Month: February 2010

On music reflecting the mind.

My wife defines my taste in music as eclectic. Actually she uses other words but eclectic is much nicer and sound like I am somewhat intellectually gifted (Yep, camouflage.) She is amazed at the different stuff that pours from my iPod as I feel like listening too. So here is a sample in no particular order: 10 random songs in a shooter’s iPod.

Sugarland: Stay

Dino:Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

EL&P: Karn Evil 9, First Impression

Dave Brubeck: Take Five

Meatloaf: Bat Out Of Hell

Eagles: Hotel California from Hell Freezes Over (I have the album version and the live version too)

J.S. Bach: Toccata & Fugue in d minor

John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band: On the Dark Side.

Elvis: Are You Lonesome Tonight

ZZ Top: La Grange

Boy I hate this weekend.

While I am waiting for dearly beloved wife to finish get ready, I can’t help but envy my fellow Club Members in Clearwater, FL about to begin shooting in the 2010 IDPA  Florida State match. Being the new guy at work did not give me a whole lot of flexibility to ask for days off and my days off were totally out of whack with a weekend match so I gave it up for this year. But Destiny is a miserable bitch; suddenly not only my days off were reassigned and I was told I could take a day off  to attend the match but the same day I was told that there were none available and a long list of people waiting for a cancellation.  So even though I am not happy, I feel good for the Wyoming Antelop Club. Last year’s match was impeccable and I am sure they will outdo themselves.

In the meantime:


It has to be a West Coast “Be Meek” thing.

“This is Tyler. This is Robert. And we single handedly managed to kill Gun Rights Radio Network!”

In their latest podcast, the Gun Rights News (West Coast Edition 025 @ minute 50:50) duo actually proposed two things anathema to Gun Owners anywhere but the Left Coast: A Federal Database of Gun Owners and Federal Regulations to Carry Concealed anywhere in the country which is what you will get when you push for a Government-sponsored Federal Concealed Weapons Permit. Add to that the fact that they want taxpayers to pay for mandatory Gun safety classes or you don’t get a gun and I figure that unless they come up with an emergency podcast apologizing for their remarks, the cash-strapped Gun Rights Radio will find itself in the way of the now defunct Air America.

I do not think Robert and Tyler are moles for the Brady Bunch, but just a couple of well intentioned West Coast subjects of the Great Social Experiment that, although saying they believe in the Second Amendment, they are convinced that the average modern gun owner is a fumbling moron whose access to guns should be supervised.  In a way is sad to see that some people in the Left Coast are so behind the curve. The rest of the Second Amendment community have stopped apologizing and trying to compromise with the other side since the Assault Weapons Ban some 15 years ago when we realized that “compromise” and “common sense measures” were just key words denoting ‘give up your rights even more.’ Yes, all hell was raised when the public heard statements like “jackbooted thugs” (referring to the ATF) and “He (President Clinton) is willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda” but it shook the status quo and all of the sudden the Silent Majority was heard loud and clear even though Mainstream Media came down with all its might and every anti Second Amendment pundit took the pen or keyboard to label us as dangerous creeps. Then it came the ballot box and all of the sudden the “common sense” side lost big time by those who were tired of “compromise” and “common sense measures and laws”.

“But… but… but they are only advocating gun safety! You cannot be against gun safety you heathen!”  Well yes I can advocate against Gun Safety if it comes from Washington D.C. I mean really, Have you been paying attention at the trash coming out of D.C. in the last 60 years? Do you really think that a Government bureaucracy is going to make things safer? Will you really feel your Second Amendment right safe and sound with a Concealed Weapons database in the hands of the ATF? You actually think they would let Instructors from the NRA (the most hated Lobby Group in D.C.) be in charge of a Federal program? Dude, please!

Gun Deaths by accidents and negligence have taken a dive since the late 80’s. That people in our side use the specter of “Ohmyfuckinggodeverybodywithagunisamoronweneedregulation” shows the amount of disconnect between reality and their little piece of their imaginary world. Plus, let’s remember something: IT IS OUR RIGHT! Tyler and Robert would evacuate a block of baked clay if I were to demand that they were properly trained and certified by the FCC, NAB and FTC and whichever other regulatory commissions and groups are there before they even attempt to buy their first recording device or laptop to be used in Internet publishing. Yet, somehow it makes sense for them to demand those regulation for the folks buying a gun.

So to Robert and Tyler, grow a pair of gonads, share them and welcome to the 21st Century. Stop apologizing for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Addendum: To Jerome. Dude, regarding your comments about Gary Tudesko’s alleged misconducts as student at Willows High I just have to say that either you went to school at a Buddhist monastery or were a certified nerd.  Anyway, whatever he allegedly did or did not do had no relevance in the case and you are as guilty as the Principal who brought out those events in order to taint his character and maintain his expulsion. Gary Tudesko was a kid who was roughly treated by a school principle drunk in power and false moral superiority. You sounded with just about the same amount of false moral superiority. Gary Tudesko is not an ambassador of anything, he is just a kid and probably better behaved than many. So, Next time restrain yourself from sounding like one of those preachers that speak righteousness but they are doing crystal meth and have a mistress on the side.

Mark Vanderberg and the rest of GRRN is requesting subscribers to keep organiztion going. It is not much, just $24 a year. But, Can I support an organization that hosts minds like Robert, Tyler and Jerome? If they were the only game in the network, I would tell them to go to hell. But GRN also hosts ProArms and Urban Shooter Podcast which are my favorites,  so I guess I’ll be sending my donation anyways. It is up to you to make your own decision.

How to write to the editor without throwing up.

Refuting The Anti-Gun Newspaper Article by Chris Christian.

Every firearms owner has, at one time or another, read a newspaper article, or opinion column, or Editorial, or Letter To The Editor, that just made their blood boil because it just wasn’t true.

“HOW CAN THEY GET AWAY WITH THAT!!!!” we all scream. Well, there’s a simple reason they can get away with that, and that’s because they own the ink and paper. And, once in print, many accept their cr*p as fact. In many cases, the Mainstream Media (MSM) they could care less whether or not the printed material is factually correct as long as it fits their liberal template, and the private ownership of guns is not high on their list of favorites. Expect them to be anti-gun.

You can yell, scream, beat the dog, use the paper to wrap fish or line the bird cage, get onto a Forum and rant (I call that “preaching to the choir”), or just stew about it. Or, you can respond via a Letter To The Editor.

And no, firebombing the editor’s car is not an option….legal or otherwise. 🙂

A quick do-it-yourself Global Warming experiment.

Turn Oven on and set to 400 degrees. Place 2 glasses with water inside oven. Leave one glass of water alone and add 2 alka-seltzers to the other. Close oven.
According to the Global Warming defenders, after a couple of hours you should have a snowstorm inside your oven.

I must be doing something wrong. The only thing I keep getting is a damn mess inside the oven. But I will follow the precepts of the Grand Pope Of Global Doom, His Excellency  Al Gore and keep repeating the experiment till I get a slurpee.