Month: May 2011

Memorial Day: Gangbangers, Hip Hop and Assorted Idiocy.

Apparently this kind of madness happened all over the country. The guy in the Mercedes had just shot somebody and the MBPD did a ballistic Maaco on the car and sent the perp to a cold slab of the morgue.

In order to avoid idiocy like this next year and bring more business to Miami Beach, I propose that alongside the “Urban Festival” we should have a Shooters Memorial Day Weekend where every other hotel hosts one gun company or Shooting Discipline, Armorers’ classes in every corner, reloading workshops, Knife fighting demonstrations by the likes of Steve Tarani, etc.

I am betting on a very nice and peaceful weekend.

Where I Blog

Romeo Tango Bravo started the The Post Maker a.k.a. Where The Magic Happens Meme and as usual I am a bit behind the times.

Allowing for good weather, this is where I like to blog the most. Right now is 84 degrees with a 5 to 7 mph breeze that is keeping the mosquitoes away and the humidity low. The other place is my desk, but it is an embarrassing mess that shall not be photographed.

Damn it….the lawn needs mowing bad.

AAR for the Ladies Only Pistol Class.

Well, I wish I could give you an After Action Report, but we were summarily expelled from the range and Markham Park altogether. We were told “We’ll call you when it is time for you guys to clean up.”

So about the only After Action Report I can give you is the Evicted Husbands/Boyfriends/Others Lunch at Antonino’s while waiting for the Ladies to be done.

I ate enough garlic bread to kill the whole cast of Twilight with one burp. The toasted Salami and Swiss was so-so. I don’t drink but apparently the beer was frozen-like and so was the Coke.

One of the few pics I was able to get of the class before knitting needles were impaled in me rear end.

The Classroom Part in full swing. 34 Ladies in total. I snuck in to take this pic and was given 34 “evil eye” stares. Whatever hair I had left on my head fell off.

Markham Park Range has a Lightning Alarm system with a very loud siren. You are not allowed to wander out and shoot from under cover if it goes off and you are not allowed to shoot under the cover either. A storm cell went by too near so the shooting time was cut in half but still shooting got done.
New Shooter Caitlin and Instructor Wafta Hallum celebrating. Check out the darned groups!

Overall conclusion: Women do want to shoot. Just not with us males. We set our sights for 20 ladies max, expected 12 and were avalanched by 34 just because our instructors were female and guys were not allowed anywhere near. My wife told me that at least 5 more ladies did not make it because of previous engagements (Memorial Day Weekend celebrations out of town) and one young lady was taking some sort of school test that day.

So, I’d say the class was a success and we guys had nothing to do with it. 🙂

PS: Apparently some enterprising soul lent my wife a 1911. Take a wild guess what am I supposed to get her as a gift?

The Unholy Power of The NRA

Since I am finally doing baby steps around TwitterLand, I get to find more bon mots. This one caught my attention.

I would be a kind person if I were to say that Nikkii is just another thoughtful operative of VPC or CSGV, but in reality she is probably one young woman who might partaking too much on Extasis & Meth to form a coherent thought process of her own.

Her sentiment however is common among Anti Gunners and Lefties in general: If an organization has too much “power” and opposes an ideal they have, it should be illegal. This goes double if that organization is beating their militant tushies to a bright red without the help of the usual suspects. If i were to say that the NAACP has too much power over candidates and it should be illegal, every “Rights” organization would come after me, become Numebr One with a Bullet in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hit parade and I would end up in a DOJ investigation with FBI agents knocking at my door. Why? Because I happen to believe that the Second Amendment is as valuable as the rest and that the whole Bill Of Rights must be allowed to be respected by everybody and enjoyed by everybody equally. Now, this is important for Nikkii to remember because the problems will not go away when the NRA and its 4 million members & families are safely tucked away in a “re-education” camp somewhere but those problems will increase. When you are so willing to give any government the power to eliminate those who oppose you ideologically, you will be in fear the rest of your life of running afoul of that government’s ideological ebbs & tides and thus becoming its enemy.

Don’t worry, re-education camps are like Jello: there is always room. We’ll save you a spot.

Pick One to Keep Safe.

Dear Nikkii: If Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall, Reality is the demolition team that brings the whole edifice down. I am willing to bet that you are a staunch Abortion Rights defender, proudly screaming a top of your lungs: “Every woman has a right to control her own body! Don’t Force your Morality On Me!” however those cute slogans will not help you defend yourself against the 250 lbs rapist holding a knife against your throat and imposing his morals (or lack thereof) while controlling your body as he pleases. Of course you could own a weapon to defend yourself against such eventuality but with the risk of being called a fucking crazy asshole by your peers.

Ego or Vagina: which one to keep safe is your choice.