The 10/7 attack on Israel is coming to America.

The radical Leftists on college campuses have been cheering on the “decolonization” of Israel.

Never mind that the Jews are indigenous and the Arab Palestinians who practice a religion from Saudi Arabia are the colonists.

This is nothing but a rhetorical device to justify racial war and genocide.

This is a perfect example:


He’s black. Obviously not indigenous to the US either, but that really doesn’t matter.  He just needs a way to make his desire to commit genocide against white people morally righteous.

He’s not one.

Posters like this have been appearing all over America.


First a genocide in Israel, then a genocide here.

Ideologically, they want to commit genocide.

The question is, are they brave enough to try it in a nation with a gun culture like ours?

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “10/7 is coming to America”
  1. They will be real brave where people are shackled by anti gun laws.. they try it “in a small town” they will lose… funny how “reverse racism “ is applauded aint it??

  2. What Curby said. Like NYC, it will run rampant but the media will ignore it all and focus on the less common events like Chicago where a muslim kid was stabbed by a racist nutbag, extending it to all ‘right wing’ whypeepo they can. .

    But the leftwing Jewish communities will still keep voting for the boxcars. I’ll openly admit my sympathy for that particular demographic is limited.

  3. That poster is ironically amusing … or would be if they weren’t deadly serious.
    “[A]narchy and communism”? The two are mutually exclusive; they cannot exist together! Either you have no laws and no government (anarchy), or you have a lot of laws and a strong, centralized government (communism). It cannot be both.
    For anyone who didn’t already know (I didn’t), I looked up the “f*ck 12” thing so you don’t have to: “12” refers to the 12th letter of the alphabet, ‘L’, short for “the Law”. Depending on context “the Law” could also mean “the police” — “12 is coming” is slang for “police are on the way”. So “F*ck 12” means, “F*ck the Law” and/or “F*ck the police”. Nothing new, just a different way of saying it.
    This one concerns me: “[F]rom gaza [sic] to the americas [sic], decolonization means attack!” sounds eerily close to the pro-Hamas chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”
    By “free” they mean “free from the Jewish taint/filth/vermin”. And what’s between the [Jordan] river and the [Mediterranean] sea? Israel, all of it. Anyone chanting that is calling for the death of Israel and the Jews. And the similarity in the phrasing — “[F]rom gaza [sic] to the americas [sic]…” — and the open call to attack, does indicate they intend to bring the fight here.
    Nice of them to openly and unequivocally preach anti-Semitism and hate, though. Let them self-identify — it makes target selection easier.
    Like I said, ironically amusing, if they weren’t deadly serious.

    1. Marx preached that the end state of communism was anarchy — once humanity is perfected, government is no longer needed, and will just wither away. The late 19th/early 20th century “anarchists” were disciples of Marx — so WWI was also the result of Marxists.

  4. He’s black. Obviously not indigenous to the US either

    Have you heard of the Indigenous Moorish Americans? Black “sovereign citizens” who profess to believe they’re the descendants of the true indigenous population of the Americas, once part of the “Moorish Empire”.

  5. If it does happen, it will start small. Nothing huge like 3,000-4,000 people simultaneously suddenly raping, kidnapping, torturing and murdering thousands across hundreds of square miles. This was the culmination of more than 75 years of attacks on the Jews in Judea and Samaria.
    How could it start here?
    On the streets: Maybe something like sneak attacks where you club the white and asian people from behind? “We jus funnin!” Moving robberies out of the normal criminal haunts to the “good neighborhoods?” Attacks on religious facilities like churches, synagogues and schools, starting with vandalism and arson, but moving more to direct attacks and killings.
    How corrupt governments could accelerate the hate: Schools and universities emphasizing racial inequality and racial hatred? Government policies demanding separation and segregation of everyone by race, sex, gender, religion, and rewarding selected categories with scholarships, hiring, and job advancement. Use universities to spread Marxist thought and class warfare.
    Most importantly, make sure you emasculate and alienate large swaths of minority men. Purposefully refuse to educate them or give them any job skills in their public schools. Emphasize violent criminal behavior as the path to success. Turn their own wives against them by subsidizing women’s abandonment of the family. Use the courts to destroy men whose wives decide to split their own family. Soon marriage and children will be a thing of the past.
    J.Kb is obviously a paranoid crank.

  6. America has a history of projecting onto minorities individualism via a constitutional republic free market which promotes individualism. Leftist democrats have consistently resisted individualism and promoted collectivism and no American demographic has suffered more from this societal endeavor than Black Americans. And now leftist want to project their failed collectivism system on all who have wholeheartedly embraced individualism, by claiming racism is the true character of individualism. It is a fact that Individualism threatens the very existence of collectivism, just consider for a moment the Asian Americans, who have benefited more than anyone today from individualism.
    When Obama promised to fundamentally change the greatest nation on earth, he was speaking of projecting leftist collectivism which has enslaved Blacks, onto non-black Americans. And his policies, which are the main driving force in the Biden administration, have enabled the leftist to bolster up, and solidify Blacks with Islamists, illegal immigrants, and victim class members.
    Whatever the total percentage of the US Population the Blacks, Islamists, Leftist Hispanics, Illegal Immigrants, and Victim Class Members combined is, the leftist believes it’s enough of a percentage to begin the wage a civil war. And I ask, just how strong is the White American Individualist demographic? Can it endure?

  7. If one were to believe in conspiracy theories, someone might just believe that they let all of those military aged males from places like the Middle East, Northern Africa, and China just come right over so that could, I don’t know, let something like what happened on 10/7 in Israel go down. Then add in all of the Hamas sympathizers in the media and academia and it has the potential to be a complete shitshow
    Then the deep state and all their sycophants shove Patriot Act 2.0 right on through so they can finish off what’s left of the bill of rights and constitution.

  8. I think Curby is right – if it occurs it will begin in Leftist Sh*tholes, and only through sheer stupidity and total ignorance would it spread to “America.”

    Which is fine, for various values of “fine;” one could live in, say, Peoria, or Champaign, and make weekend sojourns to the Chicago Hunting Preserve to do Call of Duty in real life. Utica, Binghamton et al are only a few hours by car from the Five Boroughs, and Manhattan has the advantage of being an island, easily semi-isolated by closing bridges. How many would pay $500 for a 3-day Unlimited License to play “Stalingrad 1944” for real?

    All of which assumes The Powers That Be are sufficiently intelligent to allow Freelance Insurrectionist Control rather than: A) Ignoring the problem; B) Trying to solve it themselves, C) Waiting for the Feds to deal with it, or; D) What problem?

    If it metastisizes out of the Leftist Sh*tholes into “America” living in some rural backwater would suddenly become highly desirable, since a lot of stuff in the .30 caliber category is probably already zeroed for 300 yards, the drop table out to 600 memorized and windows in multi-story buildings with an unobstructed view of the town square lasered to + or – one meter. Think $50/hour for Mrs. Brannigan’s second story window over the hardware store.

    Alas, ’tis but a fantasy…..

    1. There can be no coexistence with Islam. Communism and most blacks.
      And it’s way past time we accepted that reality and acted accordingly.

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