Month: February 2009

Banning Assault Weapons Part II: Do it for Mexico.

You have to give it to the Obama Administration: let’s try a new wrinkle to ban those Evil Black Rifles. Attorney General Eric Holder is calling for the renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban (The ban that never was) under the excuse that we, Bad Americans, are fueling the Mexican Drug War.  According to the State Department’s travel advisory of Feb. 20, 2009 “Some recent Mexican army and police confrontations with drug cartels have resembled small-unit combat, with cartels employing automatic weapons and grenades,” even though no full automatic weapons are sold in the US without heavy Federal control and I don’t recall the last time I saw live grenades being sold at any local gun show. And strikes me as strange that the State Department would use the Mexican Army as a source knowing full well that we are talking about the military that escorts drug runners across our borders and shoots at our Border Patrol Agents to protect drug shipments.

AG Holder’s words are insulting in more ways than one. First he is trying to perpetuate the falsehood of equating machine gun and drug dealers with Law Abiding American that own long guns. It is despicable at best but par for the course. Let us not forget that he worked under Janet Reno of the Waco Massacre fame and Holder was involved in the mass presidential pardon spree during the last days of the Clinton Administration so lying and cheating are a normal thing for him.

But what really really pisses me off is that the Attorney General of the United States would knowingly destroy the Constitution by using as excuse the self-induced plight of another country. The corrupt Mexican Government has been in deep intercourse with the drug cartels and yet, somehow, I am responsible for the shootings south of the borders because I may own an “assault Weapon.” I would not be surprised if the Drug Wars in Mexico are related to just plain turf war between government-protected cartels (and yes, using Mexican Army resources) and independent cartels. For that we are supposed to scratch the Second Amendment and surrender our rights for Mexico. During the Clinton Years was “Let’s Do It For The Children” but in the Obama Age is “Let’s Do It For Mexico.”

What Mr. Holder should so do is create its own little infomercial like we see in late night TV. Instead of sponsoring an impoverished child in a slum of Rio, Mr. Holder will show ask us to relinquish our Second Amendment Rights to help a Drug Dealer.

Mumbai: FBI worries and yours truly is scared shitless.

According to the FBI Director Robert Mueller, the possibility of a Mumbai-style attack in the US could be replicated seems to have the Government in somewhat nervousness. I work in the Hospitality Business and I am here to tell you that I am more than a little worried, I am scared shitless about the issue. By definition, hotel corporations are reactive in nature. They don’t want to change unless change falls on them like a mastodon in heat and then they will cry and complaint all the way to court. In a Hotel Security trade magazine a less than stellar article was written about the Mumbai attack and the genius writer came to the conclussion that the reason the attack was successful was because the terrorists gained access through a kitchen entrance thus laying the blame to an unlocked door. Are you frigging kidding me? A terrorist sporting an AK 47 and a backpack full of grenades has pretty much all the tools required to do an entrance anywhere in the hotel and using pretty much any door including the main entrance of the hotel.

Some less stupid and more insightful articles in different military and police website reveal that the first targets of the attack were anybody that looked like security. 99.99% of security officer that work at a hotel are unarmed and they may only have a radio for “defense” but still they were mowed down so the terrorist could have a wonderful time spreading the will of Allah via 7.62×39.

More and more people are now carrying a concealed weapon and although a sidearm is a poor match against a rifle, it beats being unarmed. If you spend any time in a hotel, you must now add to your list of security concerns the probability that a horny jihadist will decide that your trip to the latest amusement park off state or a business opportunity is a good time to crate mayhem.  Create a plan, be ready and be deadly if necessary. Again, do not depend on the hotel for your protection since we are trained only to be “good witnesses” and nothing else.

As for me, I’ll just bow my head and mumble quietly the Secret Service prayer: “Dear Lord. Not on my watch.”

When Freedom dies so does your mind.

I am sure you have a friend who is the official sender of funnies and assorted pictures by email. Most of the time it might be a joke or cute & funny kitty videos or the dumb kid with a skateboard slamming a hard object or the weird picture of a guy showing his butt crack. Most are OK, some are downright funny but some miss the mark and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

As I was trying to sip my morning coffee, I opened my email and found a the following picture from a friend in Gun Free Venezuela, my country of origin.

For those Spanish-Impaired, allow me to translate.

Attention Robbers

I have no Credit Card and I only carry enough cash for lunch.
I don’t have jewelry and I am a pedestrian.
I have no cell phone and I am unemployed.
If you still decide to rob me, please do it without violence. I promise not to call authorities until 15 minutes after you are gone.
Thanks in advance for your goodwill.

I still don’t know what upsets me more: the T-Shirt or the smiling face of the moron holding it. But this is what giving away your rights looks like. This is an example of people buying into the The Government Will Take Care Of You bullshit. This is what being unarmed looks like. This is what giving up your freedoms looks like.

Sad, pathetic, depressing.

Fearmongering & the Art of Stupidity: What they are not saying.

Allow me to quote myself from the previous entry:

She goes on to quote Mayor Manny Diaz and Police Chief John “I drive a free SUV” Timoney crying about the increase of murders and how easy is now for the gangs to obtain the Evil Black Rifles. However crime numbers from the FDLE website reveal that after Chief John Timoney took office in January of 2003, crime shot up in Miami Dade and the Assault Weapons Ban did not expire until September of 2004. So it seems more a question of ineffective Police leadership that guns after all. Maybe the true mass murderers are not those of us with Evil Black Rifles but the Major and the Police Chief with the tactical support of Journalistic Whores.

So what really do we have here? Is it really that assault weapons are widespread and mowing down innocent people or something else entirely? The sad truth is that Chief Timoney has been a failure curbing crime in the county and more specifically in Liberty City and Brownsville where these attacks happened. These are black impoverished areas under the control of local drug gangs that pretty much do whatever they want to do with little opposition from the Police. The rank and file cops, who want nothing more than to take on the criminals on the street are ticked out of their minds (a study done in 2007 shows that almost 70% of the officers under Timoney have serious complaints about his tenure), but the powers that be have not done enough to bring confidence the community and this has created a huge vacuum between the community and Law Enforcement where criminals thrive. Maybe it is too hard to commit resources to what them might consider a lost zone or lost group of people. Maybe Chief Timoney is too busy traveling abroad in conferences and junkets to be paying attention to dopers shooting each other and their communities or just plain racism.

People in these communities are double hostages: First of the criminal element doing plying its deadly trade and also hostages of a Mayorship and a Police Chief caught in their own web of political correctness but incapable of doing the right thing for fear of catching hell… or maybe afraid to break a sweat. It is much easier to blame inanimate objects that face the reality of their failures so the Evil Black Rifles get blamed for the tribulations of the poor Black Neighborhoods. Not the useless Mayor, not the corrupt Chief of Police, not even the Black Leaders that place the race card but do not have the testicles to tell the community the hard truth of being responsible for their lives and doing the right thing. It is my AK the one at fault for the collapse of cheap Social Engineering.


Fearmongering & the Art of Stupidity

Myriam Marquez is a columnist for the Miami Herald which is my local rag. She published her column today regarding those evil assault weapons that are murdering tons of people in the Miami Dade County area.  How Ms. Marquez ever got a job at the Miami Herald as a writer is amazing and indicative of the level of desperation that the editorial board must be feeling although it is more likely a case of political correctness run amok because they needed a woman in the column section.

Ms. Marquez starts her rubbish by painting a horrifying picture of a “massacre” that happened recently in Liberty City. Apparently an AK 47 all on its own sprayed a group of people playing craps outside some apartment complex and it is suspected that the same or similar AK 47 (again on its own) was involved in a shooting in Brownsville. These Zombies AK 47 have become a curse because they don’t need human intervention to do their mayhem.

She tries to make up after that Horror Movie introduction with the snappy comment :

Oh, excuse me. Weapons don’t kill people. People do. Except the weapon that criminals use can make the difference between death and survival.

OK, we are doing better now. It seems that after all, there was somebody actually behind the AK 47s. For a second I was actually worried that we were being invaded by possessed rifles. But then she makes the first of her really incendiary comments, an insult to millions os law abiding Gun Owners:

Assault weapons are meant to do the dirty on cops.

All of the sudden, we are nothing more that potential cop killers. We are beasts ready to pounce on the Thin Blue Line. We are scum. How sad for Ms. Marquez to think that the actual group of people that supports your average Law Enforcement Officer is nothing more than Mass Murderers.

She goes on to spew the standard lies and fabrications probably fed by the Brady Campaign without double checking the sources. The best is how murders by those Evil Zombie Assault Weapons now are responsible for 20% of the murders in Miami during 2007. Now that is funny because according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Miami Dade county had 240 murders during that period and if the stat she mention is right, 60 of those murders were committed by those Evil Zombie Assault Weapons. Funny thing is that in any Newspaper in this country, 60 murders by “Assault Weapon” would make a huge front page splash… except the Miami Herald who it seems it was not newsworthy or cooler heads thought they can only push a lie so far.  But pushing lies seems to be the norm for Ms. Marquez. her column states that machine guns have been banned for decades although I just had an enjoyable night of shooting with the owner of a suppressed machine gun in one of our public ranges. You see, machine guns are not banned, they are restricted, they are expensive but if you have the money and the patience, you can own one and legally shoot it. I guess Ms. Marquez chose to ignore such little tidbit in her “fifth column.”

And here we have another jewel:

I grew up with guns, have owned and shot them at target practice. So I get it. But there’s no valid reason for hunters to have assault weapons or for city folks to own them unless they plan to kill en masse.

Ms. Marquez clearly belongs to that group that has a serious visual impairment: In the infrequent case that when they read the Bill Of Rights, a congenital optical defects makes the Second Amendment disappear or transforms itself to read something about the right of hunters to carry arms whenever the Government says so. It seems that Ms. Marquez reading is limited to The Motorcycle Diaries and never heard of the Federalist Papers or the Anti Federalist Papers or she would never said such left wing baloney. And let’s not skip on the insult once again: You have an Evil Black Rifle, you are nothing more than a mass murderer.

She goes on to quote Mayor Manny Diaz and Police Chief John “I drive a free SUV” Timoney crying about the increase of murders and how easy is now for the gangs to obtain the Evil Black Rifles. However crime numbers from the FDLE website reveal that after Chief John Timoney took office in January of 2003, crime shot up in Miami Dade but the Assault Weapons Ban did not expire until September of 2004. So it seems more a question of ineffective Police leadership than guns after all. Maybe the true mass murderers are not those of us with Evil Black Rifles but the Mayor and the Police Chief with the tactical support of Journalistic Whores.

To Be Continued…