Month: July 2010

Mission dictates the training & screw the cool factor.

I am sure I am not the only one that checks certain magazines or watch TV shows that have great trainers teaching some cool stuff & tactics. But really, what does Mr. & Ms. Average get out of knowing how to shoot the Uber Tactical AR from underneath a moving vehicle while crawling through a minefield in the middle of monsoon season? While the drill may be very necessary for those in the front lines or Law Enforcement, Regular Joes and Janes will wasting their time, monies and ammo on that training.

We need instructors that understand we are not fit super heroes but middle aged cubicle dwellers that will have a great chance to face Kanish Bubba Perez, known tweaker and overall armed robber than Sheik Said Altowellette. Example: I have seen both on TV and printed that Isosceles stance is the best because not only is a stable platform for handgun shooting but also it faces the body armor towards the enemy thus giving protection against incoming rounds….Excuse me?? What frigging body armor? The closest I get to body armor is the excess weight I carry around my mid-section and I don’t think it really will stop most rounds.

Yes, I want to learn to defend myself with a rifle, a shotgun and a handgun but let’s get real here. How many of us have an AR costing $4,000 or more after accessories? More likely an AK Klon or Lever Action rifle are gathering dust and cobwebs because they are not “tactically cool” and will be sneered upon at most classes by the Black Nylon Ninjas. Same for shotguns: Ultra Slick Wilson Tactical SBR shotgun with all the gizmos versus a coach gun or plain jane hunting pump shottie. These uncool weapons have their own traits and shortcomings so a training must be developed so they can be used for defensive purposes. And yes, I understand that a slick long gun platform may have special advantages, but the idea here is not to show off the latest and coolest but to help your average citizen deal with a life threatening situation with the tools he or she has.

We get many a contradictory message in this realm: How many times we hear “It is not the arrow but the indian” in the same breath that loudly proclaims no handgun unless is a 45 and costs you one and a half mortgage payment is worth buying? Or in the case of a home invader you are told to retreat to the safe room only to immediately start training on how to clear a house by your lonesome?

I think it is time to shake the digital cammo pattern, Oakley glasses and Converse boots mentality out of the training and go more for plaid bermuda shorts, black sock and sandals. Might not be very cool among the high speed-low drag fraternity, but students that survive a deadly force encounter thanks to a common sense training with the tools they have is the ultimate in coolness.

Bringing life back to normal, computer wise.

Still in the file rescue & recovery process plus learning Windows 7 which I haven’t had any problems adapting to it from XP. Is there a electronic version of Hoarders by any chance? I can’t believe how much cyber crap I have all over the place and since I am not the most organized bastard on this planet, you can imagine the kind of mess of files I have.

I have a couple of post already being mentally processed and I hope to publish at least one tomorrow. In the meantime, a Motivator!

And yes, she is one of my cats (or I am one of her humans) and yes, she can display that attitude when hungry or ignored.

I have angered the digital gods.

Laptop ales kaput! According to diagnostics, the hard drive decided to give up and will not boot.

Now I gotta start hunting for a cheap laptop… and I mean frigging cheap.

I’ll abuse the club’s computer in the meantime.

UPDATE: The proper sacrifices have been done and new a scribing tool has been acquired.

Now I gotta update all my stuff.

and get used to Windows 7

UPDATE 2: Not up to date yet but making headway. If you haven’t done it yet, do a back up now!

I need to go shootin’

Chicken Little TV Style.

So here in South Florida we are preparing for Tropical Storm Bonnie. The windy babe should start hitting us sometime in the next couple of hours and this is the forecast for tomorrow according to the National Weather Service:

Friday: Tropical storm conditions possible. Rain and possibly a thunderstorm. Some of the storms could produce gusty winds and heavy rain. High near 88. Heat index values as high as 101. East wind 28 to 33 mph, with gusts as high as 47 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%.

While nothing to sneeze about, South Florida is pretty much well set up for a small,  medium or large size Tropical Storm.  I don’t think most of us bothers with shutters unless we are guaranteed a Cat 1 Hurricane with winds close to 85 mph and then only because it is too complicated to deal with the damn panels. Flooding will be the issue mostly because we are flat and water has pretty much nowhere to run to once the canals are at full capacity. Since May, everybody from the Mayor to the any of the street vendors between Calle Ocho and Flagler Street, keep remind us about hurricane preparations. Some more than others are prepared for them following the trifecta of beans, bullets and band-aids and have become experts at following storm paths and analyzing radar returns, infra red water vapor satellite images and keeping an eye on the seagulls to see if the show up all of the sudden west of I-75.

The collective of our local Channel 7 is losing their ever loving minds with this storm. If you pay any more than five seconds of attention to their broadcast, you swear that Andrew and Katrina are pissed off and about to pay us a nasty visit. And of course, there is the fringe of idiots that will go nuts and actually believe we are going to have Armageddon Part 2 so they rush out to buy everything off the shelves because they heard the “news.” By Sunday afternoon they will be trying to figure out what they are going to do with 500 hot dogs with corresponding buns, 10 cases of Sams Cola, one metric ton of self starting charcoal and the three cases of Captain Morgan (You can’t have a Florida weather event without rum or at least a decent amount of related spirits and I am not exaggerating about the hot dogs, I saw that once.)

This type of news are counter productive. I am all for preparations and being forewarned, but doing a Chicken Little Live On The Scene only serves for people to ignore future and possibly dangerous events. People get tired of wasting time, money and peace of mind for some heavy rains and a gust of wind. So my dear friends in Channel 7 News, chill out and STFU.

Since losing power for a couple of days might be a possibility, I might be forced to take a little vacation from the blog. I’ll see you guys on the other side!

Update: I was afraid that our Saturday IDPA match might be canceled, but this just got posted in our club’s forum.

The storm should be well past us by Friday night. 

So—- it will be sweet and clean after the rain……

Come on out on Saturday so you can practice for the looters.


ND: Bad Holster manipulation? (Graphic Content Warning)

The original thread at the at the S&W Forum does not give any explanation about how the Negligent Discharge came to happen, but I suspect there was some sort of brain fart while holstering by the way the wounds look. Perhaps the booger hook on the bang stick while holstering the gun?

Just a reminder that if we don’t play safe, somebody will get hurt.

That shit hurts just looking at it. 🙁

Blog Spam: Now this was funny.

An Askimet catch that I must admit made me chuckle.

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Kinda reminds me the first issue of National Lampoon Magazine.