Month: June 2010

I got my new M.H.I Patches.

So I am giggling right now after getting a letter from a remote location in Utah.  The new M.H.I. patches are now in my possession and once again I find myself wondering what piece of clothing can be deserving of have them attached.  A cap i had with the original M.H.I. patch is in the possession of a buddy of mine who became a rabid fan after I recommended the book for Summer reading (or was it Fall?)

Book wise I am a confessed 100% Luddite, so begrudgingly I have to say that Monster Hunter Vendetta is now in what is know as Electronic Advanced Reader Copy. If you are a fellow retrograde, you can order your advanced paper copy via Amazon and avoid all the electronic boys and girls commenting and giving away spoilers.

Any dissolute that dares post a spoiler in the comment section, shall face my wrath in the form of a visit by a pack Canis HugoChavez: a sadistic animal that is the cross or a Chupacabra with a delusional Warg.

Ernie Pyle’s Home to close down?

Via Monster Hunter Nation bouncing out of Bayou Renaissance Man I find out that Ernie Pyle’s home is in dire straits and about to be closed. Times being tough are making the State of Indiana having to decide if such crime against history will be committed.  Ernie Pyle was the raconteur of the Greatest generation and that his memory might disappear even a little would be a tragedy.

I can’t find an organization or link to collect funds to save the house, but at least I can pass the word and see if somebody knows somebody who knows someone.


I guess I missed an address at the end of Bayou Renaissance Man‘s post and also his challenge:

I’d like to appeal to all my readers to support the Ernie Pyle Home and museum. Donations may be sent to:

The Friends of Ernie Pyle
P.O. Box 338
Dana, IN 47847

I’ll challenge all of you. My $10 donation is on its way. How about matching or beating it? If all of us do so, we should be able to send enough to cover at least a year’s operating costs.

I’d also like to appeal to all fellow bloggers who read this. Please consider posting your own article about Ernie Pyle, or linking to this one, and helping to raise funds to keep the museum open. I think it’s a cause worthy of our support.

Thanks in advance, friends.

Mine’s on the way. How about yours?

Facepalm News: VPC says that slaves reject removal of chains.

“It is our hope that Chicago’s citizens will follow the lead of the residents of the District of Columbia–who were stripped of their handgun ban in the wake of the Supreme Court’s June 2008 decision in District of Columbia v. Heller.

Only the idiocy of those who think themselves superior can lead to such unbelievable statement.  Do they actually think the People in Chicago enjoy having their rights suspended and be defenseless victims of crime?

Are they really that stupid?

Remember Fuzzy Math? The Census has it.

Well, it seems that this year’s census is going to be a tad skewed since two Census Bureau managers from Brooklyn decided to use their imaginations and create fake household records instead of doing things right.  More and more of this crap is surfacing and according to its own commercial, this is what the Government uses to steal our money collect taxes and ghetto Americans into sub-groups get an accurate portrait of us.

I feel so warm-fuzzy.