Month: December 2009

Civilian Self-Defense Code of Conduct: It is my responsibility to stand against those who seek to eliminate the right right to defend myself.

All of the other codes rest in the knowing that it is our Constitutional right and our God Given Right that we posses guns for the Defense of oneself, family and our way of life. Anybody who threatens that right is an enemy until proven otherwise. These are hard words but disarming a population whether because they seek power and they cannot obtain it against an armed populace or they truly (and wrongly) believe that less guns is safer for society, leads to the ultimate result which is that we will end up at the mercy of Criminals and Corrupt Governments.

So it is up to us to stand up against anybody who seek to restrict or eliminate the private possession of firearms. Join whatever pro-gun lobby group strikes your fancy, write to your congress critter or any elected official, write to the editor of your local news rag, get in discussions with friends and neighbors on the benefits of the Second Amendment, do not let a lie against guns and gun owners go unchallenged. For many years we have been polite about our cause and mention facts and figures to prove our point. Facts and Figures only work with people who are really interested in learning but fail when people are closed minded and radicalized. Challenge their morality and their love for themselves and their family. THERE IS NO MORAL SUPERIORITY ON BEING UNARMED. Police cannot respond on time no matter how dedicated they are and most just arrive to draw the chalk line around the corpses or to call the paramedics to see if they can plug the bloody holes in the bodies. Ask them how’s is morally superior to let loved ones be tortured, raped and murdered because they refused to own a gun. Do they feel better at the sight of a child that died in front of them because they were unarmed and could not stop the attack by a nutjob?  Are they going be better loved by their wives and daughters because they were unable to stop the rapist that attacked them in a dark parking lot because it makes you a better person if you cannot defend yourself? It is a hate crime to forbid a gay person the tool to defend themselves against those who think is fun to stomp homosexuals because of their sexual preference. It is also a hate crime if bigots decide that the color of your skin is reason enough to hang you from the nearest tree or set your house on fire just for kicks. Those who consciously disarm the People are direct accomplices on whatever crimes befall the People and they should be held accountable just like any other criminal committing a crime may it be robbery, rape, hate crime or murder. The blood of innocents will be in their hands as sure as if they were there holding the victim down during the slaughter.

Get allies for your fight, get new allies by introducing new people to shooting. How can anybody be against guns if they never shot them? Very few people ever stay in the same anti gun frame of mind once they visit a gun range with a friend and have a chance to send some rounds to a target downrange. That does not mean they will become gun owners, but I can almost guarantee you that their stance will shake and very possibly crumble after the experience.

It is a never ending battle and sometimes you will feel overwhelmed and tired. If so, rest a bit, clear your mind and keep on. We are fighting a righteous war for our freedoms and our survival. You are not alone.

What I want for the New Year.

I m not calling them New Year’ resolutions because you well know it is a damn jinx. So, just simply what I want to do and will try to achieve, nothing more.

  1. Take care of myself: That means lose weight ( I did a great job earlier this year but let it slide some) and once and for all give up smoking. I ain’t getting any younger and all that crap I pulled as a youngster is coming back seeking payment in the form of aches, pains and tiredness.
  2. Seek a new job: Fortunately I am employed while millions are not, but this place is less than ideal in both monetary compensation and population of buttholes. I am getting older and grouchier and my standard allergy to idiots seems to have become much more sensitive, specially when a butthole tries to get me fired.
  3. Get more people into guns: I have scheduled a class for 3 individuals for NRA’s Basic Pistol on the second week of January. Let’s see if I can do more and more every month.
  4. Shoot more: This year I caught up with my abandoned IDPA but I am till short with rifle and no shotgun whatsoever. I started an ICORE thing down here, but unless I figure a way to get some range time, it may die in the vine as it is hard to get revolver shooters.  Must buy more primers and powder!
  5. Buy more books: I need fresh stuff and soon. I have on cue the Dexter and Jessie Stone series but I am guessing it will hold me till the first of March. As future buys are Paul Kirchner’s “Deadliest Men” books and his book on Cirillo’s Tales from the Stakeout Squad. Massad Ayoob’s Stressfire series and Gun Digest of Concealed Carry. Bill Jordan’s No Second Place Winner alongside Jeff Cooper To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak The Truth. Anything new from W.E.B. Cooper, Vince Flynn, Tom Clancy, Brad Thor and whomever I don’t know yet but writes this kind of thrillers. Also, I will need more wood to build book shelves even though my room has no space left on the walls.
  6. Go back to fishing: I did not do any fishing this year and I am ashamed because I am blessed with a great man-made lake as backyard. I can literally cast from my back porch and fight a nice peacock bass. My excuse was that my 2 rods died on me (ask me about South Florida UV ray dosage and their effects on fiberglass) but I am sure there will be some nice sales at BassPro. I did get a nice Gatorback medium for peanuts about 5 years ago and I am sure something similar will come along…. where the heck are my lures?
  7. Keep up this Blog: For myself and the 4 or 5 guys and gals that visit it. Besides, I already paid 2 extra years for the domain name 🙂

The system worked….yes it did!

A few days have passed after the bombing attempt by Umar Abdulmutallab  (A.K.A. the Depends Bomber) and in retrospect, the assertion by Janet Napolitano is true: The System Worked.

Why do I say that? Well this administration from the get go changed the aiming point on the fight against terrorism. First, there is no terrorism if it comes from AlQaeda, Taliban or any of those misunderstood Muslim Extremists (that would be Racial Profiling you jerk!) but “Man-Made Disasters” and DHS turned its attention to the true terrorists: those of us that are bitter and cling to our guns and religion.

Since in almost  year there have been no acts of terrorism from those fanatical inbred rednecks, the system has worked like a charm. Kudos Janet!

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New Year’s gun rights resolution: Demand ATF investigations

A very good idea brought to you by David Codrea of the Gun Rights Examiner. My congressman just got sent a request for an investigation. The link above not only tells you what to say but how to get the info on your Representative or Senator. Leave the Twitter alone for 10 minutes and rise hell in your district.

Isolated till next year.

My DSL internet connection went Tango Uniform about a week ago. The folks at AT&T determined (after asking for the 1000th to reset the modem and for the same amount m telling them I do not have a modem but fiber optic) that the wire from my house to the distribution box/thinghie is damaged and has to be replaced. As usual, I got told different time-lines and the best repair scenario as supposed to be yesterday, but reality and the Union reared their ugly heads and I was given the firm date of sometime after the passage of the Health Care Bill or 10 business days, whichever they feel more like it. So, I might be reconnected back by the 7th of January or when my doctor gets permission from an ACORN-Health Care specialist to use gloves during my examination.

In the meantime I am forced to fish for free wireless connections or spend time in my local McDonald’s and being asked to leave for spending six hours with just an order of fries and a small Coke plus telling the little kids to stop making so much noise in the jungle jim.

A Patron Saint for shooters.

The following is extracted from the article “A Patron for Shooters” by Carlo Stagnaro, ARMI Magazine, Milan, Italy, June 2003. For the whole article please visit the St. Gabriel Possenti Society.

After a battle that year in Pesaro, Italy, in which Giuseppe Garibaldi’s Piedmontese army defeated Blessed Pope Pius IX’s army, several contingents of the former left the main body of the troops, and proceeded to terrorize the countryside. About 20 of them entered Isola del Gran Sasso, where Gabriel Possenti served as a seminarian. When the noise from the ruckus caused by the gang reached the monastery, Possenti asked the monastery rector if he could go into the town to see if he could help the people. The rector said yes.

Possenti found the gang about to rape a young woman, and ordered them to set her free. When they refused to obey, Possenti yanked two pistols out of the soldiers’ holsters. (According to Mr. Paolo Tagini, who edits the Italian firearms magazine, Armi Magazine, the weapons likely were 1851 Colt Navy Model six-shot revolvers in .36 caliber or imitations thereof.) At that moment, a lizard ran across the road. Gabriel Possenti took aim, fired and killed it with one shot. Then, he turned his weapons toward the gang which, surprised and shocked, left the village.