Month: October 2009

Painful KaBoom!

If you reload, PLEASE stay within the published loads of any decent reloading manual. The following pics are from a Smith & Wesson 629 which was subjected to creative reloading by its owner. According to the email that I got with the pics, the owner got a good whack on the forehead but nothing more.

That is a painful thing to look at. Please be careful.

I want a tomahawk.

My wife, the poor woman. Imagine yourself  watching TV watching some show and your spouse suddenly spouts his intense desire to own a tomahawk. Now, you have lived with this creature for almost a quarter of a century and even though you know he has made some weird comments and requests in the past, he comes up with crap like this that catches you off balance. My wife, what a saint.

Yes, the above butt-kissing paragraph is a subtle hint to my dear beloved that I still want a t-hawk for Christmas. And yes, the one we saw in Modern Marvels by RMJ Tactical is VERY expensive and we can’t afford it just now but you know there are other less expensive substitutes out there that can hold me till we win the Powerball.

RMJ Tactical Tomahawk. A thing of beauty.
RMJ Tactical Tomahawk. A thing of beauty.

I guess I got the bug for a tomahawk the same way most t-hawks fans get it: from the old Cowboys and Indians movies & TV shows. Watching the Indians sneaking into a fort and silently chop the distracted moron with a swift chop always made me shudder. As a close combat edged weapon, the tomahawk has a no-crap intimidating factor that no other weapon has. I don’t care who you are and what kind of exquisite PDW you might be carrying, imagine yourself in close quarters facing a charging man with tomahawk raised above his head and tell me your pucker does not go into gravitational collapse before supernova.

Crow (Apsaroke) man with Tomahawk
Crow (Apsaroke) man with Tomahawk

So my dear wife, I will settle for a small Oh-Ever-So-Tactical-Looking SOG Fusion Tomahawk that runs well under the $50.

SOG Fusion
SOG Fusion

Yes Honey….this one!

PS: If you enjoyed the Crow Warrior picture, I must insist you check out and lose yourself into the incredible collection of historical photographs. It is a very bookmarkable site.

Chicago Hope.

Not everything out of Chicago this year has been bad. Being ornery to what they’ve been told by all the experts, Women in Chicago are buying guns for self-protection.  And demonstrating once more that they are smarter than us males, with the gun they are getting instruction on how to use them and how to defend themselves. Women being responsible for their self defense are smart and sexy in my humble opinion.

The Brady Bunch must be having a conniption.

Gun Control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.

Miami’s Overtown an example of the New Slavery.

It is a common theme down here in Miami-Dade County. Drive-By shootings, executions, armed robberies and the same old creeps from the County jump to blame Assault Weapons, the NRA, We The Rednecks and every stereotype they can think of. But the 500 pound gorilla that they so desperately try to ignore is the fact that probably 75% of the nastiest and ugliest occurs in the North East corner of the County. Now, if you are one of those Politically Correct types, it is time you stop reading, contact the local ACLU and post the word RACIST in the comment section. By the way, I am a spic so good luck making the charges stick

As for the rest, that corner awash in crime is what we generically call Overtown and is populated mostly by black folks. Maybe history in a couple of centuries will record that at the par with slavery, the biggest crime committed against Blacks was their degradation by politics, culture and pandering to the lowest morals by pseudo religious leaders.  What the hell happened? How did the Democrat Party, the historic representative of the Klan all of the sudden became the “voice” of the Black people? This is the party that voted against Kennedy’s Civil Rights Act, historically created the most draconian state gun control laws aimed directly against blacks and they even have one surviving Klan member in congress!

However that happened, the consequences are here and might take generations to fix.  In Miami-Dade, the highest concentration of violent crimes including rape and murder are in the Overtown area. Drug trafficking is rampant and open intimidation of witnesses and whole neighborhoods is commonplace.  Icons like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Carver Washington and Jackie Robinson have been set aside by gaggle Gansta Rappers celebrating drugs, rape mayhem and murder, by scum bucket- race baiting preachers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who have no shame in creating racial incidents out of thin air to extort money and achieve notoriety and by an amazing number of political folks of the same skin color that actually love telling the Black Community that everything is owed to them and they should not have to work for a damn thing thus officially creating a culture of beggars and malcontents when things that are not promised never reach them. All these and more festered a sub-culture of irresponsibility, murder and immorality that has taken over and now “represents” the Black community. It is now their image as false and unjust as it might be.

For the folks that adopted this culture, reality eventually rears it ugly head and set its jaw on the unsuspected targets. If a black male somehow survives its teens to the culture of death and depravity and wants to change its way, have a family and become an honorable member of society, chances are he won’t because he has a criminal record of some sorts. Almost a hundred and fifty years after the Emancipation Proclamation, this black male finds himself a second class citizen without any rights or very restricted. He might vote in some places in some he is denied. But in each and every State of the Union he is not allowed to legally own a firearm for self-defense, he cannot live in a household with a firearm so even if his family has a clean record, they are subject to be victims by proxy. The Sub-Culture has chained him with more effectiveness than any slave owner could. He and his family are now Victims till the day they die. That is a sad sad way to live.

We have a Generation’s worth of Black Race being shut out off our Bill of Rights and that is a crime. If we somehow stop it now, it is going to take another generation to erase the consequences of the Sub-Culture. But where do we even begin? I confess I have no idea. Were up against powerful forces that are making too much money and deriving too much power out of having untold millions of people dependent on the Government and  false Prophets.  And they are good at defending what they do by flipping out the Race Card if anybody has the testicular fortitude to call on the “failures” of their alleged civil rights struggle. Something has to be done against those who claim to fight for the Have-Nots but are the ones that created them in the first place. They are the New Slave Owners and their helpers the New Overseers. We, all of us, black, white, brown, yellow, whatever… AMERICANS,  must fight them somehow.

PS: And warning to the Latinos. You are next on my list.

UPDATE: Court says threats don’t justify felon having gun.

Retaking a semblace of normality.

I am lucky to have been laid off and found a job again when the unemployment and the economy is so crappy. But I have to say that working 2300 to 0070 does put your life in a spin cycle specially since I ain’t a young pup anymore. It has taken almost a month to adapt to the concept that I am a pumpkin and the rest of the world is not. Add to it that the body tends to reboot once it sees sunlight but the reboot is less than satisfactory due to working like a vampire and what you get is the brain of a zombie trying to get things done and my mind suffers the equivalent of Windows Blue Screen of Death.

But now that I am somewhat used to the new routine, I realized I am so behind in several things, I am ashamed I let everything go. My shooting has gone to crap. Even though I managed to set one day off to be able to attend my IDPA matches, the change in schedule compounded with the nasty heat and humidity of South Florida brought what appeared to be cluster headaches (at least according to WebMD.) I had headaches before but having a headache lasting 16 hours is not an enjoyable experience. I became light and sound sensitive so you can imagine this fool bravely attempting to get a day in the range, failing miserably and having to run home crying like a teenage girl watching Twilight.  Let’s see if I can make it up this Saturday.

I need to reload. God I am so low in ammo that I might make one IDPA match and one ICORE match… barely. Reloading components are still hard to get, specially primers. I am well stocked in brass and lead for casting bullets, somewhat OK in powder but awfully short on primers. And I refuse to buy primers at stupid prices so I am caught between the anvil and the executioner’s axe. Anyway, that will be first on my To Do List.

I got a 24×12 (or something like that) sheet of airplane kydex for under $15. I’ve been meaning to retake my speed loader and AK mag pouch projects but lack of inexpensive materials with a crappy income put aq stop to that. I do need at least 4 more speed loader pouches for ICORE and I will try to duplicate an AK Mag holder that Rob of Tactical Yellow Visor was kind enough to loan me. I swear the first company that figures there is a huge need for inexpensive AK gear will make friging millions.

I did order EOTAC’s Vickers Duty Gloves from Dale who is our local Tactical Gear Pusher and duly sworn EOTAC dealer. I am still smarting from the last rifle drills night a couple of months ago. WASRs are tough, reliable but murder for the hands. A review will be forthcoming before it is against the law to do so.

I do want to happily announce that the last barrier has collapsed and my dear wife has finally agreed to get her Concealed Weapons Permit. She will be the third student to get training from this NRA instructor. If I want to be accurate, she has been getting the training for the last year a bit at a time although not in a class format. I think by now she must have somewhere in the vicinity of 50 hours of me talking about guns and self-defense but needs some range time (Honey, expect some 200 rounds worth of active shooting) plus a last minute overdose of Florida Statutes 790.

Explain this to me. Maybe I am too dumb to get it.

Five teens decided that Michael Brewer needed to be punished for telling on one of them about a stolen bike. So, in true thug fashion and using their own version of sick justice, they dumped alcohol on him and set him on fire. Can anybody tell me the advantages of modern educational systems? Please, please don’t tell me touchy-feely did not work even though they swore on a stack of bibles it would.

Today, the 911 call was released to the media. I had the audacity to listen to it. I wish I hadn’t. Is it wrong for me to wish for a gallon of lighter fluid, a box of wooden matches and about a weekend’s worth of time alone with the animals that committed this crime?

I gotta go do something constructive.