Month: July 2011

Dumb, Lying & Hypocrite Also Comes in Spanish.

Saw this new CSGV fan in its Facebook page. Magda Coss apparently is a Mexican journalist but works or worked for IANSA our favorite Global Anti Gun Organization and owned by none other than Rebecca Peters.

After checking her petition which reads exactly like the BS and ulterior demands that we have heard from VPC, CSGV, Brady, etc lately, I raised my Google-Fu powers and found her very new blog. You will see her quoting the now infamous WaPo article accusing Carter’s Country as a supplier for the Narcos. But what really riled me up is that she has a nice post about Police and Security firms reporting stolen weapons by the thousands.

Translated text says:
From 2000 to 2008, the Department of Defense was notified of the theft of 6,932 guns from 49 secretariats of Public Safety state and local prosecutors, as well as the Police for the Federal Attorney General’s Office. The figure represents 60 percent of guns seized at crime in the same period.

But, as Billy Mays would have said, that is not all!

Translated text says:
Milenio Diario (Daliy) recently published an account of corporate security (companies) and law enforcement with more reports of theft and loss of weapons under their responsibility.
Mexico City was on top with 4,227 of a total of a total of 12,662 were recorded since December 2006. In second place is the State of Mexico, with 1,285 weapons lost or stolen.

Now, those are weapons that Mexican Law Enforcement and Security Companies had to admit they lost. We don’t know how many have gone unreported. The total is 19,594 weapons (that we know of) that went to the hands of the criminal element of Mexico. Can anybody imagine the shitstorm that would happen here if Brinks Security lost twelve thousand weapons? Or that the Attorney General’s Office had to admit that their investigators lost close to seven thousand guns? And reveal that the weapons ended up in the hands of Bloods, Crips and La Raza members but have the balls to blame Canada for the rise in gun Violence?

I know I am not closing this post very well… but I am too pissed off to do so without using words that would make Gny. Sgt. Hartman blush.

Funny of the Day via Askimet.

Caught this one in the Askimet Filter. 🙂

The 9/11 truth is out on the internet.
This is the truth: The WTC was destroyed by 3 underground thermo-nuclear explosions. They were detonated by the US government which used this as an excuse to lead the US and its allies into invading Afghanistan and Iraq. All these wars and deaths were based on a lie.

Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Will you help to tell the truth to the world?

Sometimes I wonder if the medicinal marihuana is doing more harm than good. Then again is only Melvin The Troll courtesy of Larry Correia.

CSGV: Advice from Iñigo Montoya.

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
Iñigo Montoya

According to Webster:

  • Elect: to select by vote for an office, position, or membership.
  • Official: one who holds or is invested with an office.

According to CSGV’s website they are: “Composed of 44 civic, professional and religious organizations and 100,000 individual members that advocate for a ban on the sale and possession of handguns.”

The NRA sports 4 million members so, when election day comes, we do tend to have the power.  No matter what Hugo Chavez and others might have told you, in this country we do not elect petty congressional dictators, we elect representatives and thus, they represent our wishes and desires and must work to achieve them. When they forget, they get sent packing and we elect somebody else who will represent us.

And if a majority of them decide to ignore the “poor peasants’ that elected them, work against the Constitution and the Voters by any and all means including the misuse of power via arms, that is where you can most certainly believe the “insurrectionist” will apply the Second Amendment.

M.H.I. Team Miami doing some training.

OK, were just having and IDPA match. But it was a good one: Back Up Gun match.The tomahawk did see some use at the computer table. It is funny to see grown shooters with fancy guns on their hips respecting the hell of a pissed off fat guy trying to input the scores in a laptop while waving a tomahawk and screaming at the tip of his lungs “DIGITS WILL BE REMOVED IF YOU DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE!”

And to assuage any fears, I wouldn’t cut any fingers if you bother me… I’ll just toss you in the canal and let you apologize to the gators.  <evil laugh>

“Because police is trained and you are not.”

That is one of the rallying cries of the Gun Grabbers and you hear/read it over and over in the Media. And then you get stuff like what happened last Friday in Miami.

One Lee e. Lewis parked his tricked out hearse under the Palmetto Expressway and walked away. A little afterward, a Miami Gardens police officer checked out the hearse and what he saw inside scared him enough to call for back up and start diverting traffic. Eventually all traffic in the area was shut down creating a major jam right at Friday’s rush hour. Miami-Dade Police sent its explosive techs and for hours we got to watch the little robot poking carefully the hearse. Several hours later the area was open and initially we did not hear what was all the commotion about.

Earlier this morning I finally read what the fuss was about:

The abandoned hearse that brought rush-hour traffic to a standstill Friday on the Palmetto Expressway was filled with a bogus arsenal of automatic weapons, ammunition and what looked like a military-issue rocket launcher, Miami Gardens Police Chief Matthew Boyd said Saturday.

Wait one, if the guns are fake they are not an arsenal or even automatic: They are fake! Period! What is this? Let’s make the non-dramatic seem more dangerous by adding a touch of BS? Or maybe they really don’t know what a real gun, semi or automatic looks like…nah!

At first glance, it appeared police had found at least three automatic weapons and a military-issue anti-tank weapon inside the vehicle, Boyd said. But with some help from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, investigators concluded the weapons were replicas.

Mother of God! Any Gun Aficionado can pick up a gun and tell intermediately if it is a replica or not. If a chief of police cannot, what in the name of Baby Jesus is he doing leading a police force? And having to call ATF to boot?
And Kudos the first cop on the scene for sounding the alarm. He did the right thing even if it turned out to be just a dumb scare.