Month: July 2011

What he looks like.

It has been said that we imagine the person that might attack us and, if we are unlucky enough to be the victim of a violent crime, whomever does the attacking will not look anything like we imagined.

And whomever said that was right:

OK, really; I know I would burst out laughing and this sucker probably would clean me up and run away. But since he got caught, I predict he is pretty popular at bed time.

Logic Remiss.

Right now I am watching Cocaine Sub Hunt in the National Geographic Channel.

They cost of one million dollars to build. It tells you the amount of resources they are willing to throw in order to smuggle drugs in high quantities.
But Anti Gun idiots want you to believe that these people are willing to waste time doing piecemeal straw purchases of firearms at gun shops in the US.

I Think He’s Had Enough Punishment.