than the number of people killed with firearms. So when they were no longer able to advocate for gun control, they stopped studying violence involving guns.

The gun grabbing media and politicians had to turn to other sources. They turned to people like the Giffard’s and Everytown and Moms Demand and Brady. The problem was that nobody trusted these sources. If you can’t use the numbers from the NRA you can’t use the numbers from people with this much conflict of interest. It didn’t stop them, but it slowed them down.

Thus enters the Gun Violence Archive. This is a group of people, it started with just one person, that started looking in media reports for any and all incidents involving guns. They then made a record of that incident and reported it.

Suddenly there were hundreds of incidents. The only problem was that it didn’t match the FBI’s Uniform Crime Statistics.

What it was good for is scare numbers”

“Since the start of this year (2022), there have been 277 reported mass shootings — an average of more than one per day. See Gun Violence Archive,” Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in June in the opening paragraph.

In other words, the GVA is not at all scientific, its data is hand picked and questionable. Anybody that actually looks at their individual incidents soon finds multiple errors. And they use their own definitions and play loose with those definitions.

All to get those “Scary numbers”

The media and the politicians eat it up because it matches their confirmation bias. So much so that Supreme Court Justices feel comfortable quoting GVA numbers. It is sick.

Just remember, when Obama told the CDC to study violence involving guns after a couple of years the CDC came back with numbers that were so bad for the gun grabbers that they quietly buried the report.

How a tiny nonprofit with no full-time employees became the foremost tracker of gun violence in America

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And the aftermath of Uvalde and Parkland is… (drum roll)

…People has officially stopped trusting cops to keep their kids safe.


A 2-minute response time is amazingly fast for any Law Enforcement department, by the damaged caused by BSO and Uvalde cops may have gone to the point of no return.
And seriously, I can’t blame them. And lord knows what else we are missing from this story that led to the shitshow and eventual loss of control of the situation. Maybe a strong arm approach rather than soothing explanations and assurances? We may know in the months to come…or may not


And from what I was able to find quickly, the father with a gun is facing a Misdemeanor Class 1 charge and could face up to six months in jail and/or a fine up to $2,500.

I guess I have to make another feature/special post category? This fits rather nicely.


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Miguel’s Hit and Run: A reminder.

The Israeli answer for the Ma’alot school massacre was not to order the posting on Gun Free Zone signs but to harden schools, post soldiers with rifles and arm teachers and school workers.

Have assholes tried to attack Israeli schools after that? Yes, but rather few so unsuccessfully that pretty much no idiot tries anymore.

Here in the US, we forbid access to schools to those who can answer to the threat and assure parents that their kids will be “protected” by cowards with a pension and a badge.

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More on the critical punch from Yesterday

This is a follow-up to my post from yesterday about a man put in critical condition from a sucker punch.

NYC thug, 55, who put on gloves to knock out diner in unprovoked attack is FREED after being arrested for attempted murder as DA charges him with misdemeanor : Left victim in a coma with fractured skull three years after leaving prison for rape

A New York City sex offender who was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after punching a diner, fracturing his skull and causing a brain bleed, has been allowed to walk free after the Bronx DA charged him with a misdemeanor.

Bui Van Phu, 55, a registered sex offender who has spent six years in prison with lifetime parole, left Bronx Criminal Court on supervised release without bail Thursday afternoon after appearing before Judge Giyang An.

Court records obtained by DailyMail.com indicate Phu’s charges are now third-degree assault and second-degree harassment. The basis of the charges is because Phu ‘intentionally (caused) physical injury and with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person.’

Phu was convicted for attempted robbery in 1991 and is a registered sex offender – who was out on parole after being convicted of raping a 17-year-old girl at gunpoint on December 24, 1994. He was released from prison in March 2019.

Let’s recap. Phu is a convicted rapist, he was out on parole when he punched a man into a coma by fracturing his skull unprovoked, then when he was arrested, he was released with a misdemeanor charge.

New York City is a hellhole where the law is not enforced.

They are all but begging Mr. Phu to kill someone else.

The police and prosecutors are useless and you are not allowed to defend yourself.

Mr. Phu is a walking, punching justification for CCW in NYC, but clearly the city prefers violent criminals to citizens.

They will have more of this.

To borrow something Miguel said, in NYC EDC us going to have to include a helmet.

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